Customer-Centered Call Center Strategies That Improve Service

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Customer-Centered Call Center Strategies That Improve Service

Transcript Of Customer-Centered Call Center Strategies That Improve Service

Customer-Centered Call Center Strategies That Improve Service and Responsiveness

Customer expectations have never been higher for service and responsiveness from government agencies. ISF’s approach focuses on the operational and agent KPIs that help you measure, manage, and improve call center operations, whether internal or outsourced.
ISF has a strong history of successful project work in government call centers, and our team brings deep expertise in the customer service process, call center technology and implementations, and program management. We have developed and refined tools, models, and implementation capabilities to support rigorous and transparent assessment, procurement, and management of call center operations.

Meeting the Challenges of Call Center Operations
ISF’s call center assessment practices have been developed and refined over the course of many projects, resulting in a set of management tools to handle process flow, asset and task assessment, organization assessment, agent side-by-side observations, and call center metrics and KPIs. We employ these tools to effectively manage the outgoing and incoming information necessary for the assessment and implementation of consequential recommendations and future state needs.
The diagram at right demonstrates our high-level call center assessment methodology.

KPI Service level Average speed of answer (ASA) Abandonment rate Availability % Shrinkage % Average handle time First contact/issue resolution Forecasting accuracy

Essential Key Performance Indicators
Definition Percent of calls answered within established threshold Average wait time for all calls Total abandoned calls/Total offered calls Percent of time at work “ready” to handle interactions Percent of non-productive time Average talk + hold + after call work for all interactions handled Percent of inbound contacts and/or issues resolved on first interaction Number of calls offered/average handle time actuals/forecasted performance

Experience and Knowledge to Help Fulfill Your Mission
ISF has extensive experience improving the technology and operations of government call centers. A few highlights of our relevant experience are summarized below:
Florida Department of Children and Families, Customer Call Center Assessment
The Florida Department of Children and Families contracted with ISF to conduct a comprehensive assessment and analysis of operations at its Jacksonville and Miami customer call centers, delivering recommendations that included the facilities and security environment, processes related to federal Title IV requirements; functionality of telephony and information technologies; and system stability. We also analyzed the effectiveness of the IVR and call routing configuration; the structure and testing of the disaster recovery solution; and operational processes, inconsistencies and gaps in call flow design, performance targets, reporting design, and data capture. Other focus areas in the end-to-end review included quality (accuracy, effectiveness, monitoring, and calibration); fulfillment operations; internal communication and motivation; onboarding new hires; training effectiveness; disaster recovery planning; performance management, reporting and accountability; security of the physical premises and client/customer data; floor plan of production areas; and the degree of collaboration and ergonomic benefits provided by the work environment. The final report detailed strengths and areas requiring attention, recommendations to improve efficiency and effectiveness, and guidance on incorporating best practices into the production environment.
Hillsborough County (FL), Call Center Assessment and Customer Experience Transformation
ISF provided the Hillsborough County Board of County Commissioners with an assessment of its nine call center locations to improve overall customer service and satisfaction, with a focus on the utilization of a centralized intake function or outsourcing model. The goals for the project included reviewing performance and organizational structures to keep up with public demand, improving management/supervision, and reviewing Call Center technology, processes, and investment in human capital. ISF completed a thorough Assessment and Recommendations Report including recommendations regarding consolidation of County Call Centers, outsourcing of call center services, and an appropriate software strategy to support the recommendations. In addition, ISF incorporated best practices to achieve industry standards that align with the recommended strategy. ISF then presented findings to the County Board of Commissioners and supported the procurement process in the next fiscal year, following budget authorization.
Central Florida Expressway Authority, Customer Call Center Assessment and Procurement
The Central Florida Expressway Authority (CFX) sought assistance in assessing its call center and developing a modernization plan for their call center operations, including both technology and business process outsourcing procurement activities to increase external vendor accountability and improve the customer experience. ISF was tasked with reviewing current state environments, establishing a maturity model to baseline call center operations and developing a recommended future state model to include requirements for a sourcing and technology RFP. In addition, ISF identified and incorporated best practices into the procurement documents to achieve industry standards that align with the recommended future state strategy. ISF’s ultimate goal was to facilitate a process for which CFX improves customer service to their constituents and procures external vendors that meet the needs of the organization at the best possible cost. .
ISF is an approved vendor under the Florida State Term Contract for Management Consulting (Contract No. 80101500-20-1), Department of Information Resources (DIR) Deliverables Based Information Technology Services (DBITS) (Contract No. TSO3836) for services including IT Assessments and Planning, IT Project Management, Technology Migration/Upgrade, and IT Procurement Assistance, and the General Services Administration (GSA) Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) (Contract No. GS035F-0332V).
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