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Ionized calcium - Annals of Clinical & Laboratory Science

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annals o f c lin ic a l and laboratory s c ie n c e , vol. 21, no. 5 c opyright © 1991, institute for c linical science, inc. ionized calcium: its significance and clinical usefulness* donald t. forman, ph and luisa lorenzo, m .d.t tdivision

We S T J O R Da N Tooele C L Ini C Clin I C

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double board-certified interventional pain physicians acgme fellowship trained main 801.569.5520 referral coordinator 801.352.5944 fax 801.352.5951 ashleigh a. byrne, md craig w. davis, md kelly curran, pa-c kyle harmer, pa-c troy johnson, pa-c jared mathis, pa-c we st jordan clini c 9001 s. 3200 w. bldg. b, ste. 3

Hepatobiliary Events in Migraine Therapy with Herbs The Case

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article hepatobiliary events in migraine therapy with herbs—the case of petadolex, a petasites hybridus extract nora anderson and jürgen borlak * hannover medical school, centre for pharmacology and toxicology, carl-neuberg-str. 1, 30625 hannover, germany; [email protected] * correspondence: [email protected]; tel.: +49-511-532-7250 received: 2 april 2019; accepted: 3 may 2019; published: 10

Invasive Fungal Infections in Solid Organ Transplant

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12/12/2018 invoasrigvaenfturnagnaslpilnafnetcrtieocnips iiennstos lid18. hsin-yun sun, m.d. division of infectious diseases ov 20ved. department of national taiwan 8 internal medicine university hospital n ser 15-1 ts re tn m ll righ al m er. a ion eak p

Arrhythmic Sudden Cardiac Death and the Role of Implantable

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journal of clinical medicine review arrhythmic sudden cardiac death and the role of implantable cardioverter-defibrillator in patients with cardiac amyloidosis—a narrative literature review aleksandra liz˙ewska-springer *, grzegorz sławin´ ski and ewa lewicka department of cardiology and electrotherapy, medical university of gdan´ sk, 80-210 gdan´ sk, poland; [email protected] (g.s.); [email protected] (e.l.)

Right Heart Structure, Geometry and Function Assessed by

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journal of clinical medicine article right heart structure, geometry and function assessed by echocardiography in 6-year-old children born extremely preterm—a population-based cohort study lilly-ann mohlkert 1,2,* , jenny hallberg 2,3, olof broberg 4, gunnar sjöberg 5, annika rydberg 6, petru liuba 4, vineta fellman 7,8, magnus domellöf 6, mikael

Cell separation pure and simple for over 30 years

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ge healthcare life sciences cell separation pure and simple for over 30 years ge healthcare life sciences has been developing and manufacturing density gradient centrifugation media for over 30 years. based on a tested and established technique used by labs worldwide, our ficoll-paque™ and percoll™ products provide simple and efficient

The role of serenditpity in drug discovery Disc Clin Neurosci

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clinical research the role of serendipity in drug discovery thomas a. ban, md, frcp(c) definition of serendipity serendipity is one of the many factors that may contribute to drug discovery. it has played a role in the discovery of prototype psychotropic drugs that led to modern

N-Terminal Pro Brain Natriuretic Peptide, sST2, and Galectin

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journal of clinical medicine article n-terminal pro brain natriuretic peptide, sst2, and galectin-3 levels in breast cancer survivors shruti rajesh patel 1,* , joerg herrmann 2, robert a. vierkant 3, janet e. olson 3, fergus j. couch 4, antonious hazim 1, jeff a. sloan 3, charles l. loprinzi 5

Comparison of Conventional Susceptibility Testing, Penicillin

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journal of clinical microbiology, july 2005, p. 3450–3452 0095-1137/05/$08.00ϩ0 doi:10.1128/jcm.43.7.3450–3452.2005 copyright © 2005, american society for microbiology. all rights reserved. vol. 43, no. 7 comparison of conventional susceptibility testing, penicillin-binding protein 2a latex agglutination testing, and meca real-time pcr for detection of oxacillin resistance in staphylococcus aureus and

Triple Monitoring May Avoid Intraneural Injection during

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journal of clinical medicine article triple monitoring may avoid intraneural injection during interscalene brachial plexus block for arthroscopic shoulder surgery: a prospective preliminary study giuseppe pascarella 1 , alessandro strumia 1,*, fabio costa 1, stefano rizzo 1, romualdo del buono 2 , luigi maria remore 1, federica bruno 1

Relationship between Inflammatory and Biological Markers and

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journal of clinical medicine article relationship between inflammatory and biological markers and lung cancer füsun s¸ ahin * id and ays¸e feyza aslan department of chest diseases, university of health sciences/yedikule chest disease and thoracic surgery health practice and research center, istanbul 34760, turkey; [email protected] * correspondence: [email protected]; tel.: +90-532-7112893;

Biotin interferences Have we neglected the impact on

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clinica chimica acta 503 (2020) 107–112 contents lists available at sciencedirect clinica chimica acta journal homepage: biotin interferences: have we neglected the impact on serological markers? t jean-louis bayarta,⁎, julien favressea, anke stoefsa, mélanie clossetb, tatiana royc, catherine filléea, hector rodriguez-villalobosa, benoît kabamba-mukadia,d, damien grusona,e a département des

A Comparative Study of Machine Learning Algorithms in

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journal of clinical medicine article a comparative study of machine learning algorithms in predicting severe complications after bariatric surgery yang cao 1,*,† , xin fang 2,†, johan ottosson 3, erik näslund 4 and erik stenberg 3 1 clinical epidemiology and biostatistics, school of medical sciences, Örebro university, 70182 Örebro, sweden

Mayo Clin Proc, Ma Sul3ject Revievv

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sul3j"ect revievv mayo clin proc, ma endovascular treatment of intracranial aneurysms advantages and d cussed herein. douglas a. nichols, m.d., fredric b. meyer, m.d., david g. piepgras, m.d., and patsy l. smith, r.n. • objective: to examine the techniques, reported experiences, and advantages and disadvantages

Patient-specific recalls reduce the risk of complications

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1 edi journal 3/2017 – page 54ff patient-specific recalls reduce the risk of complications individual prophylaxis for implant patients hermine de wall, christina willutzki, heidrun schuhose, dr jÖrg neugebauer literature 1. abrahamsson i, berglundh t, lindhe j. the mucosal barrier following abutment dis/reconnection. an experimental study in dogs. j

Contour changes after guided bone regeneration of large non

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clin oral invest doi 10.1007/s00784-017-2214-z original article contour changes after guided bone regeneration of large non-contained mandibular buccal bone defects using deproteinized bovine bone mineral and a porcine-derived collagen membrane: an experimental in vivo investigation i. sanz-martin1,2 & l. ferrantino3 & f. vignoletti1 & j. nuñez1 & n. baldini4 &

R Journal of Clinical Case Reports Yeung and Fleming Clin

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journal of clinical cas issn: 2165-7920 e reports journal of clinical case reports yeung and fleming, j clin case rep 2014, 4:5 doi: 10.4172/2165-7920.1000357 case report peripartum hyponatraemia: a rare occurrence? yeung e and fleming t* the gold coast university hospital, australia open access

Evaluation of Inappropriate Prescribing in Patients Older

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journal of clinical medicine article evaluation of inappropriate prescribing in patients older than 65 years in primary health care antonio nuñez-montenegro 1,*, alonso montiel-luque 2, esther martin-aurioles 3, felicisima garcia-dillana 4, monica krag-jiménez 5 and jose a. gonzález-correa 6 1 ugc primary health care, biomedical research institute of malaga-ibima, primary

J Biomed Clin Res Volume 9 Number 2, 2016

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j biomed clin res volume 9 number 2, 2016 original article review diagnostic value of tru-cut biopsy in diagnosing breast lesions dobromir d. dimitrov, martin p. karamanliev1, tashko s. deliyski, anislav v. gabarski1, petar p. vatov1, ruzha o. gencheva1, chavdar m. ivanov1, savelina l. popovska2, genoveva