Parametric Adversarial Divergences are Good Task Losses for

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parametric adversarial divergences are good losses for generative modeling gabriel huang 1 hugo berard 1,2 ahmed touati 1,2 gauthier gidel 1 pascal vincent 1,2,3 simon lacoste-julien 1,3 1mila & university of montreal, canada 2facebook ai research, canada 3canada cifar ai chair, canada {firstname.lastname}@umontreal.ca arxiv:1708.02511v4 [cs.lg] 21 oct

Refined Young Inequality and Its Application to Divergences

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entropy article refined young inequality and its application to divergences shigeru furuichi 1 and nicus¸or minculete 2,* 1 department of information science, college of humanities and sciences, nihon university, 3-25-40, sakurajyousui, setagaya-ku, tokyo 156-8550, japan; [email protected] 2 faculty of mathematics and computer science, transilvania university of bras¸ov, 500091 brasov, romania

Developmental Divergences And Continuities Between Colonial

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‘developmental’ divergences and continuities between colonial and pre-colonial regimes: the case of asante, ghana, 1701-1957 gareth austin this paper is intended to contribute to the debate, dating from the colonial era itself, about the effects of colonial rule on the economic development of the colonized territories. specifically, i adopt an