Arkansas Youth Development Institute Kick Off Webinar

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Arkansas Youth Development Institute Kick Off Webinar

Transcript Of Arkansas Youth Development Institute Kick Off Webinar

Arkansas Youth Development Institute
Kick Off Webinar
Jennifer Harris 501-240-2741 – [email protected]

Webinar Logistics and Features
• All participants please mute line to start. Select mute option on phone or type *6. Line can be un-muted by pressing *6 again for the opportunity to ask questions or make comments.
• Navigate webinar features for participants
• A copy of this Power Point presentation will be sent to all registered participants.
• This is an informational webinar and TAPP credit will not be provided.

Webinar Presenter
Jennifer Harris Arkansas Youth Development Institute Coordinator
ASU Childhood Services

• Explore Arkansas YDI course choices, features, registration, and clock hour credit process
• Learn about the “Youth Worker Orientation” certificate
• Share strategies on how to use these courses to support the professional development needs of professionals that work with youth.

What is the Arkansas Youth Development Institute?
The Arkansas Youth Development Institute was designed to provide free, easily accessible, training on some of the core knowledge needed when working with youth.
The content of the courses are of relevance to youth workers serving children and youth in elementary – high school.

Who could benefit from these courses?

• Afterschool youth workers
• Afterschool Administrators
• Day/Residential Camp Personnel
• Religious groups that work with youth

• Parents
• Coaches
• School Day Educators
• Mentors/Tutors
• Anyone who interacts with children and youth!

Arkansas YDI Background
• In 2008, the Colorado Afterschool Network launched the Youth Development Institute. Conversations began at this time about possible AR & CO collaboration.
• In 2009, ARRA funded provided by the Division of Child Care and Early Childhood Education allowed for the development of 3 online training modules to be used in YDI platform.

Course Options

• Overview of Positive Youth Development Approach
• Child Development
• Adolescent Development
• Engaging Parents
• Working With Culturally Diverse Youth

• Age Appropriate Discipline
• Conflict Resolution
• Bully Prevention
• Civic Engagement: Engaging Young People in Civic Life
• Working With Girls

• Unhealthy Coping Behaviors in Youth
• Maltreatment of Youth

• Building Assets With Youth
• Cultural Competency for Youth Workers

• Health Disparities and Their Impact on
Academic Achievement

Course Features
• Embedded videos and reflection activities
• Potentially unfamiliar terms highlighted within the text of the courses and defined in the glossary
• If you are not sure where you read something, you can use the search feature to find it.
• You will be able to discuss course content and share your own experiences with other youth development workers on the discussion boards from around the WORLD!

More Course Features
• You will find links to additional helpful resources and relevant web sites embedded in the course content.
• You can move from one course to another easily and without having to logout or return to a homepage.
• You can do them at any time 7/24/365