Office of Employee Training & Development Annual Report

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Office of Employee Training & Development Annual Report

Transcript Of Office of Employee Training & Development Annual Report

Office of Employee Training & Development Annual Report
FY 2018
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they signify quite different things. Information is giving out; communication is getting
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Table of Contents
Executive Summary __________________________________________________________ 1 Office Definition ______________________________________________________________ 3 Vision______________________________________________________________________ 4 Operating Highlights __________________________________________________________ 5 Strategic Plan _______________________________________________________________ 9 Team Members _____________________________________________________________ 11 Appendices ________________________________________________________________ 12 Organizational Chart _________________________________________________________ 17

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Executive Summary
Executive Summary
Office Definition
The office of Employee Training & Development provides Facilities Services’ employees with flexible opportunities for personal and professional growth through education, OSHA and safety training, and workplace experiences while also supporting the department’s mission and goals. This office continues to stand as a general resource as well, in order to provide answers to most day-to-day questions, situations, or needs from our employees.
To become a one-stop office for employees seeking to realize their full potential through required OSHA and safety training, personal development, and career planning.
Operating Highlights
Accomplishment Highlights for the Office of Employee Training & Development for fiscal year 2018 include:
• Conducted 25 NEO sessions for 142 new employees. • Completed Needs Assessments for Zone Maintenance and Construction Services. • Graduated 22 new Certified Custodial Technicians from the two CCP courses offered. • Partnered with EHS to further the department’s safety initiative. • Partnered with EOD to implement LMS changes.

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Executive Summary
Moving Forward
In order to achieve our vision, the Employee Training & Development team will focus on the following prioritized office goals:
1. Continue to manage and track OSHA compliance through the university’s LMS and evaluate course offerings on an annual basis.
2. Develop needs assessment surveys for all units and conduct and evaluate needs assessment surveys for Utilities Services and Facilities Operations by the end of fiscal year 2019.
3. Work with unit and office leaders to develop career paths based on the new Human Resources job family designations.
4. Implement a badging system to assist in determining succession planning for roles with a likelihood of becoming vacant.
5. Partner with unit and office leadership to develop unit level orientation following the same timelines set forth in the goals to conduct and evaluate needs assessments.
To meet these goals, partnerships between unit & office leaders, along with the Training Coordinator & Training Specialists must continue to be developed and enhanced. The success of these goals is dependent upon how solid those relationships become. Our primary challenge to these goals is the decrease in budget that Facilities Services is allocated.
Rebecca L. Alcorn, Training Coordinator Employee Training & Development August 31, 2018

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Office Definition
Office Definition
The Office of Employee Training & Development provides Facilities Services (FS) employees with flexible opportunities for personal and professional growth through education, OSHA and safety training, and workplace experiences while also supporting the department’s mission and goals. This office continues to stand as a general resource as well, in order to provide answers to most day-to-day questions, situations, or needs from our employees.
The primary goal for the office of Employee Training & Development is to collaborate with all Facilities Services Units to determine training needs and to coordinate that training through vendors, subject matter experts, or our own Training Specialists.
Additional goals include:
• Orienting new employees to work in Facilities Services. • Providing assistance to employees on technology whether it is for OSHA Training,
Archibus Training, or becoming more comfortable with how to use a computer. • Developing career paths for all Facilities Services Units and offices.

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“Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world.”
Joel A. Barker

To become a one-stop office for employees seeking to realize their full potential through required OSHA and safety training, personal development, and career planning.

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Operating Highlights
Operating Highlights
Office of Employee Training & Development
Environmental Health & Safety (UT System) In fiscal year 2018 we continued our partnership with Environmental Health & Safety (EHS). We worked with EHS to deliver confined space training, alternative vehicle training, forklift training, and aerial work platform training. In addition to the training that we have worked jointly to offer, we have established quarterly meetings to ensure that the safety needs of Facilities Services are being addressed, and the initiatives for campus by EHS are being supported.
Employee and Organizational Development (UT System) During fiscal year 2018, we continued our partnership with Employee and Organizational Development (EOD) by offering customized Customer Service Training to Zone Maintenance. We also partnered with EOD to successfully implement the new Learning Management System, [email protected]
Human Resources (UT System) We partnered with Human Resources (HR) for training on properly filling out the new Position Description (PD) form. In addition to the PDs, we partnered with HR on the Job Family component of the Compensation Project to help clarify what each area of Facilities Services does in their work. This partnership has allowed for a more accurate representation of our department’s work to be included in the Crafts and Facilities Job Family.
Risk Management (UT System) We worked with Risk Management to conduct multiple training sessions for all supervisors, on all shifts, explaining the process to follow when an employee is injured at work. Angie Skeen, the Workers’ Compensation Coordinator, conducted the training sessions for Facilities Services’ staff.
UT Police Department (UT Knoxville) In fiscal year 2018 Facilities Services connected with the UT Police Department (UTPD) to offer three different training sessions. Introduction to Self-Defense and Rape Aggression Defense classes were offered to all female employees within the department. In addition to those classes, UTPD presented ‘Law Enforcement and You’ to employees that attended our first and second/third shift 2018 Fourth of July parties. This has been a fruitful partnership that will likely continue.
Office of Equity and Diversity (UT Knoxville) We joined with the Office of Equity and Diversity in Fall 2017 to offer STRIDE for Staff training to all of the hiring managers within Facilities Services.

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Operating Highlights
Office of Information Technology (UT Knoxville) In the Fall of 2017, Facilities Services worked with the Office of Information Technology (OIT) to offer Microsoft Excel Training to the Construction Services Unit.
Pellissippi State Community College In the Spring of 2018 we began enrolling Facilities Services employees from the Zone Maintenance, Utilities Services, and Construction Services Units in an online training program to increase their base-level knowledge in 5 specific work areas. Those areas are Electrical, Mechanical, Plumbing, Refrigeration, and Reading Blueprints.
In addition to external partnerships in fiscal year 2018, Employee Training & Development effectively collaborated with internal Facilities Services units to provide training and services to our employees. Highlights of this collaboration include:
Building Services – Developed a Unit-Level Orientation program, including a unit handbook and implementation of CleanCheck training for all new Building Services employees.
Special Projects – Conducted both Archibus Preventative Maintenance module training and Performance Review training.
STAR Team – Coordinated training on handicap door operators for Zone Maintenance employees.
New Employee Orientation (NEO) – Facilities Services takes pride in its attentive process of welcoming and orienting new employees. As the largest non-academic department on campus, we hire a significant number of people every year. In fiscal year 2018, the Employee Training & Development team conducted 25 NEO sessions for 142 new employees. Refer to Figure 5 in the Appendices to see the chart representing NEO totals.
Custodial Certification Program (CCP) – Employee Training & Development saw 22 Building Service Aids graduate from the CCP program and become Certified Custodial Technicians. Ten graduates completed the program in August 2017, and 12 completed the program in June 2018.
FY 2018 Respiratory Protection Program – Specific work tasks and job hazard analyses require certain employees to be fitted with a negative pressure, half, or full face respirator when exposed to hazardous atmospheres. The Employee Training & Development office works with EH&S and UT Occupational Health Services to provide respiratory protection training, medical evaluations, and qualitative fit testing for FS employees. Refer to Figure 6 in the Appendix for the chart representing the FY 2018 data (by number of individuals) of medically evaluated employees. This data includes younger employees who did not attend medical evaluations during FY 2018, but who were deemed medically fit by evaluation completed in previous years.

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Operating Highlights
Pre-screened employee candidates who were hired just prior to FY 2018 are also included in this chart.
Monthly PPE training is conducted on proper donning and doffing procedures, negative and positive pressure checks, and PPE inspection and care. Of the 121 employees eligible for fit testing, 90 were fit tested during the FY 2018 timeframe. The remaining 31 employees have the opportunity to attend makeup sessions throughout the 2018 calendar year to remain compliant. Six of those employees who were not fitted elected to participate in powered air purifying respirator (PAPR) training which is an alternative form of respiratory protection. PAPRs allow employees with some facial hair to work with protection and less stress to the pulmonary system. Refer to Figure 7 in the Appendix for the chart representing FY 2018 Fit testing outcomes.
Safety – Several initiatives aimed at reducing the risk of injury to Facilities Services personnel were undertaken in fiscal year 18, including: - CPR/AED/First Aid Training completed by 50 employees. - Arc Flash Training offered bi-monthly; conducted by Cesar Peñalba. - Alternative Vehicle Trainings conducted by EHS for all employees that require the training. - Development and implementation of aerial work platform training for all employees that
may use aerial work platforms, and who had not yet received training. - Continued tracking of OSHA 300 data for the department occurred. Refer to figures 8 – 10
in the appendices to see totals for injuries and illnesses, days lost or restricted, and a breakdown of those totals by unit.
Career Paths – Development of all unit career paths continues. In fiscal year 2018, draft career paths were created for Steam Plant, Building Services, Rapid Response Team, and Sanitation Safety.
OSHA Compliance Training – We reported a compliance rate of 87% among full time employees for calendar year 2017. Refer to figures 1 – 4 for charts relating to training benchmarks for the department and each Unit.
Landscape Academy – We completed further development and reworking of Landscape Academy courses, including level 500 curriculum. At the end of FY18, all current Landscaping employees had received the level 200 training.
Needs Assessments – Training and Development completed brainstorming sessions and Needs Assessment interviews with Zone Maintenance and Construction Services units. We evaluated responses and prepared recommendations for unit leadership. In addition, we began the development of unit-level orientation programs.
Other accomplishments include the following: - CMI Management Training was coordinated and offered to all Building Services
Supervisors and Assistant Supervisors. We partnered with University Housing and offered their Supervisors the opportunity to participate in this training event, as well. - Collaborated with the Communications Coordinator to host the APPA Leadership Toolkit to be held at the Facilities Services Complex.

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Operating Highlights
New Employees – Rebecca Alcorn joined the Training and Development team as the new Training Coordinator in July 2017. She worked to increase the number of partnerships between other departments on campus and Facilities Services. Ian Miller was promoted to Training Specialist in October, and we hired a new Training Specialist Assistant, Beth O’Neill, in November. Her focus has been to consistently deliver New Employee Orientation, as well as maintain the majority of the subunit’s spreadsheets.
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