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Spider Monkey Optimization algorithm for numerical optimization

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memetic comp. (2014) 6:31–47 doi 10.1007/s12293-013-0128-0 regular research paper spider monkey optimization algorithm for numerical optimization jagdish chand bansal · harish sharma · shimpi singh jadon · maurice clerc received: 21 june 2012 / accepted: 7 december 2013 / published online: 1 january 2014 © springer-verlag berlin heidelberg 2013

Improved Brain Storm Optimization Algorithms for Optimization

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improved brain storm optimization algorithms for optimization problems by yang yu a dissertation submitted to the graduate school of innovative life science in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of doctor of engineering university of toyama gofuku 3190, toyama-shi, toyama 930-8555 japan 2019 (submitted december 16, 2019)

Optimization Techniques Analysis on various optimization

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optimization techniques analysis on various optimization techniques for selecting gain parameters in foc of an e-drive presented by: raja sekhar kammala(rbei/ehv2) sathish lakshmanan(rbei/ehv2) meher anusha vanapalli (nitc, intern at rbei) 1 rbei/ehv2 | 3/28/2016 © robert bosch engineering and business solutions private limited 2016. all rights reserved, also regarding any

Design, optimization and numerical modelling of a novel

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design, optimization and numerical modelling of a novel floating pendulum wave energy converter with tide adaptation jing yang1, dahai zhang1,2,*, hui liang1, ying chen1,2, ming tan1, wei li2, xiandong ma3 1. ocean college, zhejiang university, china 2. the state key laboratory of fluid power and mechatronic systems, zhejiang university, china

Multi-Objective Structural Design Optimization using

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neutrosophic sets and systems volume 15 1-1-2017 multi-objective structural design optimization using neutrosophic goal programming technique mridula sarkar samir dey tapan kumar roy article 3 follow this and additional works at: recommended citation sarkar, mridula; samir dey; and tapan kumar roy. "multi-objective structural design optimization using neutrosophic

Optimization of design tolerance and asymmetric quality loss

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international journal of physical sciences vol. 4 (11), pp. 629-637, november, 2009 available online at issn 1992 - 1950 © 2009 academic journals full length research paper optimization of design tolerance and asymmetric quality loss cost using pattern search algorithm r. sampath kumar1*, n. alagumurthi1 and r. ramesh2

Optimization of Injection Molding Processes Using Design of

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application note the optimization of injection molding processes using design of experiments problem manufacturers have three primary goals: 1) produce goods that meet customer specifications; 2) improve process efficiency in cycle times, labor cost and energy consumption; 3) increase process robustness by reducing sensitivity to small changes in

Concurrent design and process optimization of forging

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computers and structures 167 (2016) 24–36 contents lists available at sciencedirect computers and structures journal homepage: concurrent design and process optimization of forging murat ozturk, sinem kocaoglan, fazil o. sonmez ⇑ department of mechanical engineering, bogazici university, istanbul 34342, turkey article info article history: received 7 september

Optimization Design and Experimental Study of Low-Pressure

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hindawi publishing corporation international journal of rotating machinery volume 2007, article id 85275, 10 pages doi:10.1155/2007/85275 research article optimization design and experimental study of low-pressure axial fan with forward-skewed blades li yang, ouyang hua, and du zhao-hui school of mechanical engineering, shanghai jiaotong university, shanghai 200030, china received

Analysis and Design Optimization of O shore Wind Turbine

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analysis and design optimization of offshore wind turbine support structures dong et al., 2012 jeppe bjørn jørgensen christian fløe nissen master thesis design of mechanical systems aalborg university the 4th of june 2013 study board of industry and global business development fibigerstraede 16 dk - 9220 aalborg east phone

Superelastic leg design optimization for an endoscopic

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home | search | pacs & msc | journals | about | contact us superelastic leg design optimization for an endoscopic capsule with active locomotion this article has been downloaded from iopscience. please scroll down to see the full text article. 2009 smart mater. struct. 18 015001 ( the table

Design Optimization of Variable Stiffness Bi-Stable

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design optimization of variable stiffness bi-stable composites using curvilinear fibers luísa martins barbosa thesis to obtain the master of science degree in aerospace engineering supervisor : prof. afzal suleman examination committee chairperson: supervisor: member of the committee: prof. filipe szolnoky ramos pinto cunha prof.

Convex Optimization for Precoder Design in MIMO Interference

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convex optimization for precoder design in mimo interference networks yue zhao∗†, suhas n. diggavi‡, andrea goldsmith∗ and h. vincent poor† ∗department of electrical engineering, stanford university, stanford, ca, 94305, usa †department of electrical engineering, princeton university, princeton, nj, 08540, usa ‡department of electrical engineering, university of california, los angeles, los

Robust Parameter Design of Derivative Optimization Methods

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journal of imaging article robust parameter design of derivative optimization methods for image acquisition using a color mixer † hyungtae kim 1,*, kyeongyong cho 2, jongseok kim1, kyungchan jin 1 and seungtaek kim 1 1 smart manufacturing technology group, kitech, 89 yangdae-giro rd., cheonan 31056, chungnam, korea; [email protected] (j.k.); [email protected]

Design and Optimization of a Linear Laser Beam

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lasers in eng., vol. 27, pp. 373–381 reprints available directly from the publisher photocopying permitted by license only ©2014 old city publishing, inc. published by license under the ocp science imprint, a member of the old city publishing group design and optimization of a linear laser beam c-y.

Design and Optimization of Nonvolatile Multibit 1T1R

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this article has been accepted for inclusion in a future issue of this journal. content is final as presented, with the exception of pagination. ieee transactions on very large scale integration (vlsi) systems 1 design and optimization of nonvolatile multibit 1t1r resistive ram mahmoud zangeneh, student member,

Robustness-based Design Optimization under Data Uncertainty

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robustness-based design optimization under data uncertainty kais zaman, mark mcdonald, sankaran mahadevan* vanderbilt university, nashville, tn, usa and lawrence green nasa langley research center, hampton, virginia abstract this paper proposes formulations and algorithms for design optimization under both aleatory (i.e., natural or physical variability) and epistemic uncertainty (i.e., imprecise probabilistic

Scan-Chain Design and Optimization for Three-Dimensional

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scan-chain design and optimization for three-dimensional integrated circuits xiaoxia wu and paul falkenstern pennsylvania state university krishnendu chakrabarty duke university and yuan xie pennsylvania state university sfaccainlitcahteaifnasulatrdeiawgindeolsyis.ufseodr ttroaidmitpiornovael 2tdheictesdteasbiiglnit,yaonf uinmtbegerraotfeddecsiirgcnuittec(ihcn)iqdueessighnasvaenbdeetno 9 proposed in the literature for scan-chain routing and scan-cell partitioning. however, these techniques are not effective for three-dimensional (3d)

Threshold shift method for reliability-based design optimization

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threshold shift method for reliability-based design optimization a preprint somdatta goswami∗ institute of structural mechanics bauhaus-universita¨t weimar, 99423-weimar, germany [email protected] rajib chowdhury department of civil engineering indian institute of technology roorkee roorkee, india [email protected] souvik chakraborty∗ department of aerospace and mechanical engineering university of notre dame notre

Parametric Optimization on EDM by E mploying Taguchi Design

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182 issn (online): 2250-0758, issn (print): 2394-6962 volume-7, issue-3, may-june 2017 international journal of engineering and management research page number: 428-435 parametric optimization on edm by employing taguchi design of experiment and anova method amardeep kumar1, avnish kumar panigrahi2 1,2department of mechanical engineering, g d rungta college of