Helpful Hints for Intermediate Food Challenge Par cipants

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Helpful Hints for Intermediate Food Challenge Par cipants

Transcript Of Helpful Hints for Intermediate Food Challenge Par cipants

Helpful Hints for Intermediate Food Challenge ParƟcipants

Basic Skills for Intermediates


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using knives







using 6 ingredients or less

using a can opener working with mers working with thermometers

boiling skewering

ExplanaƟon of Intermediate Score Sheet
My Plate– Intermediates should know the basic food groups from My Plate and how many servings needed daily from each group. This is just not based on a 2,000 calorie diet. For example, if you had a team of 4 ac ve 13‐year old boys and their daily calories should be 2,600, then they would say how many servings are needed for 2,600 calories. The inten on of not just doing this on a 2,000 calorie diet is if a child had learned their specific servings needed for their calorie intake, we do not want them to have to relearn different serv‐ ing amounts. The member that presents this will need to preface with “I am a ____ year old boy/girl that is inac ve/moderate/ac ve and because of that I need _____ calories per day.” Then they can go into serv‐ ings. Judged will be provided a “MyPlate Wheel” so that they can follow along with what is being said and give an accurate score. Intermediates will also need to give an a food that fits into each group. When they are providing food examples during the presenta on, they should give examples that are actually in their dish. Not all food groups will be represented, though, so they should know other examples. Resource: MyPlate Wheel‐

In this sec on, intermediates should be able to list what nutrients are in their dish, the items that provide those nutrients, func ons of those nutrients and what happens to their bodies if they do not get those par‐
cular nutrients. Resource: Resource: Know Your Nutrients– h p://texas4‐‐nutri on/

PreparaƟon and Safety
Members will describe how they prepared their dish using appropriate prepara on terms. Then, they will need to give food safety principles that are appropriate for their dish based on Fight BAC. Judges will only be listening for what is specific to their dish. Resource: Fight BAC h p://texas4‐‐nutri on/

Cost of Dish For intermediates, they will first figure the ENTIRE cost of the dish. Basically, they will do math for the en re recipe as if no ingredients were on hand. (for example, if the recipe was pancakes, they would figure a whole bag of flour, the box of baking soda, the gallon of milk, etc.) Then they will decide the number of servings, dividing that number into the total cost to get price per serving.