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Weak Cayley Table Isomorphisms

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theses and dissertations 2012-06-05 weak cayley table isomorphisms long pham bao nguyen brigham young university - provo brigham young university byu scholarsarchive follow this and additional works at: part of the mathematics commons byu scholarsarchive citation nguyen, long pham bao, "weak cayley table isomorphisms" (2012). theses and

Cayley differential unitary space-time codes - Information

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ieee transactions on information theory, vol. 48, no. 6, june 2002 1485 cayley differential unitary space–time codes babak hassibi and bertrand m. hochwald invited paper abstract—one method for communicating with multiple antennas is to encode the transmitted data differentially using unitary matrices at the transmitter, and

Combinatorial R-trees As Generalized Cayley Graphs 3

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combinatorial r-trees as generalized cayley graphs for fundamental groups of one-dimensional spaces arxiv:1107.1480v1 [] 7 jul 2011 hanspeter fischer and andreas zastrow abstract. in their study of fundamental groups of one-dimensional pathconnected compact metric spaces, cannon and conner have asked: is there a tree-like object that might

On defectivity of families of full-dimensional point

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proceedings of the american mathematical society, series b volume 7, pages 43–51 (may 15, 2020) on defectivity of families of full-dimensional point configurations christopher borger and benjamin nill (communicated by patricia hersh) abstract. the mixed discriminant of a family of point configurations can be considered as a generalization of

Temperature and humidity mapping of cleanrooms

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temperature and humidity mapping of cleanrooms presented by bernie prendergast 11th august 2015 temperature & humidity mapping of cleanrooms why are we discussing this? where is it required? when should you do it? what testing should you do? what do we do with the data? slide 2 of

Mobile Mapping Systems - The New Trend in Mapping and GIS

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mobile mapping systems trend in mapping and gis applications by dr. naser el-sheimy and taher hassan the new 1. introduction mobile mapping systems (mms) have become an emerging trend in mapping applications because they allow a taskoriented implementation of geodetic concepts at the measurement level (schwarz and

Composition Methods for Four-Port Coupler s in Photonic

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composition methods for four-port couplers in photonic integrated circuitry nicholas spears, l. roberts hunt, jian tong, issa panahi, govind kannan, duncan l. macfarlane** the erik jonsson school of engineering and computer science the university of texas at dallas richardson, texas 75083-0688 (972) 883-2165 (phone) (972) 883-2710 (fax) [email protected] tiberiu constantinescu,

This is a pre-print of the article that was published as

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concept mapping and problem solving 1 running head: concept mapping support for problem solving this is a pre-print of the article that was published as stoyanov, s., & kommers, p. (2008). concept mapping instrumental support for problem solving. international journal of continuing engineering education and lifelong learning, 18(1), 40-53. international

Crisis Mapping the 2010 Earthquake in OpenStreetMap Haiti

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crisis mapping the 2010 earthquake in openstreetmap haiti by chris anderson-tarver b.a., wheaton college, 2005 m.a., university of colorado at boulder, 2010 a thesis submitted to the faculty of the graduate school of the university of colorado in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the degree of doctor of philosophy

131002 Epicardial Atrial Mapping during Minimally Invasive

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6,840 epicardial mapping during mic surgery 1 5epicardial atrial mapping during minimally invasive cardiothoracic surgery lisette van der does franseoepi icardial atrial mapping during paul knops ad bomgerisnimally invasive cardiothoracic natassja uderggroeotry lisette van der does frans oei paul knops ad bogers natasja de groot 2 erasmus

Axillary Reverse Mapping in Breast Cancer

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14 axillary reverse mapping in breast cancer masakuni noguchi, miki yokoi, yasuharu nakano, yukako ohno and takeo kosaka kanazawa medical university hospital japan 1. introduction axillary lymph node dissection represents the standard surgical treatment for breast cancer patients with clinically or histologically involved axillary lymph nodes. however, it is associated

Mapping and Mapping Populations

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mapping and mapping populations types of mapping populations • f2 o two f1 individuals are intermated • backcross o cross of a recurrent parent to a f1 • recombinant inbred lines (rils; f2-derived lines) o developed by single seed descent through multiple generations of selfing homozygosity of recombinant

Infinite Groups - The University of Chicago

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infinite groups notes from miklos abert’s course in the university of chicago 2009 reu june 22 – july 17 monday, june 22 we are going to work towards solving world hunger by proving the banach–tarski paradox: it is possible to cut an orange into finitely many pieces and then move

Mahler measure under variations of the base group

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forum math. 21 (2009), 621–637 doi 10.1515/forum.2009.031 forum mathematicum © de gruyter 2009 mahler measure under variations of the base group oliver t. dasbach and matilde n. lalin (communicated by peter sarnak) abstract. we study properties of a generalization of the mahler measure to elements in group

A Characterization Of Symmetric Tube Domains By Convexity Of

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a characterization of symmetric tube domains by convexity of cayley transform images chifune kai and takaaki nomura abstract. in this paper, we show that a homogeneous tube domain is symmetric if and only if its cayley transform image as well as the dual cayley transform image of the dual

A Characterization Of Symmetric Siegel Domains By Convexity

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tohoku math. j. 59 (2007), 101–118 a characterization of symmetric siegel domains by convexity of cayley transform images chifune kai (received february 2, 2006, revised may 17, 2006) abstract. we show that a homogeneous siegel domain is symmetric if and only if its cayley transform image is convex. moreover, this

2D Toda tau-functions as combinatorial generating functions

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2d toda τ -functions as combinatorial generating functions∗ mathieu guay-paquet1 and j. harnad2,3 1 universit´e du qu´ebec `a montr´eal 201 av du pr´esident-kennedy, montr´eal qc, canada h2x 3y7 email: [email protected] 2 centre de recherches math´ematiques, universit´e de montr´eal c. p. 6128, succ. centre ville, montr´eal, qc, canada h3c 3j7 e-mail:

New constructions of self-complementary Cayley graphs

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new constructions of self-complementary cayley graphs lei wang beijing international center for mathematical research peking university beijing, 100871, p. r. china. [email protected] cai heng li department of mathematics south university of science and technology shenzhen, guangdong 518055, p. r. china [email protected] yin liu department of mathematics yunnan

Some remarks concerning harmonic functions on

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discrete mathematics and theoretical computer science ac, 2003, 137–144 some remarks concerning harmonic functions on homogeneous graphs anders karlsson† institut de mathe´matiques, universite´ de neuchaˆtel, rue e´mile-argand 11, 2007 neuchaˆtel, switzerland [email protected] we obtain a new result concerning harmonic functions on infinite cayley graphs x: either every nonconstant

Random Cayley Digraphs and the Discrete Logarithm

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random cayley digraphs and the discrete logarithm extended abstract jeremy horwitz1 and ramarathnam venkatesan2 1 stanford university, stanford, ca 94305, usa [email protected] 2 microsoft research, redmond, wa 98052, usa [email protected] abstract. we formally show that there is an algorithm for dlog over all abelian groups that runs in expected optimal