Blood Group and Antibody Screen (Group and Screen)

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Blood Group and Antibody Screen (Group and Screen)

Transcript Of Blood Group and Antibody Screen (Group and Screen)

Blood Group and Antibody Screen (Group and Screen) Blood

Tube Types


Blood Transfusion


Routine: Neonate (less than 4 months old):

6.0 mL Pink top EDTA Vacuette 1.0 mL Purple top EDTA Vacuette

Availability Routine:




Turnaround Routine:



4 hours 1 hour

Reference Range

Not applicable
 All routine requests for blood group and antibody screen should be made on a CDDFT Blood Transfusion request form that has been correctly completed and signed by a doctor or entitled ‘Nurse Practitioner.’ The form should be accompanied by an EDTA sample (minimum sample volume is 0.5 mL for neonates and 1ml for routine).

 All routine patient samples must have the minimum core identifiers accurately and legibly handwritten on the specimen and also on the CDDFT Blood Transfusion request form. The minimum core identifiers and information are outlined in the table over page (see Policy POL/Transfusion/0012 - Patient Sampling & Labelling, for further details). Please note pre-printed labels can be used on the request form only.

 The request form declaration must be signed by the person taking the sample, or will be rejected.

 If the patient is unconscious or unidentifiable, the above applies, but the patients first name, surname, date of birth and NHS or Hospital number is replaced with a unique identifier (trauma number) and the patients’ sex, which is required to aide in the selection of appropriate blood products.
 The Zero Tolerance Policy means that any discrepancy between specimen and form, with regard to any of the minimum core identifiers, or missing core information (see table above), will result in the specimen being rejected, and a repeat sample and request form will be requested from the requesting clinician at the earliest opportunity.
 ICE request forms are accepted from GP surgeries as a supply of Blood Transfusion request forms may not be readily available at your practice or in the community, the acceptance criteria outlined above still applies. The ICE requests do not record the time and date that the sample was taken, if using ICE request forms please ensure this information is written on both the request form and the sample. Please ensure that the request is signed by the person taking the sample and that they also sign (or initial) the sample.
 Whole Blood EDTA samples deteriorate over a period of time, therefore must be received by the laboratory for testing up to 48 hours after taken when stored between 18-25oC (BSCH Compatibility Guidelines 2012). Samples must not be subjected to extreme hot or cold conditions prior to testing.
 Samples that are haemolysed, icteric, grossly lipaemic, clotted or insufficient are not suitable for analysis.
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