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GOAT BOWL Sample Questions

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GOAT BOWL Sample Questions –
Please keep in mind that Goat Bowl is supposed to be a fun activity and that the short fast answers it requires can lend themselves to some inaccuracies. Rather than memorizing these sample questions and answers we recommend that you use them as a fun way to test how prepared you are. Prepare first by reading informative books and listening to informative speakers. Of course not all the books and speakers will agree which just makes goat bowl more interesting. These sample questions were revised in 2006 to include examples of questions covering other types of goats besides dairy
What is a baby goat called? Kid
What is an adult female goat called? Doe
What is an adult male goat called? Buck
What is a castrated male goat called? Wether
The mother of a goat is called? A dam
The father of a goat is called? A sire
What is the "first milk" of a doe that is secreted after kidding called? Colostrum
Why do kids need colostrum? Antibodies and laxative
What is the technical term for the afterbirth? Placenta
Name the two parts of a goat's body where it can be tattooed. Ears and tail web
What does the word rumination refer to? Bringing up cud and chewing it.
What is the most common reason for a doe to stop coming into heat during the breeding season? She is pregnant.
What is the average length between heats? 21 days
What is a French word that often used to mean goat meat? Chevon
What is a Spanish word that is often used to mean goat meat? Cabrito
What is the description of a goat's ancestry called? Pedigree
Tell why a stainless steel container is the best for milking. Easy to sanitize

Define bloat. Excess gas in the rumen
Which has more protein: a pound of cheese or a pound of milk? A pound of cheese
When should you disbud a kid? 4-7 days or as soon as you can feel the horn buds on top of the head
Why should you remove the water bucket from a kidding pen? So a kid will not be born into the water and drown
In which direction are goats led in the show ring? Clockwise
What is the most normal presentation of a kid at birth? Front feet and nose first.
Which dairy breed of goat is characterized by long pendulous ears? Nubian
Name one meat breed of goat characterized by long pendulous ears rather than “airplane” ears? Boer (another rarer breed would be Savanna)
Which goat breed is characterized by tiny ears? LaMancha
Where are LaMancha goats tattooed? In the tail web
After milking, should milk be cooled quickly or slowly? Quickly
What dairy breed of goat is characterized by a white or cream color? Saanen
What two breeds of goats have Roman noses? Nubians and Boers (another rarer breed would be Savanna)
A doe bred in November should kid in which month? April
A doe bred in August should kid in which month? January
What is the main problem for a kid with scours? Loss of fluid from the body (dehydration)
Washing the doe's udder stimulates what? Milk letdown
What breed is characterized by a light fawn to dark chocolate color with white ears, facial stripes and lower legs? Toggenburg
In what order are dairy goats shown? Alphabetically by breed. (Alpine, LaMancha, Nigerian, Nubian, Oberhasli, Saanen, Sables, Toggenburg, Recorded Grade)
The first dairy goat importation came to the US from what country? Switzerland
The first importation of Boer goat genetics into the US came primarily in what two forms?

Semen and embryos
The first Boer goat importation of semen and embryos came to the US from what country? New Zealand
The Boer goat originated in what country? South Africa
Which breed of dairy goat originated in the US? LaMancha
Name three products made from goat milk. Cheese, ice cream, yogurt, fudge, butter, soap
Which breed of dairy goat produces the most milk? Saanen
What do we call an animal who is born without horns? Polled
What is the normal temperature of a goat? 101.5-104 degrees Fahrenheit
Give two reasons why a goat’s temperature might be elevated? Fever, very hot day, she has been racing around
Why is it a good idea to compare a sick goat’s temperature to a healthy herdmate’s temperature when trying to decide if she has a fever? Other things besides a fever can make her temperature temporarily elevated
What is an Experimental dairy goat? The result of mating two different Purebred breeds.
What is the average weight of a newborn dairy doe kid? 5-7 pounds
Tell two things to do when fitting a dairy goat for show. Trim hooves, break to lead with a collar, clip all hair except a tuft at the end of the tail, bathe
Tell two things to be sure to do to kids at birth regardless of whether they are meat or dairy goats. Make sure noses are cleaned off and they are breathing, dip cords, make sure they get colostrum, check for abnormalities, make sure they are warm enough
What do we call the act of a doe giving birth? Kidding, freshening, parturition
When showing dairy goats, what kind of clothing should the exhibitor wear? Clean, white
When showing meat goats, what kind of clothing should the exhibitor wear? Clean clothes, dark pants
Kids' living quarters should be what? Clean, dry, draft free
What part of the doe produces milk? Udder
Are dairy goats typically seasonal or year round breeders? Seasonal
Name the two types of LaMancha ears.

Gopher and elf
Tell two reasons why goats should not be tied. Could get tangled, dogs could have easy access to them, being browsers, they need to walk around to find food.
During what season of the year are both dairy and meat does most likely to get pregnant? Fall
When reproducing, the doe provides the egg cell. What does the buck provide? Sperm
When reproducing, the buck provides the sperm cell, what does the doe provide? Egg
What is the largest breed of dairy goat? Saanen
What is the solid part of cheese called? Curd
What is the liquid part left after curds are removed in cheesemaking called? Whey
What do the letters ADGA stand for? American Dairy Goat Association
What do the letters ABGA stand for? American Boer Goat Association
What is the price for one year Junior member dues to ADGA? $10
Name the eight breeds of dairy goat recognized by ADGA. Alpine, LaMancha, Nigerian, Nubian, Oberhasli, Saanen, Sable, Toggenburg
Which one of the recognized breeds of dairy goats in the US is not a standard sized breed? Nigerian Dwarf (also referred to as Nigerian Dairy)
What is a Sable? A colored Saanen
What breed registry are Sable goats now registered in? They used to be in the experimental registry of ADGA but now have their own Sable breed registry in ADGA
What do we call the piece of paper given to the doe's owner by the buck's owner after breeding? Service memo
Is it possible to register grade goats with ADGA? No - record them only.
What is the suggested tattoo letter for dairy goats in 2006? W
What is the suggested tattoo letter for Boer goats in 2006? V
How many teats does a dairy goat have? Two
Can a dairy goat with more than 2 teats be registered or recorded with ADGA? No

Why is it unadvisable to cut off extra teats on a dairy goat? It is against ADGA regulations
Why is it unadvisable to cut off extra teats on a meat goat? You may identify the wrong teat as the “extra” one and instead cut off the main teat.
Can a Boer goat with more than 2 teats be registered with the various Boer Goat Associations? Yes
Why is it helpful to practice showmanship? To recognize the faults of the animal and to show her/him to their best advantage.
Goats, along with cows, dogs, pigs, and wolves, are examples of what type of animal? Mammal
In showmanship, is the conformation of the goat considered? No
How many days are in a standard lactation for a dairy goat? 305
What is celebrated the third week of June? Dairy Goat Awareness Week
What do we call the period of time in which a goat is producing milk? Lactation
What do the letters AR stand for on a dairy goat pedigree? Advanced registry
What do the letters AI stand for? Artificial insemination
What is the name of the fluid used in semen storage tanks? Liquid nitrogen
Does the presence of some somatic cells in the milk automatically indicate a problem? No, there are always some present
Give the correct name of the teeth which humans have but goats lack. Upper incisors and canines
What kind of digestive system does a goat have? Ruminant
What activity distinguishes a ruminant from a non-ruminant? It chews cud
Which hormone remains at a high level during pregnancy? Progesterone
You put the hormone oxytocin to work every time you do what to a doe? Milk her
When a goat kid butts his/her dam’s udder, what hormone is released to allow milk “let down” Oxytocin
How do you use your ability to recognize faults in conformation in a showmanship contest? It helps you position the animal to minimize faults

What part of the goat's diet will cause rumen development to occur? Fiber or roughage
What is often added to feed to control dustiness? Molasses
Will there be more bacteria from the first or last milk from a doe's udder during milking? First
Where in the doe's body can the placenta be found? Uterus
Name the favorite method used by goats to harvest forages. Browsing
Name the two kinds of cistern found in the udder. Gland cistern, Teat cistern
Which has a larger influence on milk production, genetics or environment? Environment
What can cause a goat to drop in her milk production even though she does not look sick? Internal parasites, lack of water, being in heat
Name an internal parasite. Worms, coccidia
Name an external parasite. Ticks, fleas, lice
Which worm is “public enemy number 1” for New York meat goats? Or is “the most serious” Barberpole worm or Haemonchus contortus
Before a goat can be infected with “deer worm” or P. tenuis, the worm must pass from deer to what intermediate
host? Slugs, snails
Name flaps of skin that hang from the necks of some goats. Wattles
What hormone is at its peak during estrus? Estrogen
What other domestic species has a gestation length similar to that of goats? Sheep
Enterotoxemia is commonly called what? Overeating disease
Is a doe more likely to conceive if she's gaining condition or losing weight? Gaining condition
The terms cou blanc and cou clair describe the color of what part of the body and in what breed of goat? Neck on an Alpine
What body system is affected by bloat? Digestive
What does the term CH in front of a dairy goat's name mean? Permanent Champion -- she has at least three legs from being Grand Champion at sanctioned shows under two different judges

What does the prefix GCH in front of a dairy doe's name mean? In addition to being a permanent champion, she is a star milker
What does the prefix “ennobled” behind a Boer goat’s name mean? That the goat has passed the visual inspection and point requirements to be accepted into the elite “ennobled” herdbook within ABGA (technically, a goat can be ennobled based on its progeny’s points without being inspected)
What goats can be shown at official dairy goat shows without registration papers? Only kids under six months of age with a stamped duplicate of the registration application
What do we call the opening in a doe’s teat? The orifice
From what country does the Oberhasli come? Switzerland
Name the most reliable method of permanent identification. Tattooing
What is chevre? Cheese made from goat's milk
Name the 4 compartments of a goat’s stomach. Rumen, Reticulum, Omasum, Abomasum
Name the least expensive diet ingredient, which when lacking will affect milk more quickly than any other nutrient. Water
What is the largest part of an adult goat stomach? Rumen
What is the largest part of a kid’s stomach? Abomasum
What is a balling gun used for? To administer medication in bolus form
When should dairy does be wormed? In the fall and when they kid, or as deemed necessary by fecal sampling
Why are meat goat does commonly wormed in the spring? To try to keep worm populations low in the pastures during the grazing season (or to keep worm contamination low in their nursing kids)
Why should goats not be allowed to eat leaves from peach, cherry, and plum trees? These leaves are poisonous, especially when wilting or stressed
List the "Swiss breeds." Alpine, Oberhasli, Saanan, and Toggenburg
What is used to detect flaky or clotted milk? A strip cup
What is a dry doe? A doe who is not milking
Why do bucks rear and butt at each other? To establish dominance for the formation of flock hierarchy
What is the term for the act of the buck when he sniffs the urine of a doe and extends his head and neck into the air with his upper lip curled? Flehmen Posture

Your doe has a runny nose the morning of a show. Why or why not should she go to the show that day? Not, she may give her sickness to the other goats, or may develop something more serious from the stress of the day
Name 3 nutrients we get from milk. Calcium, phosphorous, protein, riboflavin, vitamin A and vitamin D
Which results in more milk -- 2 X/day or 3 X/day milking? 3 X/day
What is meant by edema? Fluid retention in body tissues
White muscle disease can be prevented by what mineral? Selenium
What is the problem with a hermaphrodite goat? Infertile
How soon after kidding does peak milk production occur? 6-8 weeks
When does milk fever generally occur: a) during the dry period? b) before kidding? c) after kidding? c) After kidding
Bright green color of a forage indicates a rich supply of what vitamin? Vitamin A
What is another name for Listeriosis? Circling Disease
What are four things a doe uses her feed for? Maintenance, production, growth, reproduction
Which of the four stomachs of a goat is called the true stomach? The abomasum
Name one United States periodical concerning goats. Dairy Goat Journal and United Caprine News and Goat Rancher and Meat Goat Monthly News
Define inbreeding. The mating of closely related animals, such as brother and sister, or parent and offspring
When your goat is at a fair or show, she may not drink "strange" water. What can you do for her? Bring water from home, or add molasses or Kool Aid to the water
Why does the vet wash his/her boots before entering and leaving a farm? To prevent carrying disease from one farm to another farm
What is an easy way to read a tattoo? Hold a flashlight against the outside of the goat's ear
Name three reasons for off-flavor in milk. Buck kept near milkers, improper chilling, strong-flavored feeds, unclean equipment, doe in heat, or mastitis
What is another name for pregnancy toxemia? Ketosis
What does the following tell you? 2-02 305 1925 82 That a doe kidded at 2 years 2 months of age, gave 1925 pounds of milk. and 82 pounds of butterfat in 305 days
What do we call diseases that are not contagious but are disturbances of normal body processes?

Give an example of a metabolic disease. Ketosis, toxemia, milk fever, polioencephalomalacia, urinary calculi
Name two tests that can be used to detect pregnancy in the doe. Palpation, milk or blood progesterone, ultrasound
Explain why easy milkers are more likely to get mastitis. Streak canal is more open and bacteria enter more rapidly
Name the problem caused by feeding too much calcium in the diet in late pregnancy. Milk fever -- parturient paresis
Give the technical term for pregnancy. Gestation
Give the technical term for kidding. Parturition
Give the technical term for the period of time when a goat produces milk. Lactation
What is an artificial vagina used for? For collecting semen for artificial insemination
What is the anestrus period? The time of year when does are less likely to come into heat (or when the days are getting long, or March-June)
Give 2 methods commonly used to bring dairy does in heat during the anestrus period. Artificial lighting or hormone treatment
How does the medication in a uterine bolus reach the udder? The blood carries it
Why can't cheese be produced from a doe who is receiving antibiotics? The antibiotics prevent the necessary growth of bacteria
Name the organization which oversees official milk recording for dairy goats in New York State. Northeast Dairy Goat Herd Improvement Association
What does stature refer to in dairy goats? Height
What does condition refer to in meat goats? The amount of fat an animal is carrying
The three selection grades for meat goats are supposed to evaluate the amount of muscle on the animal regardless of what? Fat
On dairy goats, you want the rear udder attachment to be firm and the eschutcheon to be what? High and wide
On meat goats you want the twist to be deep and the eschutcheon to be what? Low and wide
Which is preferred in a dairy goat -- angularity or smoothness? Angularity
Who shows in the Champion Challenge Class at an ADGA sanctioned show? The Grand Champion of the day for a particular breed and any permanent champions who wish to enter)

Does AGDA award scholarships? Yes
How many letters and spaces can the registered name of a dairy goat have? 30
Is it possible to register or record a doe who is part Angora with the American Dairy Goat Association? No
What is the minimum number of herds required for group milk testing? Three
At an official ADGA show, whose responsibility is it to have a copy of the official AGDA show rules? The show secretary
Define A.O.P. as used in dairy goats All other purebred classes made up of all the purebred dairy goats in a show whose breeds are not separately sanctioned
Give one disqualification for an Oberhasli. Pendulous ears Black bucks Large white spot ( 1 1/2” or more in any direction) Any other color than chamoisee (or black in does)
Why would a misplaced orifice be a very serious problem on a dairy doe? When milking, milk would not end up in the pail
Why would cluster teats or fishtail teats be considered serious problems on a meat goat doe?
A kid may be unable to nurse off these teats
In the ADGA showmanship scorecard, appearance of animal is worth how many points? 40
In the ADGA showmanship scorecard, general appearance of the exhibitor is worth how many points? 10
In order for a goat to be accepted for registration or recordation with any breed association it must be what? Tattooed
Name the sale of top breeds that takes place at ADGA National Convention. Spotlight Sale
How can a dairy doe of unknown pedigree be recorded? Native on Appearance with an indication as to breed type
Name 2 ADGA judges from our state. Dave Funk, Judy Quagliana, Allen Bitter, Pete Snyder, Bob Bartholomew, Bob Spitzer, Lynn Fleming, Patricia AllenRicotta, John Pfeiler
What breed club gives a Golden Earring Award for milk production? LaMancha
What is the only type of ears accepted for a LaMancha buck? Gopher
What do we call the practice in which we increase the feed given to a doe before breeding to increase the production of kids? Flushing
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