Free Restore 2 and Vital Signs Training for Care Homes

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Free Restore 2 and Vital Signs Training for Care Homes

Transcript Of Free Restore 2 and Vital Signs Training for Care Homes

Restore 2 and Vital Signs Training
for Care Homes
All Residential and Nursing care homes within Hampshire, the IOW and Southampton, with exception to those in the North East Hampshire Clinical Commissioning Group area can now access free Vital Signs training as part of the RESTORE2 deterioration training. This training is part of a local system response to support care homes during COVID-19 and will be a two-hour session delivered virtually through MS Teams.
The training will enable homes to carry out physical vital signs monitoring of residents to complete the National Early Warning Scores (NEWS) which forms part of the RESTORE2 tool to improve the detection and response to clinical deterioration in adult residents and is a key element of a residents safety and improving outcomes for the individual.
We strongly recommend that those in a leadership role in the organisation undertake this training alongside practitioners to support the learning to be embedded into practice.
The course has been well received, receiving EXCELLENT ratings for trainer knowledge, style of delivery and responsiveness to the needs of the group.
Restore 2 Book Here
Vital Signs Book Here
The training will cover:
• Be able to competently and confidently carry out basic adult vital signs • Be able to identify different pieces of equipment • Learn key facts about each vital sign • Understand your role in taking or interpreting vital signs • Understand what National Early Warning Scores (NEWS) are and how they can help you • Appreciate the limitations of NEWS and the role of clinical judgement
Those attending the course will require to have the following equipment to be able to participate in the training
• Thermometer (digital or electronic ear (tympanic) thermometer - not mercury, plastic strip or forehead infrared thermometer)
• Blood Pressure machine and cuffs of different size • Pulse oximeter with a finger or ear probe • Stop watch/timer/clock with second hand • All equipment must be clean and calibrated before use • Access to Microsoft Teams app, Sound and Microphone
Homes can purchase the above equipment through providers of medical and nursing equipment (ensuring products are CE marked as medical devices).

BP Machines

Digital or Tympanic (ear) thermometers

Pulse Oximeters

The following link provides a list of machines that the British Hypertension Society (BHS) approves for both clinical and home use to give reliable readings and is updated by the Hypertension Society Blood Pressure Measurement Working Party. (list updated September 2020)
Where indicated you can see which monitors have been BHS / BIHS Validated and all the machines comply with an International Protocol of validation.

Digital thermometers
Digital thermometers are regarded as the fastest and most accurate type of thermometer. Readings are taken from under the armpit. They are easily found in local pharmacies and can be used at home or in the hospital.
Electronic ear thermometers
These use infrared technology to get their temperature reading. Electronic ear thermometers are less accurate as if there is too much wax in the ear it can give an incorrect reading. Despite being expensive, they are a lot easier to use.

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Lloyds Pharmacy
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