Certified Behavior Technician (CBT) Training Program

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Certified Behavior Technician (CBT) Training Program

Transcript Of Certified Behavior Technician (CBT) Training Program

Applied Behavior Analysis Credentialing

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Olympia, WA 98504-7877

Certified Behavior Technician (CBT)—Training Program
If you do not hold a registered behavior technician (RBT) certification and have completed a training outlined

WAC 246-805-310, please complete the top section of this form and forward to your supervisor for completion.





Credential # (if available)

Date of Birth

Start Date of Training Program

End Date of Training Program

Total Hours of Training Program

To be completed by the training program supervisor:

As the CBT training program supervisor you must:
• Hold an active licensed behavior analyst (LBA) credential in good standing for at least one year full-time equivalency or an active BCBA who meets the supervisor requirements of the BACB.
• Not be related to, subordinate to, or employed by the trainee during the training period. • Be responsible for the training program, and determining the content of the training, adherence to the training,
and ascertaining the competency of the trainee. • Supervise the trainee until he or she demonstrates entry level competency, as outlined in the CBT training
program listed in WAC 246-805-310. • Be within sight and hearing and available for immediate intervention when the trainee is working with clients. • Be responsible for the conduct of the trainee at all times when working with clients under his or her supervision. The certified behavior technician (CBT) training program must be affiliated with an approved school or affiliated with an agency, business or individual and meet the requirements listed in WAC 246-805-310.
The CBT training program must be at least 40 hours in duration and include:
• Classroom, online or supervisor-led instruction in the following content areas: -- Measurement; -- Assessment; -- Skill acquisition; -- Behavior reduction; -- Documentation and reporting; and -- Professional conduct and scope of practice.
• Experiential learning that includes the following: -- Practicing techniques in a simulated situation incorporating the content areas listed above and; -- Observing and performing behavior analysis services with clients incorporating the content areas listed above.
• Evaluation and assessment by the training program supervisor of the trainee’s demonstrated entry level competency in the knowledge and skills listed above.

Declaration of Supervision: As the CBT training supervisor I, _______________________________, attest that the above named applicant has completed a behavior technician training program and demonstrates entry level competency as outlined in WAC 246-805-310.

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Signature of Supervisor _______________________________________________ Date ______________________
DOH 670-204 April 2017
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