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Knowledge Management, ICT and Innovation

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information and knowledge management issn 2224-5758 (paper) issn 2224-896x (online) vol.5, no.9, 2015 knowledge management, ict and innovation dr. dewi faeni, mba. lecturer of universitas budi luhur, jalan ciledug raya, petukangan utara, daerah khusus ibukota jakarta 12260, indonesia abstract the concept of innovation and knowledge management were

Investigating the Relationship Between Knowledge Management

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i r m b r international review of management and business research investigating the relationship between december 2015 vol. 4 issue.4 knowledge management processes and organizational performance the mediating effect of organizational innovation prof laith alrubaiee professor of marketing, head of the department of

Relationship Between Knowledge Management With Employees

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kuwait chapter of arabian journal of business and management review vol. 3, no.11; july. 2014 relationship between knowledge management with employees’ performance and innovation mahbobeh tajali1, ali farahani2, mehdi baharvand3 1department of management, malayer branch, islamic azad university, malayer, iran 2department of management, arak branch, islamic azad university, arak, iran

A Model For Teacher Knowledge As A Basis For Online Courses

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icots8 (2010) invited paper wassong & biehler a model for teacher knowledge as a basis for online courses for professional development of statistics teachers thomas wassong and rolf biehler institute for mathematics, university of paderborn, germany [email protected] the paper will report from an ongoing project that

Knowledge in Action

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knowledge in action issue 05 sharing knowledge on the front line the high-pressured front-line environment isn’t always conducive to the reflection and learning involved in good knowledge management – even though the knowledge made available might have a crucial impact on throughput, efficiency and quality. looking at typical front-line roles

The Relationship between Organizational Culture and Knowledge

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international journal of agricultural management & development (ijamad) available online on: issn: 2159-5852 (print) issn:2159-5860 (online) the relationship between organizational culture and knowledge management in hamedan's jihad- agriculture applied-scientific (hjaas) higher education center mohammad reza rouniasi 1 and reza movahedi 2* received: 15 september 2012, accepted: 3

Key Issues In Knowledge Management

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knowledge and innovation: journal of the kmci key issues in knowledge management joseph m. firestone, ph.d. introduction this is an article about key issues in knowledge management (km). it is one person's view about some of the main issues dividing practitioners about how to pursue km, comprehend it, and eventually

Parenting Knowledge among First-time Parents of Young Children

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research brief research brief parenting knowledge among first-time parents of young children july 2018 publication #2018-28 parenting knowledge among first-time parents of young children a research-to-practice brief jessica dym bartlett, msw, phd*, lina guzman, phd*, and maria a. ramos-olazagasti, phd* introduction increasing parents’ knowledge about their children’s

Integrating knowledge management with project management

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integrating knowledge management with project management for project success anthony yeong independent consultant thou than lim decision modelling systems2 abstract this paper aims to study the improvement of project success in organizations by integrating knowledge management strategies with project management practices in a typical project lifecycle. according to the standish

Suitable Knowledge Management in Project Environment

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technological university dublin [email protected] dublin dissertations school of computer sciences 2010-06-01 suitable knowledge management in project environment taya polyaninova technological university dublin, [email protected] follow this and additional works at: part of the business administration, management, and operations commons, business and corporate communications commons, computer engineering

Managing Knowledge in Project Environments - Asian

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knowledge solutions april 2012 | 115 managing knowledge in project environments by olivier serrat projects ought to be vehicles for both practical benefits and organizational learning. however, if an organization is designed for the long term, a project exists only for its duration. project-based organizations face an

Proceedings of the 12th European Conference on Knowledge

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proceedings of the 12th european conference on knowledge management university of passau germany 1-2 september 2011 volume two edited by dr. franz lehner university of passau, germany & dr. klaus bredl university of augsburg, germany volume two the influence of the organizational learning phases in inocencia ma

Exploratory study of the role of knowledge brokers in

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p u b l i c h e a l t h x x x ( 2 0 1 6 ) 1 e9 available online at public health journal homepage: original research exploratory study of the role of knowledge brokers in translating knowledge to action following global

Capturing Value from Knowledge Assets

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capturing value from knowledge assets: the n e w economy, markets for know-how, and intangible assets david j. teece m anagement is always confronting new challenges. sometimes these are simply yesterday's challenges presented anew in a slightly different context. but from time to time, new challenges emerge that

Reinforcing Innovation through Knowledge Management

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volume 14, 2019 reinforcing innovation through knowledge management: mediating role of organizational learning abed al-fatah karasneh business department, yarmouk university, [email protected] irbid, jordan abstract aim/purpose background methodology contribution the purpose of this study is to investigate the relationship between knowledge management (km) and organizational innovation

The Effect of Knowledge Management on Organizational

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journal of applied economics and business research jaebr, 7(3): 194-211 (2017) the effect of knowledge management on organizational innovation with the mediating role of organizational learning (case study: agricultural bank in iran) bagher asgarnezhad nouri1 university of mohaghegh ardabili, iran. reza ghorbani, islamic azad university of ardabil, iran. milad soltani

Knowledge Integration for Bio-Threat Response

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los alamos technical report la-ur-05-0907 (2005). p. 1 knowledge integration for bio-threat response a white paper september, 2005 editors: karin verspoor, cliff joslyn1, john ambrosiano (los alamos national laboratory), and lynette hirschman (mitre) contributors: alex bäcker (sandia national laboratories and caltech), olivier bodenreider (nlm), peter

Trainees perceived knowledge gain unrelated to the training

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bs_bs_banner international journal of training and development 18:1 issn 1360-3736 doi: 10.1111/ijtd.12021 trainees’ perceived knowledge gain unrelated to the training domain: the joint action of impression management and motives dan s. chiaburu, jason l. huang, holly m. hutchins and richard g. gardner trainees’ knowledge gains represent an important outcome in

Collaborative Knowledge Base Embedding for Recommender Systems

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collaborative knowledge base embedding for recommender systems fuzheng zhang†, nicholas jing yuan†, defu lian‡, xing xie†,wei-ying ma† †microsoft research ‡big data research center, university of electronic science and technology of china {fuzzhang,nicholas.yuan,xingx,wyma}, [email protected] abstract among different recommendation techniques, collaborative filtering usually suffer from limited performance due to the

Aligning Knowledge Management Processes And Innovation

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130 aligning knowledge management processes and innovation management capability in a global business aligning knowledge management processes and innovation management capability in a global business a. bechina arnzten, college university i buskerud, kongsberg, norway, [email protected] l. voransachai , bangkok university, bangkok, thailand, [email protected] abstract today,