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What We Know About Relationship Between Training An D Firm

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vlerick leuven gent working paper series 2009/01 what we know about relationship between training and firm performance: a review of literature nguyen ngoc thang dirk buyens [email protected] d/2009/6482/01 what we know about relationship between training and firm performance: a review of literature nguyen ngoc thang faculty of economic and

1992-8645 Firm Age, Firm Size And Information Technology

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journal of theoretical and applied information technology 31st august 2013. vol. 54 no.3 © 2005 - 2013 jatit & lls. all rights reserved. issn: 1992-8645 e-issn: 1817-3195 firm age, firm size and information technology intencity industry factors in influencing information technology contribution to improve performance

Influence of Founder CEOs Personal Values on Firm

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influence of founder–ceos’ personal values on firm performance: moderating effects of firm age and size† yan ling* george mason university, enterprise hall, msn 5f5, 4400 university dr., fairfax, va 22030 hao zhao robert a. baron lally school of management and technology, rensselaer polytechnic institute, 110 8th st., pittsburgh building, troy,

The Effect of Organizational Culture on Firm Performance With

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743 research in world economy vol. 11, no. 5; special issue, 2020 the effect of organizational culture on firm performance with social responsibility as mediating variable muliati muliati1, mohammad iqbal1 & arung gihna mayapada1 1 accounting department, faculty of economics and business, universitas tadulako, palu, indonesia correspondence:

The Effects Of Total Quality Management On Firm Performance

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proceedings of the 11th annual conference of asia pacific decision sciences institute hong kong, june 14-18, 2006, pp. 214-217. the effects of total quality management on firm performance: evidence from taiwan information-related industries chin s. ou department of accounting & information technology, national chung cheng university, taiwan email: [email protected] fang

Corporate diversification and firm performance - International

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international journal of organizational leadership 5(2016) 381-398 international journal of organizational leadership industrial management institute corporate diversification and firm performance: an inverted u-shaped hypothesis sajid ali 1, shujahat haider hashmi2*, tahir mehmood 3 1,2department of management sciences, capital university of science and technology (cust) 3research associate,

The Effect of Corporate Entrepreneurship on Firm Performance

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european journal of business and management issn 2222-1905 (paper) issn 2222-2839 (online) vol.8, no.3, 2016 the effect of corporate entrepreneurship on firm performance (case study on smes processing refined seaweed product in south sulawesi, indonesia) nur alam la nafie1* tjare a. tjambolang1 dian pane1 1 department of

The impact of green logistics practices on firm performance

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the impact of green logistics practices on firm performance: evidence from turkish healthcare industry kazim sari beykent university, istanbul, turkey [email protected] gözde yanginlar yeniyuzyil university, istanbul, turkey abstract this research aims to investigate relationship between green logistics practices and firm performance in healthcare organizations. for this purpose, a conceptual model

Tracking the Performance of Food Processing Sub-Sector Firms

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draft: not for citation or referencing! tracking the performance of food processing sub-sector firms in zambia amidst a volatile economic environment by godfrey hampwaye and matildah kaliba hapunda university of zambia paper presented at the safic international conference in copenhagen, 6-7th april, 2016 abstract since 2012 food processing firms have

The Impact Of Corporate Governance On Firm Performance

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european journal of business and innovation research vol.3, no.5, pp.25-48, december 2015 _published by european centre for research training and development uk ( the impact of corporate governance on firm performance: evidence from bahrain stock exchange esra ahmed1 and allam hamdan2 1master’s degree in business administration (mba), ahlia university –

The Impact of Organizational Learning, on Firm Performance

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international journal of academic research in business and social sciences vol. 1 1 , no. 5, 2021, e-issn: 2 2 2 2 -6990 © 2021 hrmars the impact of organizational learning, on firm performance in the context of manufacturing smes in malaysia, mediating role of innovation capability zainab

White Paper Cpa Firm Names

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white paper cpa firm names april 2009 – working draft copyright (c) 2009 by the american institute of certified public accountants, inc. license are hereby granted for reuse or reprint of this matter for purposes other than resale or commercial exploitation, provided aicpa copyright statement and acknowledgment of any modification

Audit partner and audit firm rotation and the assessment of

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audit partner and audit firm rotation and the assessment of internal control deficiencies brian c. fitzgerald texas a&m university anne m. thompson* university of illinois at urbana-champaign thomas c. omer texas a&m university april 26, 2012 acknowledgments: we appreciate helpful comments and suggestions from tim bauer, kathleen bentley, colleen boland,

Two Essays on CEO Inside Debt Holding in Relation to Firm

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two essays on ceo overconfidence in relation to speed of adjustment of firm financial policy and ceo inside debt by xiang long b.a. international economics and trade 2009, tianjin university of science and technology m.s. accounting 2012, old dominion university a dissertation submitted to the faculty of old dominion university

Family Business, Firm Efficiencyand Corporate Governance

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academy of strategic management journal volume 18, issue 1, 2019 family business, firm efficiencyand corporate governance relation: the case of corporate governance index firms in turkey eyup kahveci, sbs swiss business school bert wolfs, sbs swiss business school abstract in this paper, corporate governance and

The Strength of Corporate Culture and the Reliability of Firm

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the strength of corporate culture and the reliability of firm performance jesper b. sørensen massachusetts institute of technology december 2001 running head: “culture and reliability” approximate word count: 8,500 i am grateful to diane burton for insightful comments that substantially improved the final version. thanks to ron burt for providing

Ownership Structure and Firm Performance

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16,494 international journal of financial research vol. 11, no. 2; 2020 ownership structure and firm performance gholamreza zandi1, jaspal singh2, shafi mohamad3 & syed ehsanullah4 1 universiti kuala lumpur business school, malaysia 2 sunway university business school, malaysia 3 school of accounting & finance, faculty of business

Linking Core Competence, Innovation and Firm Performance

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linking core competence, innovation and firm performance Öznur gÖkkaya kocaeli Üniversitesi, hereke meslek yüksekokulu, 41750 hereke körfez – kocaeli, türkiye [email protected] gönül kaya ÖzbaĞ kocaeli Üniversitesi, yıldız bilge barbaros denizcilik meslekyüksekokulu, 41500 karamürsel – kocaeli, türkiye [email protected] abstract organizational resources and capabilities realized by business practitioners and

Firm Age and Performance

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firm age and performance claudio loderer and urs waelchli* may 13, 2009 this paper investigates how firm age affects performance. consistent with an obsolescence of firm endowments, the existence of organizational rigidities, and the proliferation of seniority rules, performance gets worse with age. profits fall, margins thin, sales growth drops,

The Effect of Corporate Governance on Firm Performance in Jordan

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the effect of corporate governance on firm performance in jordan by zyad m. s. marashdeh a thesis submitted in partial fulfilment for the requirements for the degree of phd, at the university of central lancashire september 2014 declaration i declare that this thesis is the result of my own