Customized test Products from Rohde & Schwarz 1) system

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Customized test Products from Rohde & Schwarz 1) system

Transcript Of Customized test Products from Rohde & Schwarz 1) system

Customized test system solutions for in-orbit satellites

Products from Rohde & Schwarz 1) ❙❙R&S®FSW, R&S®FSV, R&S®FSVA signal and spectrum
analyzers ❙❙R&S®FSWP signal source analyzer ❙❙R&S®SMW200A, R&S®SMBV100A vector signal
generators or R&S®BTC broadcast test center ❙❙R&S®NRPxxS(N) three-path diode power sensors ❙❙R&S®ZVA, R&S®ZVT vector network analyzers
1) All products available up to at least 40 GHz.

Product from SED ❙❙Customized test system and control software

Close cooperation between Rohde & Schwarz and SED Systems.

Block diagram of the SED test system using Rohde & Schwarz instruments

Equipment room

IOT rack

10 MHz

Signal analyzer


TX/RX switchbank

Antenna hub
LNA and downconverter network

Pulse generator
10 MHz Vector signal generator

TX/RX switchbank

IOT server

LAN LAN switch

Ka TX L block downconverter (optional)
L‑Ka RX upconverter (optional) L‑Ka TX upconverter (optional) HPA and upconverter network
Control room

Hub switch enclosure
Power sensor USB

LAN switch



Ka‑band antenna

Customization at all levels One size does not fit all, especially in the aerospace and satellite industry. Each user has a unique set of parameters and requirements. To address these, Rohde & Schwarz ­provides customization at all levels in cooperation with ­solutions partner SED Systems. Contractors use ­custom test systems for fast, robust quality assurance on the ­production line. User-centric solutions assure that ­valued users receive the optimum answer to their specific challenge.
Modular and future-ready system configuration Ground station test systems from SED Systems measure the performance of satellite payloads with a minimum of operator intervention. Operating in the UHF, L, C, Ku or Ka band, SED ground station test systems automatically measure and monitor a wide range of satellite ­parameters. ­Proprietary algorithms designed by a SED yield fast and accurate measurements. The graphical user interface makes configuring and operating the in-orbit test system intuitive and user friendly.
A key component of the test system is the software ­running on the system server. The server code is ­written in C++ and runs on a Linux operating system, communicating with the test instruments and performing the ­measurements. A Rohde & Schwarz signal generator provides a clean test carrier for the measurements or can be used as a calibration source. A second Rohde & Schwarz signal generator can be added for optional measurements that require multiple test carriers. For measurements ­requiring many test carriers, a Rohde & Schwarz vector ­signal generator is added.

The main measurement instrument is a Rohde & Schwarz signal and spectrum analyzer that performs frequency domain or time domain measurements. A pulse generator triggers the synthesizer(s) and signal analyzer for fast stepped frequency and power measurements. In the antenna hub, an SED manufactured hub switch enclosure ­monitors the transmitted test carriers for power and ­frequency. Switching and signal routing for both transmit and receive functions are supported. Multiple other features such as long distance group delay measurement and double-illumination monitoring. can be integrated into the test system based on user requirements.
Optimized GUI and extensive automation possibilities Using the graphical user interface, an operator enters ­sequences of required measurements, parameter tables for the measurements, the satellite data and nominal ­calibration data in preparation for an in-orbit test campaign. During the campaign, the system performs the specified measurement sequences in a fully automatic mode. The results and the current system status are ­displayed as the measurements are performed.
Routine calibrations are fully automated. Manual calibrations can be undertaken to support one-time events (for example when a transmit monitor coupler is replaced) that involve only passive components. The results of these ­one-time calibrations are input into the system database.

Test system c­ ontrol software ­developed by SED Systems.
Rohde & Schwarz Ground station testing on satellites in orbit 11