Non-Service-Connected Pension Benefits

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Non-Service-Connected Pension Benefits

Transcript Of Non-Service-Connected Pension Benefits

Non-Service-Connected Pension Benefits
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November 19, 2013

Christine Golden National Service Director VetsFirst, a program of United Spinal Association Email: [email protected]

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VetsFirst’s History
• Represents over 65 years of service to veterans and their families.
• Provides representation for veterans, their dependents and survivors in their pursuit of VA benefits and health care.
• Fights to ensure all veterans with disabilities have the ability to live and work in their communities and achieve greater independence.

Our Mission as a VA recognized
Veterans Service Organization
• Inform and educate individuals concerning the rights and benefits due veterans and dependents
• Advise claimants of their rights to appeal any adverse VA decisions and assist in the development of such appeals
• Provide professional and clear explanations of the laws and regulations governing veterans benefits
•Provide helpful links for answers to benefits questions at VetsFirst website:
• Offer free, up-to-date and extensive VetsFirst Knowledge Books for answers to VA benefits questions concerning compensation and pension, educational and healthcare, VA life insurance, burial and survivors benefits, and more
•Provide free assistance, resources, and VA claims representation

Non- Service Connected Pension

What is VA Pension?
VA pension was established to help disabled veterans, who need financial assistance to supplement their income. These individuals served in the military during a time of war.

Overview of Non-Service-Connected Disability Pension Benefits
• Three different VA Pension Programs • Protected Pension Programs • Improved Pension Program
- Basis eligibility criteria - Aid and Attendance
- Housebound - Income/Net Worth
• VA Pension Management Centers (PMC)

VA Pension Programs
• Section 306 Pension • Old-law Pension •Improved Pension

Protected Pension
• Old-law/Section 306 • Can switch to improved pension anytime • Benefits rates protected, never increase • Improved pension pays higher monthly
benefit • No additional benefits if eligible for
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