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Compilation of Changes to the CPC Scheme Between 2015.05 and 2015.07

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• In cases when the originating project cannot be found, "N/A" is given for the Project information (e.g. the change could be due to an Editorial Correction).
• Projects ending in "-F" indicate finalisation after reclassification was completed.

Project: N/A (A01B) U A01B 3/00 U A01B 3/04
A01B 3/06 U A01B 3/50 U A01B 3/52 U A01B 3/56 U A01B 3/64 U A01B 3/68
U A01B 5/00 U A01B 5/04
A01B 5/06
U A01B 13/00
A01B 13/02 U A01B 13/04
A01B 13/06
U A01B 17/00
U A01B 23/00 U A01B 23/06
A01B 33/00

Ploughs with fixed plough-shares · Animal-drawn ploughs · · without alternating possibility, i.e. incapable of making an adjacent furrow on
return journey, {i.e. conventional ploughing} · Self-propelled ploughs · · with three or more wheels, or endless tracks · · · Alternating ploughs; {Balance ploughs} · Cable ploughs; Indicating or signalling devices for cable plough systems
{(vehicles towed by cable B60D)} · · Cable systems with one or two engines; {e.g. electrically-driven or with diesel
generating set}
Ploughs with rolling non-driven tools, e.g. discs (with rotary driven tools A01B 9/00) · drawn by tractors · · without alternating possibility, {e.g. with rotary counters provided with
Ploughs or like machines for special purposes (for drainage E02B 11/02); {Ditch diggers, trench ploughs, forestry ploughs, ploughs for land or marsh reclamation (machines for aerating meadows A01B 45/02 ; making furrows A01C 5/00 ; dredging machines in general E02F)} · for making or working ridges, e.g. with symmetrically arranged
mouldboards, {e.g. ridging plough} · for working in vineyards, orchards, or the like · · Arrangements for preventing damage to the vines, or the like, {e.g. hydraulic
(machines specially adapted for working in vineyards A01B 39/16)}
Ploughs with special additional arrangements, e.g. means for putting manure under the soil, clod-crushers (A01B 49/00 takes precedence); {Means for breaking the subsoil}
Elements, tools, or details of harrows · Discs (A01B 15/16 takes precedence; bearings therefor A01B 71/04);
Scrapers for cleaning discs; Sharpening attachments; {Lubrication of bearings} (sharpening in general B24)
Tilling implements with rotary driven tools, {e.g. in combination with fertiliser distributors or seeders, with grubbing chains, with sloping axles, with driven discs}


Project: N/A (A01B)

CPC - 2015.07

U A01B 33/08 U A01B 33/10
U A01B 35/00
U A01B 35/20 U A01B 35/22 U A01B 39/00
A01B 39/12 A01B 39/14 U A01B 39/16 U A01B 39/20 A01B 39/26 A01B 45/00 U A01B 73/00
U A01B 73/02 U A01B 73/04
A01B 73/044 A01B 73/048
Project: N/A (A01D) U A01D 43/00
A01D 43/08
U A01D 45/00
A01D 45/02 U A01D 46/00

· Tools; Details, e.g. adaptations of transmissions or gearings · · Structural or functional features of the tools; {Theoretical aspects of the
cutting action}
Other machines for working soil {not specially adapted for working soil on which crops are growing}(A01B 37/00 , A01B 39/00 , A01B 77/00 take precedence; { hand tools A01B 1/00}) · Tools; Details · · non-rotating tools; {Resilient or flexible mounting of rigid tools}
Other machines specially adapted for working soil on which crops are growing · for special purposes, {e.g. for special culture} · · for working ridges, {e.g. for rows of plants and/or furrows} · · for working in vineyards, orchards, or the like; {Arrangements for preventing
damage to vines (ploughs adapted for working in vineyards A01B 13/06)} · Tools; Details · · Arrangements for protecting plants, {e.g. fenders}
Machines for treating meadows or lawns, {e.g. for sports grounds}
Means or arrangements to facilitate transportation of agricultural machines or implements, e.g. folding frames to reduce overall width (arrangements of lifting devices for soil working implements A01B 63/00 ; { carriers for harvesters or mowers A01D 75/002 ; arrangements or carriers for haymakers A01D 78/1007 , A01D 80/005 ; } vehicles adapted for load transportation or to transport, to carry or to comprise special loads or objects B60P ; motor vehicles, trailers B62D) · Folding frames · · foldable about a horizontal axis · · · {the axis being oriented in a longitudinal direction A01B 73/042 takes
precedence}(A01B 73/042 takes precedence)} · · · {the axis being oriended in transverse direction A01B 73/042 takes
precedence}(A01B 73/042 takes precedence)}
Mowers combined with apparatus performing additional operations while mowing (A01D 37/00 , A01D 39/00 , A01D 41/00 , take precedence) · with means for cutting up the mown crop, {e.g. forage harvesters (threshing
machines having chaff-cutters A01F 12/40 ; cutting apparatus of chaff-cutters or of apparatus for cutting up mown crop A01F 29/00)}
Harvesting of standing crops (A01D 44/00 takes precedence; threshing machines adapted for special crops, threshing devices for combines adapted for special crops A01F 11/00) · of maize {, i.e. kernel harvesting (for ensilage maize A01D 43/081)}
Picking of fruits, vegetables, hops, or the like; Devices for shaking trees or shrubs NOTE In this group, group A01D 46/30 takes precedence over groups A01D 46/02 to A01D 46/28


Project: N/A (A01D)

CPC - 2015.07

A01D 46/24 A01D 51/00 A01D 80/00
U A01D 87/00 A01D 87/08
U A01D 90/00
U A01D 90/02 U A01D 90/04
A01D 90/06 Project: N/A (A01G) U A01G 13/00
A01G 13/10
Project: N/A (A01K) A01K 79/00
Project: N/A (A01M) U A01M 1/00
A01M 1/02 Project: N/A (A01N) U A01N 1/00
U A01N 1/02

· Devices for picking apples or like fruit (A01D 46/28{ and A01D 46/005} takes precedence)
Apparatus for gathering together crops spread on the soil, e.g. apples, beets, nuts, potatoes, {cotton, cane sugar}
Parts or details of {, or accessories for,} haymakers (parts or details specific for one type of machine, see the relevant groups for these machines)
Loaders for hay or like field crops (combined with mowers A01D 43/06 ; { loading in forage silos A01F 25/18 ; } ; loading in general B65G , B66) · with sweep rakes, {i.e. buck-rakes, e.g. transporting rakes (gripping or clamping
devices A01D 87/003 ; fork loaders A01D 87/0053)}
Vehicles for carrying harvested crops with means for self-loading or unloading (combined with mowers A01D 43/06 ; load transporting vehicles modified to facilitate loading in general B60P ; bucket cars, i.e having scraper bowls E02F 3/64) · Loading means {(loaders A01D 87/00 ; pick-ups A01D 89/00)} · · with additional cutting means · · · with chaff cutters, {i.e. choppers} used as loading and cutting means
(A01D 43/08 takes precedence)
Protecting plants (apparatus for the destruction of vermin or noxious animals A01M; use of chemical materials therefor, composition of protective materials, e.g. grafting wax, A01N; {coverings around trees forming part of a road E01C 9/005}) · Devices for affording protection against animals, birds, or other pests
{(protective shelters for young plants A01G 13/0243)} ({protective shelters for young plants A01G 13/0243 ;} traps A01M 23/00{ scaring or repelling devices A01M 29/00} {; scaring or repelling devices A01M 29/00}; pesticides A01N)
Methods or means of catching fish in bulk not provided for in groups A01K 69/00 to A01K 77/00, {e.g. fish pumps; Detection of fish; Whale fishery}
Stationary means for catching or killing insects {(for repelling A01M 29/00)} · with devices {or substances, e.g. food, pheronones} attracting the insects
Preservation of bodies of humans or animals, or parts thereof (preservation of foodstuffs A23; medicinal preparations containing materials from mammals or birds, e.g. blood, sperm, A61K 35/12; cell or tissue culture C12N 5/00) · Preservation of living parts
WARNING Subgroups A01N 1/0205-A01N 1/0294 are not complete, due to a reorganisation in progress


Project: N/A (A01N)

CPC - 2015.07

A01N 1/0205

· · {Chemical aspects}
WARNING This group contains documents to be reclassified into subgroups A01N 1/021A01N/02P6A01N 1/0294

Project: N/A (A22C) U A22C 29/00 Project: N/A (A23B) U A23B 4/00 U A23B 4/06
A23B 4/08 U A23B 7/00 U A23B 7/14 U A23B 7/144 U A23B 7/152 Project: N/A (A23C)
U A23C 3/00 U A23C 3/07 U A23C 7/00
A23C 7/04 U A23C 9/00
U A23C 9/152 U A23C 9/156

Processing shellfish {or bivalves}, e.g. oysters, lobsters; {Devices therefor, e.g. claw locks, claw crushers, grading devices; Processing lines}
General methods for preserving meat, sausages, fish or fish products · Freezing; Subsequent thawing; Cooling · · with addition of chemicals {or treatment with chemicals} before or during
cooling, {e.g. in the form of an ice coating or frozen block}
Preservation or chemical ripening of fruit or vegetables · Preserving or ripening with chemicals not covered by groups A23B 7/08 or
A23B 7/10 · · in the form of gases, e.g. fumigation; Compositions or apparatus therefor
{(cooling without control of atmosphere composition A23B 7/04)} · · · in a controlled atmosphere comprising other gases in addition to CO2, N2,
O2 or H2O; {Elimination of such other gases}
DAIRY PRODUCTS, e.g. MILK, BUTTER, CHEESE; MILK OR CHEESE SUBSTITUTES; MAKING THEREOF (obtaining protein compositions for foodstuffs, {e.g. from milk} , A23J 1/00 ; preparation of peptides, e.g. of proteins, in general C07K 1/00) NOTE This subclass covers:
• the chemical aspects of making dairy products • the apparatus used for performing techniques provided for therein, e.g.
for concentration, evaporation, drying, preservation, or sterilisation, unless such apparatus is specifically provided for in another subclass, e.g. A01J for treatment of milk or cream for manufacture of butter or cheese.
Preservation of milk or milk preparations (of cream A23C 13/08 ; of butter A23C 15/18 ; of cheese A23C 19/097) · by irradiation, e.g. by microwaves; {by sonic or ultrasonic waves}
Other dairy technology · Removing unwanted substances {other than lactose or milk proteins} from milk
(by filtering A01J 9/02 , A01J 11/06)
Milk preparations; Milk powder or milk powder preparations (A23C 21/06 takes precedence; preservation A23C 3/00 ; chocolate milk A23G 1/00 ; icecream, mixtures for preparation of ice-cream A23G 9/00 ; puddings, dry powder puddings A23L 1/187) · containing additives (fermented milk preparations containing additives
A23C 9/13) · · Flavoured milk preparations; {Addition of fruits, vegetables, sugars, sugar
alcohols, sweeteners} (A23C 9/154 takes precedence)


Project: N/A (A23C)

CPC - 2015.07

U A23C 13/00 U A23C 13/12
A23C 13/14 U A23C 15/00 U A23C 15/02
A23C 15/06 U A23C 15/12 U A23C 15/14 U A23C 19/00 U A23C 19/02
A23C 19/05 A23C 19/055 U A23C 19/06 U A23C 19/09 A23C 19/093
Project: N/A (A23G) U A23G 1/00
U A23G 1/04
A23G 1/14 A23G 1/16 U A23G 1/30 U A23G 1/50
A23G 1/52 U A23G 3/00
U A23G 3/02

Cream; Cream preparations; Making thereof (coffee whitener compositions A23C 11/00 ; cream substitutes A23L 1/19) · Cream preparations (ice-cream A23G 9/00) · · containing milk products or {non-fat} milk components
Butter; Butter preparations; Making thereof (butter substitutes A23D) · Making thereof · · Treating cream {or milk} prior to phase inversion · Butter preparations · · Butter powder; Butter oil, i.e. melted butter, e.g. ghee; {Anhydrous butter}
Cheese; Cheese preparations; Making thereof (cheese substitutes A23C 20/00 ; casein A23J 1/20) · Making cheese curd · · Treating milk before coagulation; Separating whey from curd
(A23C 19/097, {A23C 19/045} take precedence) · · Addition of non-milk fats or non-milk proteins, {polyol fatty acid polyesters or
mineral oils} · Treating cheese curd after whey separation; Products obtained thereby
(A23C 19/097 takes precedence) · · Other cheese preparations; Mixtures of cheese with other foodstuffs
(preservation A23C 19/097) · · · Addition of non-milk fats or non-milk proteins, {polyol fatty acid polyesters or
mineral oils}
Cocoa; Cocoa products, e.g. chocolate; Substitutes therefor (kitchen equipment for cocoa preparation A47J , e.g. apparatus for making beverages A47J 31/00) NOTE Attention is drawn to the internal note after the subclass title
· Apparatus specially adapted for manufacture or treatment of cocoa or cocoa products (machines for roasting cocoa A23N 12/00 ; crushing or grinding apparatus in general B02C)
· · Longitudinal conches, {i.e. rollers being in a backward and forward motion} · · Circular conches, {i.e. rollers being displaced on a closed or circular rolling
circuit} · Cocoa products, e.g. chocolate; Substitutes therefor · · characterised by shape, structure or physical form, e.g. products with an
inedible support (liquid products, solid products in the form of powders, flakes or granules for making liquid products A23G 1/56) · · · Aerated, foamed, cellular or porous products, {e.g. gas expanded}
Sweetmeats; Confectionery; Marzipan; Coated or filled products (chewing gum A23G 4/00) NOTE Attention is drawn to the internal note after the subclass title
· Apparatus specially adapted for manufacture or treatment of sweetmeats or confectionery; Accessories therefor


Project: N/A (A23G)

CPC - 2015.07

U A23G 3/10
A23G 4/00 U A23G 4/18
A23G 4/20 A23G 7/00
U A23G 9/00 U A23G 9/04
A23G 9/06 U A23G 9/44
A23G 9/48 U A23G 9/52

· · Candy-pulling machines; {Processes or apparatus for making cotton candy or candy floss}
Chewing gum (medicinal preparations characterised by chewing gum form {A61K 9/0058}) · characterised by shape, structure or physical form, e.g. aerated products · · Composite products, e.g. centre-filled, {multi-layer, laminated}
Other apparatus {or process} specially adapted for the chocolate or confectionery industry
Frozen sweets, e.g. ice confectionery, ice-cream; Mixtures therefor · Production of frozen sweets, e.g. ice-cream (packages B65D 85/78) · · characterised by using carbon dioxide or carbon dioxide snow {or other
cryogenic agents} as cooling medium · characterised by shape, structure or physical form (liquid products, solid
products in the form of powders, flakes or granules for making liquid products A23G 9/52) · · Composite products, e.g. layered, {laminated}, coated, filled · Liquid products; Solid products in the form of powders, flakes or granules for making liquid products; {Finished or semi-finished solid products, frozen granules}
NOTE Attention is drawn to the internal note after the subclass title

Project: N/A (A23L) U A23L 1/00
U A23L 1/06 A23L 1/064
Project: N/A (A23N) A23N 1/00
U A23N 7/00 A23N 7/02 A23N 7/04

Foods or foodstuffs; Their preparation or treatment (preservation thereof in general A23L 3/00; {mechanical aspects A23P}) WARNING Groups A23L 1/0002 to A23L 1/0097 might be incomplete as a number of documents presently classified in groups A23P 1/00 to A23P 1/16, still needs reclassification to groups A23L 1/0002 to A23L 1/0097
· Marmalades; Jams; Jellies; Other similar fruit or vegetable compositions; Simulated fruit products
· · derived from fruit or vegetable solids {(A23L 1/062 and A231/24BA23L 1/243 take precedence)}
Machines or apparatus for extracting juice (preparation of non-alcoholic beverages, e.g. by adding ingredients to fruit or vegetable juices, A23L 2/00; apparatus for making beverages A47J 31/00 {centrifuges B04B}; extracting presses B30B)
Peeling vegetables or fruit (devices for skinning onions A23N 15/08; {peeling by non-mechanical means A23P}; peeling machines of the household type A47J 17/00) · Peeling potatoes, apples or similarly shaped vegetables or fruit ({A23N 7/005
and} A23N 7/01 take precedence) · Peeling asparagus ({A23N 7/005 and} A23N 7/01 take precedence)


CPC - 2015.07

Project: N/A (A23Y) A23Y

This subclass constitutes an internal scheme for indexing only. The indexing codes of K23YA23Y are used when classifying technical subjects in the foodrelated subclasses A23B-A23L.

Project: N/A (A41D) U A41D 13/00
A41D 13/05

Professional, industrial, or sporting protective garments, e.g. garments affording protection against blows or punches, surgeon`s gowns (helmets A42B 3/00; clothing affording protection against {heat or harmful} chemical agents or for use at high altitudes A62B 17/00; life-saving garments for use at sea, diving-bell suits B63C; bulletproof or armoured clothing F41H; clothing affording protection against radiation G21F 3/02; electric heating elements H05B)
· protecting only a particular body part (sports brassiéres A41C 3/00 {crotch reinforcement for sports trousers A41D 1/088})

Project: N/A (A43B) A43B 13/00

Soles ({Skating boots characterised by the sole A43B 5/1641,} socks A43B 17/00); Sole and heel units

Project: MP0113 (A43B)

M A43B 13/38
M A43B 13/383 M A43B 13/386

· Built-in insoles joined to uppers during the manufacturing process, e.g. structural insoles; Insoles glued to shoes during the manufacturing process
· · {Pieced insolespieced} · · {Multilayer insolesmultilayered }

M A43B 17/00
M A43B 17/003
M A43B 17/006 M A43B 17/02 M A43B 17/03
M A43B 17/08 M A43B 17/10 M A43B 17/107 M A43B 17/12 M A43B 17/18

Socks{Inserted} insoles, e.g. footbeds or inlays, for attachment to the shoe after the upper has been joined (hosiery A41B 11/00; special medical insertions for shoes A61F 5/14)
· {characterised by the material (wooden socks A43B 17/12, made of sponge, rubber or plastic materials A43B 17/14made of wood A43B 17/12 , made of sponge, rubber or plastic materials A43B 17/14)}
· · {Multilayerdmultilayered }
· Wedgewedge-like or resilient socks or sock parts
· · pneumatic {, filled with a compressible fluidgas, e.g. air, gas (inflatable linings for skiboots A43B 5/0407)}
· Ventilated socksventilated
· specially adapted for sweaty feet; waterproof; Waterproof socks
· · {Waterproof sockswaterproof }
· Wooden socksmade of wood
· Arrangements for attaching socksremovable insoles to the footwear

Project: N/A (A43D) U A43D 25/00

Devices for gluing shoe parts


Project: N/A (A43D)

CPC - 2015.07

A43D 25/18
Project: N/A (A44B) U A44B 1/00
U A44B 1/08 A44B 1/14
U A44B 19/00 U A44B 19/24 U A44B 19/26 U A44B 19/28
A44B 19/42
Project: N/A (A45B) A45B 2200/00
Project: N/A (A45C) A45C 2200/00
Project: N/A (A45D) A45D 2200/00
Project: N/A (A45F) A45F 2200/00
Project: N/A (A47C) A47C

· Devices for applying adhesives to shoe parts (A43DF25/20A43D 25/20 takes precedence; applying liquids or other fluent materials to surfaces in general B05)
Buttons (setting on garments A41H 37/10 ; setting on footwear A43D 100/08 ; making buttons: see the relevant groups in the classes for making articles from particular materials) · Constructional characteristics · · with replaceable {or protective} coverings {(removable fabric coverings
A44B 1/123 ; sleeve-links concealing a sewed-on button A44B 5/007)}
Slide fasteners · Details · · Sliders · · · constructed to be removable from at least one stringer; {Sliders with
movable parts to permit releasing of the slider in the event of jamming or obstruction} · Making by processes not fully provided for in one other class, e.g. B21D 53/50 , B21F 45/18 , B22D 17/16 , B29D 5/00 {(attaching closure devices, e.g. slide fasteners, to bags B31B 19/00 ; making package opening by applying or incorporating profile strips, e.g. for reclosable bags B65B 61/188)}
Details not otherwise provided for in K45BA45B
Details not otherwise provided for in K45CA45C
Details not otherwise provided for in K45DA45D
Details not otherwise provided for in K45FA45F
CHAIRS (seats specially adapted for vehicles B60N 2/00; { hunting stands, e.g. hunting seats A01M 31/02; seats adapted for angling, e.g. fisherman's seats A01K 97/22; bath seats A47K 3/12; shower seats A47K 3/282; chairs with toilet means A47K 11/04; seats for surgeons, dentists A61B 19/28; chairs for disabled persons A61G 5/00; operating chairs, dental chairs, physiotherapeutic chairs, gynaecological chairs A61G 15/00; chairs with massage means A61H 2201/0149; ski-lift seats B61B 12/002; rail vehicles seats B61D 33/00; vessel furniture, e.g. boat seats B63B 29/04; aircraft seats B64D 11/06}); SOFAS; BEDS (upholstery in general B68G; { beds specially adapted for nursing A61G 7/00; sleeping accomodation for caravans B60P 3/38, sleeping accommodation for rail vehicles B61D 31/00; sleeping accommodation for load-carrying vehicles B62D 33/0612; berths for vessels B63B 29/10}) WARNING The following IPC groups are not used in the CPC scheme. Subject matter covered by these groups is classified in the following CPC groups:


Project: N/A (A47C) A47C (continued)

CPC - 2015.07

A47C 1/038 covered by A47C 23/053 covered by A47C23/05B3A47C 23/0515

A47C 1/0355 A47C 23/05, A47C23/05B2A47C 23/0507 ,

U A47C 7/00 A47C 7/50 A47C 9/00
U A47C 17/00 U A47C 17/86

Parts, details, or accessories of chairs or stools (attaching to floor A47B 91/08)
· Supports for the feet or the legs { coupled to fixed parts of the chair} (coupled to other adjustable parts { of the chair} A47C 1/034, A47C 1/037; { stand-alone rests or supports for the feet or the legs, e.g.} footstools A47C 16/02)
Stools for specified purposes (with rotatable seats A47C 3/18; with vertically adjustable seats A47C 3/20; footstools A47C 16/02; prayer stools A47C 16/04; platforms or seat-boxes specially adapted for angling A01K 97/22 {other seating furniture for specified purposes A47C 15/004})
Sofas; Couches; Beds (bedsteads A47C 19/00; spring mattresses A47C 23/00; divan bases A47C 23/00; stuffed mattresses A47C 27/00; beds with special provisions for nursing A61G 7/00)
· Parts or details for beds, sofas or couches only not fully covered in a single one of the sub-groups A47C 17/02, A47C 17/04, A47C 17/38, A47C 17/52, A47C 17/64, or A47C 17/84; {Drawers in or under beds}

Project: N/A (A47F) U A47F 7/00
A47F 7/19

Show stands, hangers, or shelves, adapted for particular articles or materials {(A47F 5/0006 takes precedence)}
· for garments (for hosiery A47F 7/10; for ties or collars A47F 7/12; dummies, busts or the like A47F 8/00; wardrobes with garment-holders A47B 61/00; household implements used in connection with wearing apparel or dress holders, {e.g. garment supporting racks} A47G 25/00)

Project: N/A (A47G) U A47G 27/00
U A47G 27/04

Floor fabrics; Fastenings therefor (woven fabrics D03D; non-woven fabrics D04H; {floor covering on a textile basis D06N 7/0005})
· Carpet fasteners; Carpet-expanding devices; {Laying carpeting; Tools therefor (laying carpeting on stairs A47G 27/06; floor mats for vehicles B60N 3/04; flooring laid as flexible webs E04F 15/16; installation of cables under carpets H02G 3/00)}

Project: RP0102 (A47G)

M A47G 29/00

Miscellaneous supports, holders, or containers for household use (for drying towels A47K 10/04; stands, racks, or the like for airing beds, garments, or the like, clothes, drying devices D06F 57/00)
WARNING The following IPC group is not used in the CPC scheme. Subject matter covered by this group is classified in the following CPC group:

D A47G 29/02

A47G 29/02 covered by A47B 97/001
· {Wall-mounted}(shelves A47B); Supporting brackets or clamps therefor WARNING

This group is no longer used for classification. Documents are in the process of being reorganised to groups A47B 97/001 or B43B1/04


CPC - 2015.07

Project: N/A (A47G) A47G 29/14
U A47G 33/00 A47G 33/04
Project: N/A (A47J) U A47J 27/00 U A47J 27/21 U A47J 27/21008 U A47J 27/21058
A47J 27/21133 U A47J 31/00
U A47J 31/10
A47J 31/24
U A47J 45/00
U A47J 45/06 A47J 45/07 A47J 45/10
Project: N/A (A47K) U A47K 13/00
A47K 13/24

· Deposit receptacles for food, e.g. breakfast, milk, { or large parcels}; Similar receptacles for { food or} large parcels with appliances for preventing unauthorised removal of the deposited articles,{ i.e. food or large parcels}
Religious or ritual equipment in dwelling or for general use · Christmas trees (lighting devices therefor F21S {electric candles F21S 10/04,
string lighting systems F21S 4/00}, candle holders F21V 35/00, {light guides for lighting systems G02B 6/00})
Cooking-vessels (A47J 29/00 to A47J 33/00 takes precedence) · Water-boiling vessels, e.g. kettles {(for coffee-making machines A47J 31/54)} · · {electrically heated} · · · {Control devices to avoid overheating, i.e. "dry" boiling, or to detect boiling
of the water (A47J 27/21158 takes precedence)} · · · · {using a fusible material or a shape memory effect ([SME)] material}
Apparatus for making beverages (household machines or implements for straining foodstuffs A47J 19/00; preparation of non-alcoholic beverages, e.g. by adding ingredients to fruit or vegetable juices, A23L 2/00; coffee or tea pots A47G 19/14; tea infusers A47G 19/16; dispensing beverages on draught B67D 1/00; brewing of beer C12C; preparation of wine or other alcoholic beverages C12G) · Coffee-making apparatus, in which the brewing vessel, {i.e. water heating
container,} is placed above or in the upper part of the beverage containers; {i.e. brewing vessel}; Drip coffee-makers {with the water heating container in a higher position than the brewing vessel (without integral heating means A47J 31/02, with hot water transport by rising pipes A47J 31/057)} · Coffee-making apparatus in which hot water is passed through the filter under pressure, {i.e. in which the coffee grounds are extracted under pressure} (A47J 31/043 {and A47J 31/40} take precedence)
Devices for fastening or gripping kitchen utensils {or crockery}(kitchen cabinets with provision for attachment of kitchen implements or utensils A47B 77/00) · Handles for hollow-ware articles {(handles for metallic holders B65D)} · · of detachable type (separate handles, {devices for gripping hot cooking
utensils} A47J 45/10) · Devices for gripping or lifting hot cooking utensils, e.g. pincers, separate pot
handles, fabric or like pads (egg grasping devices A47J 29/06; {plate-holders A47G 19/08})
Seats or covers for all kinds of closets {(dog or cat toilets adapted to fit on conventional toilets A01K 1/0121)} · Parts or details not covered in, or of interest apart from, groups A47K 13/02 to
A47K 13/22, {e.g. devices imparting a swinging or vibrating motion to the seats}