Design, Test, and Microfabrication of MEMS and MOEMS Design

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Design, Test, and Microfabrication of MEMS and MOEMS Design

Transcript Of Design, Test, and Microfabrication of MEMS and MOEMS Design

Design, Test, and Microfabrication of MEMS and MOEMS Design, Characterization, and Packaging for MEMS and Microelectronics Design, Test, Integration and Packaging of MEMS/MOEMS MEMS Reliability for Critical Applications Design, Modeling, and Simulation in Microelectronics MEMS Design, Fabrication, Characterization, and Packaging Design, Test, Integration, and Packaging of MEMS/MOEMS 2001 Reliability, Testing, and Characterization of MEMS/MOEMS

Design, Test, and Microfabrication of MEMS and MOEMS
Joint Invited Papers
MEMS for space applications
Linda Miller, [1999]
Physical modeling and simulation of microdevices and microsystems
Gerhard Wachutka, [1999]
Design of MEMS and microsystems
David Nagel, [1999]
III-V semiconductor-based MOEMS
Pierre Viktorovitch, [1999]
Surface normal optical MEMS in dynamic WDM transport networks
James Walker, Joseph Ford, Keith Goossen, David Bishop, Dennis Greywall, Vladimir Aksyuk, [1999]
Prospective MEMS applications at NEC
Kenichiro Suzuki, [1999]
CAD, Design and Test Test and Optimization
MEMS resonator synthesis for testability
Nilmoni Deb, Sitaraman Iyer, Tamal Mukherjee, Ronald Blanton, [1999]
Fault simulation of MEMS using HDLs
Benoit Charlot, Salvador Mir, Erika Cota, Marcelo Lubaszewski, Bernard Courtois, [1999]
Testing philosophy behind the micro analysis system
Hans Kerkhoff, [1999]
MEMS optimization incorporating genetic algorithms
Gregory Kirkos, Robert Jurgilewicz, Stephen Duncan, [1999]
Automatic evaluation of a sensor's geometrical parameters
Jean Blanc, Marc Belleville, Fabien Mieyeville, Hubert Bono, [1999]
Emerging CAD Methods
Coupling of length scales and atomistic simulation of MEMS resonators
Robert Rudd, Jeremy Broughton, [1999]

Design, Test, and Microfabrication of MEMS and MOEMS (cont.) Emerging CAD Methods (cont.)
Extraction of compact models for MEMS/MOEMS package-device codesign
Vladimir Rabinovich, Joost Van Kuijk, Susan Zhang, Stephen Bart, John Gilbert, [1999]
Effects of capacitors, resistors, and residual charges on the static and dynamic performance of electrostatically actuated devices
Edward Chan, Robert Dutton, [1999]
Optimization of cantilever probes for atomic force microscopy
Niels Pedersen, [1999]
CAD Systems I
Correct-by-construction approach to MEMS design and analysis
Barry Dyne, David Bernstein, [1999]
Computational simulation of microfluidics, electrokinetics, and particle transport in biological MEMS devices
M. Giridharan, Soumya Krishnamoorthy, Anantha Krishnan, [1999]
Advanced integrated solution for MEMS design
K. Liateni, David Moulinier, Bachar Affour, H. Boutamine, Jean Michel Karam, D. Veychard, Bernard Courtois, Ariel Cao, [1999]
Integrated CAD tools for top-down design of MEMS/MOEMS systems
Bart Romanowicz, Stephen Bart, John Gilbert, [1999]
General contact and hysteresis analysis of multidielectric MEMS devices under thermal and electrostatic actuation
Yie He, James Marchetti, Carlos Gallegus, [1999]
Simulation of nonideal behavior in integrated piezoresistive silicon pressure sensors
Stefan Finkbeiner, Jochen Franz, Stefan Hein, Andreas Junger, Joerg Muchow, Berhard Opitz, Wolfgang Romes, Oliver Schatz, Hans Trah, [1999]
Fabrication of a smart monolithic 2D quartz microscanner
Moussa Hoummady, L. Majewski, V. Robert, C. Bonjour, B. Chahboune, [1999]
Design of a pigtailed tunable filter for optical fiber transmissions at 1.3 to 1.55 ┬Ám
Jean-Philippe Gouy, A. Tixier, Gen Hashiguchi, Hiroshi Toshiyoshi, Hiroyuki Fujita, [1999]

Design, Test, and Microfabrication of MEMS and MOEMS (cont.) Design (cont.)
Modeling and optimization of microcoils for telemetric transmission at frequencies up to 20 MHz
Sven Rehfuss, Claudia Marschner, Karl-Ludwig Krieger, Marcus Weser, Rainer Laur, [1999]
Evaporating two-phase flow mechanism in microchannels
Yoav Peles, Leonid Yarin, Gad Hetsroni, [1999]
CAD Systems II
Modeling and simulating optical MEMS using Chatoyant
Timothy Kurzweg, Steven Levitan, Philippe Marchand, Jose Martinez, Kurt Prough, Donald Chiarulli, [1999]
Interoperation of heterogeneous CAD tools in Ptolemy II
Jie Liu, Bicheng Wu, Xiaojun Liu, Edward Lee, [1999]
Structured CAD methodology for integrated MEMS and IC design
Linh Nguyen, Hee Jung Lee, Mary Ann Perez-Maher, Ying Xu, [1999]
Computational design of membrane pumps with active/passive valves for microfluidic MEMS
Andrzej Przekwas, H. Yang, Mahesh Athavale, [1999]
SUNRED: a new field solving approach
Vladimir Szekely, A. Pahi, Marta Rencz, [1999]
Computer-aided design tools for economical MEMS fabrication processes
Christian Schneider, Andreas Priebe, Rainer Brueck, Kai Hahn, [1999]
Providing technology infrastructure for MEMS
Renato Ribas, D. Veychard, Jean Michel Karam, Bernard Courtois, [1999]
Integrated simulator for MEMS using FEM implementation in AHDL and frontal solver for large sparse systems of equations
Zeljko Mrcarica, Vladimir Risojevic, Michel Lenczner, Mirko Jakovljevic, Vanco Litovski, [1999]
Internet MEMS design tools based on component technology
Rainer Brueck, Christian Schumer, [1999]

Design, Test, and Microfabrication of MEMS and MOEMS (cont.) Poster Papers: CAD, Design and Test
CFD-ACE+: a CAD system for simulation and modeling of MEMS
Phillip Stout, H. Yang, Paul Dionne, Andy Leonard, Zhiqiang Tan, Andrzej Przekwas, Anantha Krishnan, [1999]
Advanced 3D-CAD interface for micromachining with excimer lasers
Hans Toenshoff, Ferdinand von Alvensleben, Christian Kulik, [1999]
SPICE models for simulating BDJ and BTJ detectors
Annick Alexandre, Guo Lu, Mohamed Sedjil, [1999]
Design and implementation of integrated BDJ detector in a standard CMOS technology
Guo Lu, Gerard Sou, Mohamed Ben Chouikha, Mohamed Sedjil, [1999]
Mechanical-thermal simulation of surface-micromachined polysilicon hot plates
Mihail Dumitrescu, Corbel Cobianu, Dan Dascalu, Adrian Pascu, [1999]
Numeric investigation of vibrating microcantilever using Matlab/Simulink
Arturas Ulcinas, Valentinas Snitka, Mindaugas Rackaitis, [1999]
Lumped-parameter model for a micropump based on the magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) principle
Lei Huang, Wanjun Wang, Michael Murphy, [1999]
Modeling of BDJ and BTJ structures for color detection
Mohamed Sedjil, Guo Lu, Mohamed Ben Chouikha, Annick Alexandre, [1999]
Fault modeling of electrostatic comb-drives for MEMS
Benoit Charlot, Spiridon Moussouris, Salvador Mir, Bernard Courtois, [1999]
Design of spatial light modulator microdevices: microslit arrays
Rainer Riesenberg, Thomas Seifert, [1999]
From circuit to microsystems: using a transformer-equivalent circuit to study a piezoelectric actuator
F. Oms-Elisabelar, Christian Bergaud, L. Nicu, [1999]
Design and sensitivity optimization of vibration sensors for tool-state monitoring
Jochen Thomas, Ralf Kuehnhold, Heiner Ryssel, [1999]

Design, Test, and Microfabrication of MEMS and MOEMS (cont.) Poster Papers: CAD, Design and Test (cont.)
Integrated multidisciplinary CAD/CAE environment for micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS)
Andrzej Przekwas, [1999]
Hollow glass for insulating layers
Andreea Merticaru, Gabriel Moagar-Poladian, [1999]
Micromachining and Microfabrication Mechanical and Eletrochemical Micromachining and Micromolding
Manufacturing of microstructures using ultraprecision machine tools
Manfred Weck, Stephan Fischer, [1999]
Innovative molding technologies for the fabrication of components for microsystems
Volker Piotter, Tobias Benzler, Thomas Hanemann, Heinz Woellmer, Robert Ruprecht, Juergen Hausselt, [1999]
Micromolding behavior of engineering plastics
Oliver Kemmann, Carsten Schaumburg, Lutz Weber, [1999]
Microfabrication technique for thick structure of metals and PZT
Toru Shimizu, Yoichi Murakoshi, Zhanjie Wang, Ryutaro Maeda, Toshio Sano, [1999]
Nature and influence of surface layers and films on the chemical and electrochemical micromachining of NiTi shape memory alloys
David Allen, Sue Impey, Remi Robin, Tom Chen, [1999]
Examples of MEMS technologies resulting in industrial transfers
Jean-Sebastian Danel, Michel Borel, Marie-Therese Delaye, Bernard Diem, Hubert Grange, France Michel, Patrice Rey, Sylvie Viollet-Bosson, [1999]
Optimum doses and mask thickness for synchrotron exposure of PMMA resists
Stewart Griffiths, Jill Hruby, Aili Ting, [1999]
X-ray transmission lenses by deep x-ray lithography and LIGA technique: first results and fundamental limits
Roland Kupka, Faycal Bouamrane, Marc Roulliay, Stephan Megtert, [1999]
New pattern on fabrication of fiber spinnerets by LIGA technology
Shi Chang Tseng, C. Shi, Chia-Lung Kuo, Yu-chiao Cheng, [1999]

Design, Test, and Microfabrication of MEMS and MOEMS (cont.) LIGA (cont.)
Construction and manufacturing of a microgearhead with 1.9-mm outer diameter for universal application
Christian Thuerigen, Ulrich Beckord, Reiner Bessey, [1999]
3D Microfabrication
Precision machining using UV and ultrashort-pulse lasers
Hans Toenshoff, Ferdinand von Alvensleben, Andreas Ostendorf, Guido Willmann, Thilo Wagner, [1999]
Production of novel 3D microstructures using excimer laser mask projection techniques
Nadeem Rizvi, [1999]
Microstereolithography using a dynamic mask generator and a noncoherent visible light source
Serge Monneret, Virginie Loubere, Serge Corbel, [1999]
Processing of complex microsystems: a micro mass spectrometer
Peter Siebert, G. Petzold, Joerg Mueller, [1999]
Microfabrication of biofactory-on-a-chip devices using laser ablation technology
Mark Talary, Julian Burt, Nadeem Rizvi, Phil Rumsby, Ron Pethig, [1999]
Sensors, Electronic Devices, and Actuators
Design, test, and simulation of self-assembled micromachined rf inductors
Peter Gammel, Bradley Barber, Victor Lubecke, Nathan Belk, M. Frei, [1999]
Design and realization of a penny-shaped micromotor
Matthias Nienhaus, Wolfgang Ehrfeld, H. Stoelting, Frank Michel, S. Kleen, S. Hardt, Felix Schmitz, T. Stange, [1999]
Silicon UV flame detector utilizing photonic crystals
Zoran Djuric, Tatjana Dankovic, Zoran Jaksic, Danijela Randjelovic, Radomir Petrovic, Wolfgang Ehrfeld, Andreas Schmidt, Klaus Hecker, [1999]
Integrated multicolor detector utilizing 1D photonic bandgap filter with wedge-shaped defect
Zoran Jaksic, Radomir Petrovic, Danijela Randjelovic, Tatjana Dankovic, Zoran Djuric, Wolfgang Ehrfeld, Andreas Schmidt, Klaus Hecker, [1999]

Design, Test, and Microfabrication of MEMS and MOEMS (cont.) MOEM Devices
Fabrication of multi-air gap InP-based microstructures for widely tunable optical filters
Alain Spisser, Philippe Regreny, Christian Seassal, Jean Louis Leclercq, Pierre Viktorovitch, [1999]
High-spatial-frequency grating technology for microsystem applications
Olivier Parriaux, Florent Pigeon, Y. Jourlin, Alain Mure-Ravaud, Alexandre Tishchenko, [1999]
Polymeric optical MEMS
Jens Hossfeld, Thomas Paatzsch, Jens Schulze, Michel Neumeier, Lutz Weber, Hans-Dieter Bauer, Wolfgang Ehrfeld, [1999]
Optical microsystems with microchip lasers and micro-optics
Laurent Fulbert, Engin Molva, Jeannine Marty, Philippe Thony, Marc Rabarot, Bernard Ferrand, [1999]
Patrick Mottier, Eric Ollier, Patrick Pouteau, Karine Petroz, Sylvie Jarjayes, [1999]
Assembly and Production Techniques
Flip-chip integration of lenslet arrays on segmented deformable micromirrors
Adisorn Tuantranont, Victor Bright, Wenge Zhang, Y. Lee, [1999]
Chip-level three-dimensional assembling of microsystems
Hiroshi Toshiyoshi, Yoshio Mita, Minoru Ogawa, Hiroyuki Fujita, [1999]
Conventional micromachining for microassembly applications
Ramona Eberhardt, A. Gebhardt, Torsten Scheller, [1999]
Handling and assembly of functionally adapted microcomponents (HAFAM): a European network
Gordana Popovic, Werner Brenner, Helmut Detter, [1999]
Poster Papers: Micromachining and Microfabrication
Characterization of on-chip coils for rf microsystems
Marcus Weser, Josef Binder, Sven Rehfuss, Rainer Laur, [1999]
Electrostatically driven micromachined nickel resonators and gyroscopes
Olaf Renken, Wolfgang Benecke, [1999]
Multichannel arrays on polymer substrates: toward a disposable proteomics chip
Holger Becker, Wolfgang Ehrfeld, Rainer Pommersheim, [1999]

Design, Test, and Microfabrication of MEMS and MOEMS (cont.) Poster Papers: Micromachining and Microfabrication (cont.)
High-precision positioning stage for microassembly purposes
Manfred Weck, Bernd Petersen, [1999]
Infrastructure for microsystem production
Henne van Heeren, Stefan Sanchez, Job Elders, Rene Heideman, [1999]
Micromachined capacitive electret microphone
Christiane Thielemann, Gisela Hess, [1999]
Multimode frequency analysis for the dynamic characterization of microstructures
Christian Bergaud, L. Nicu, A. Martinez, P. Gerard, M. Benzohra, [1999]
Laser diode wavelength locking using a micromachined silicon mirror
Neila Kaou, Cedrick Chappaz, Skandar Basrour, Michel de Labachelerie, [1999]
Optical pressure sensor head fabrication using ultrathin silicon wafer anodic bonding
Michael Beggans, Dentcho Ivanov, Steven Fu, Thomas Digges, Kenneth Farmer, [1999]
Silicon carbide-aluminum nitride: new high-stability composition for MEMS
Victor Luchinin, Andrey Korlyakov, Alexander Vasil'ev, [1999]
Micro-EDM for silicon microstructure fabrication
Xiaozhong Song, Dominiek Reynaerts, Wim Meeusen, Hendrik Van Brussel, [1999]
Optical fiber switching device with active alignment
Yves-Alain Peter, Hans-Peter Herzig, Stefano Bottinelli, [1999]
Microstereolithography: a new process to build complex 3D objects
Laurence Beluze, Arnaud Bertsch, Philippe Renaud, [1999]
Fabrication of MEMS using liquid jet dispensing technique
Sergey Sarkisov, Abdalla Darwish, Hossin Abdeldayem, Grigory Adamovsky, Mykola Kulishov, Curtis Banks, JaChing Wang, [1999]
Laser-micromachined and laminated microfluidic components for miniaturized thermal, chemical, and biological systems
Peter Martin, Dean Matson, Wendy Bennett, Donald Stewart, Yuehe Lin, [1999]
Backside contacts for sensor structure packaging
Barbara Janyszek, Ryszard Jachowicz, Dorota Pijanowska, Jerzy Jazwinski, [1999]

Design, Test, and Microfabrication of MEMS and MOEMS (cont.) Poster Papers: Micromachining and Microfabrication (cont.)
Reactive ion etching of quartz and glasses for microfabrication
Patrick Leech, Geoffrey Reeves, [1999]
Fabrication of single-mode optical fiber ferrule mold insert with 12 channels
Hsiharng Yang, Michael Vasile, [1999]
Optical switch driven by giant magnetostrictive thin films
Sung Moon, Sang Lim, Sang Bae Lee, HoKwan Kang, Min Kim, Seok Han, Myung-Hwan Oh, [1999]
Measurement of surface profile of microstructure
Mingbao Zhou, Linbo Bai, Zhan Li, HanMin Yao, [1999]
Rapid prototyping of silicon structures by aid of laser and abrasive-jet machining
Arvi Kruusing, Seppo Leppaevuori, Antti Uusimaki, Matti Uusimaki, [1999]
New method to design halftone mask for the fabrication of continuous microrelief structure
Jingqing Su, Jinglei Du, Jun Yao, Fuhua Gao, Yongkang Guo, Zheng Cui, [1999]
Experimentation of electrostatically actuated monochip micropump for drug delivery
Monique Dilhan, Josiane Tasselli, Daniel Esteve, Pierre Temple-Boyer, Henri Camon, Marc Anduze, Stephane Colin, [1999]
Microtechnology for fabrication of surface micromechanic devices based on a novel SiC-AlN composition
Victor Luchinin, Andrey Korlyakov, Givi Jandjgava, Stanislav Prosorov, Aleksander Solomatin, Anatoley Sorokin, Sergey Kucherkov, Leonid Severov, Valeriy Ponomarev, [1999]
Design, fabrication, and thrust prediction of solid propellant microthrusters for space application
Carole Rossi, N. Fabre, Veronique Conedera, Daniel Esteve, [1999]
Preliminary results on the use of mirrors for LIGA process
Stephan Megtert, Franz-Josef Pantenburg, Sven Achenbach, Roland Kupka, Juergen Mohr, Marc Roulliay, [1999]
Needle-shaped glucose sensor with multicell electrode fabricated by surface micromachining
Youn Tae Kim, Young-Yong Kim, Chi-Hoon Jun, [1999]
Thermal flow sensor with vacuum-sealed membrane fabricated by surface micromachining
Chi-Hoon Jun, Suk Kim, Dong-Seong Kwag, Youn Tae Kim, [1999]