PepsiCo Environment, Health and Safety Policy

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PepsiCo Environment, Health and Safety Policy

Transcript Of PepsiCo Environment, Health and Safety Policy

PepsiCo believes that environmental stewardship and protecting the health and safety of our people underpin our core values and help us deliver on Performance with Purpose, our goal to deliver long-term, sustainable financial performance. We believe that environmental incidents and occupational injuries and illnesses are preventable and we aspire to an incident-free workplace. We implement our EHS policy through the PepsiCo Global Environmental, Health and Safety Management System (GEHSMS). Guided by our Values and consistent with our Global Code of Conduct, PepsiCo has established these Environmental, Health and Safety Principles:
1. Ownership Culture: We build a proactive culture by driving ownership of environment, health and safety at the individual, managerial and organizational levels. We engage, consult with, and train our people and actively encourage participation.
2. Business Integration: We include environmental, health and safety considerations in both our short- and long-term business decisions.
3. Resource Allocation: We provide appropriate resources to implement our environmental, health and safety management system to identify, assess and control risks. We share environmental, health and safety best practices across the company.
4. Regulatory Compliance: We apply appropriate environmental, health and safety management practices in order to comply with company standards, applicable legal requirements, and other requirements. We conduct regular audits to verify compliance.
5. Performance Measurement: We establish meaningful metrics and monitor our environmental, health and safety performance against goals, using these metrics to guide our continual improvement.
6. Continual Improvement: We monitor emerging issues and keep abreast of regulatory changes, technological innovations and stakeholder interests in order to implement effective and sustainable solutions to minimize waste, reduce resource consumption, protect natural resources, reduce energy consumption, and create a healthy and safe work environment.
7. Stakeholder Collaboration: We collaborate with our contractors, licensed bottlers, suppliers, customers and local communities to reduce the environmental, health and safety impacts of daily operations, technology and products. By working with governments, academia, nongovernmental organizations, business associations and other interested stakeholders, we strive to develop effective and sustainable solutions to environmental, health and safety challenges we face in our business activities.
8. Annual Review: We annually review the company’s performance in implementing this policy and update it as needed.

It is the responsibility of our senior leaders to ensure this policy is understood and effectively communicated, and implemented throughout PepsiCo, worldwide. All employees are responsible for understanding the impacts of this policy on their day-to-day work practices and are expected to apply and support the principles stated above. Signed: Indra Nooyi
03 May 2013 Printed copies of this document are for informational purposes only; current, controlled copy is located on the PepsiCo, Inc Intranet site.