New Mexico State Aeronautical Charts

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New Mexico State Aeronautical Charts

Transcript Of New Mexico State Aeronautical Charts

New Mexico State Aeronautical Charts
The New Mexico State Aviation Division produced its inaugural aeronautical chart in 1964. Since then we have produced a chart, on average, every other year. While the chart is not an official navigation document, that’s reserved for the Federal Aviation Administration ( FAA) Sectional Charts. We have attempted to produce a useful document that provides important navigational information and helps promote aviation in our state. In the 50 plus years that we have produced charts we have tried to provide something that our pilot community can appreciate as well as the non-aviators by showing some of the culture, heritage or geography that is unique to New Mexico.
Aeronautical Charts are highway maps in the air. Similar to the NMDOT’s highway map an aeronautical chart helps aviators get to where they want to go. The FAA produces a series of official aeronautical charts used for navigation that break the country up in to defined sections. As an example, the state of New Mexico is broken up over a series of 4 different paper charts. The El Paso Sectional covers the very bottom of the state from the Rio Grande west to the Arizona border. The Albuquerque Sectional covers the lower portion of the rest of the state to as far north as Los Alamos. The Denver Sectional covers the northern half with the exception of a little corner of the northeast part of the state surrounding Clayton that is covered by the Wichita Sectional. So, while ours is not an official document for navigation purposes we think it’s kind of nice to have our whole state on one.
In November we received our brand new edition of the New Mexico Aeronautical Chart (2016). If you would like a chart, send an email to [email protected] with your name and address and we will mail one out.
The technological advance in the last ten years has changed the way our chart is being viewed and used. Many pilots now get there navigation information through electronic media directly to their glass cockpit, tablet, iPad, smart phone etc. and many only keep a paper chart as a backup source. While we intend to continue to produce a chart with a map of the state with similar navigation information to the FAA sectional we are considering a change for the back side of the chart to include more information about each local community and any special events, activities or attractions. This would give us an opportunity to highlight things that are happening in our communities around the state that have airports.
We also have an electronic version that can be accessed from our website or directly from the link below.
The map has some interactive features that allow you to pull up airport information, an airport diagram and other local information for each of the airports we work with in the state. This electronic version has an airplane icon that you can click on and it will pull up a box that allows you to look at the city’s website or the local chamber of commerce website for places you may want to visit.
For instance, if you are thinking about a trip but just not sure where to go, you can go to our online map click on the airport you would like to go to and follow the links to check out the local happenings.
We hope you get a chance to take a look a t both versions!
Daniel R. Moran
NMDOT – Aviation Division