Recovery Manager for AD - Disaster Recovery Edition

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Recovery Manager for AD - Disaster Recovery Edition

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Recovery Manager for Active Directory Disaster Recovery Edition
Back up and quickly recovery your Active Directory forest from any disaster.

With 69 percent of companies suffering ransomware attacks, and an average downtime of 21 days, it’s clear that ransomware is today’s most disruptive cyber threat, and Active Directory (AD) is increasingly in its crosshairs. Recover Manager simplifies, automates, and accelerates Active Directory backup and recovery with unmatched security, flexibility and options to meet the needs of your business continuity and disaster recovery plans. With Quest® Recovery Manager for Active Directory Disaster Recovery Edition, you can slash AD forest recovery time from days or weeks to just hours, giving you peace of mind that an AD disaster will not become a business disaster.
Fast and secure Active Directory forest recovery is vital following a cyberattack. The longer AD is down, the longer your business is down. “The restore process from many well-documented ransomware attacks has been hindered by not having an intact AD restore process,” according to Gartner, which also states that you can “accelerate recovery from attacks by adding a dedicated tool for backup and recovery of Microsoft Active Directory.”
With Recovery Manager for Active Directory Disaster Recovery Edition, you can restore AD at least five times faster than the manual Active Directory forest recovery process, according to ESG Research. One reason for that is due to extensive automation, which reduces the risk of human error and having to start over as the result of those errors. Recovery Manager also protects AD backups from compromise and eliminates the risk of malware reinfection. It’s like an insurance policy for AD that you can’t afford not to have.

Quest delivers unmatched flexibility and options, and complete AD backup and recovery at the attribute and object level, directory level and operating system level across the entire forest.
• Handle any AD disaster or recovery scenario, from attribute changes to SYSVOL corruption to full AD forest disasters.
• Automate the entire AD forest recovery process, including the 40+ steps outlined in Microsoft’s AD forest recovery best practices.
• Choose the best method for your situation, whether that’s phased recovery, restoring AD to a clean OS or bare metal recovery.
• Eliminate the risk of malware re-infection throughout your AD recovery, scanning for malware and minimizing its hiding places.
• Protect your backups from malware to withstand the next ransomware attack.
• Rely on a technology partner that has specialized in AD recovery as long as AD has been around and has helped thousands of customers, including 50% of the Fortune 100.

Streamlined AD recovery from ransomware
Efficient and reliable AD backups Back up exactly what you need to recover AD. By omitting extraneous and risky components like boot files and the IIS Metabase, Recovery Manager reduces backup bloat, makes the backup process more efficient and minimizes the places where malware can hide.
Phased recovery to shorten RTO After you back up Active Directory, you can shorten recovery time objectives with a phased AD recovery approach. Quickly restore key DCs, enabling signin and business-critical functions as soon as possible. Then dramatically accelerate recovery of remaining DCs with automated repromotion methods.
Flexible AD recovery options Choose the Active Directory disaster recovery method that works best in a given situation, whether that’s phased recovery, restoring to a clean OS to minimize the risk of malware reinfection or bare metal recovery. You can restore AD to a clean OS on any machine, whether it’s a physical machine, on-prem virtual machine or a cloud-hosted VM.
Clean OS recovery to the cloud During an attack, you need to restore to a new machine you can trust. Quickly and easily create Microsoft Azure resources including virtual machines during a forest recovery. This enables you to recover AD to a readily available, secure and cost-effective machine that you can trust is clean from malware.
Being able to restore an AD forest in hours instead days is priceless. Now I can sleep peacefully.
IT Manager, Telefónica España

Flexible recovery methods include restoring AD to a clean OS and a Microsoft-compliant bare metal recovery.
Malware-free recovery Eliminate the risk of malware re-infection throughout your AD forest recovery, with regular checks for viruses after the backup file is created, during storage when updates are added and before a restore is started with integrated Microsoft’s Defender capabilities.
Secure storage Ensure backups are always available with multiple options for secure physical and cloud storage. Protect AD backups from malware infection with Secure Storage, a hardened server that is isolated according to IPSec rules with regular checks to confirm backup integrity. Even if you lose your DCs, Tier 1 storage and even your Recovery Manager server, you still have the Secure Storage backup that is hardened and secure to withstand the ransomware attack.
AD backups in the cloud Recovery Manager ensures that your AD backups are always available in case of disaster with the flexibility to store backups in secure cloud locations such as immutable Azure Blob Storage.
Operating system recovery Quickly restore your domain controller’s operating system without depending on others. Recovery Manager for Active Directory Disaster Recovery Edition gives AD admins more control of the recovery process, saving time and resources by eliminating dependencies on crossdepartmental teams.


Virtual test lab After you back up Active Directory, you can demonstrate and validate your AD disaster recovery plan by building a separate virtual forest test lab with production data to test disaster scenarios and safely test prior to making changes in the production. Automatically generate detailed, time-stamped reports of the recovery process including before/after state of the organization and actions applied to domain controllers.
Additional capabilities • Online granular restore — Restore individual
attributes, such as account settings, group memberships and binary attributes, even when the object itself has not been deleted. This enables you to restore only the required attributes without restarting domain controllers.
• Comparison reporting — Highlight changes made since the last backup by comparing the online state of AD with its backup or by comparing multiple backups. Accelerate recovery by quickly pinpointing deleted or changed objects or attributes. And with Change Auditor you can easily identify who made the changes.
• AD management and health validation — Inspect AD for warning signs of possible issues before they become disasters by checking DC accessibility, replication, trusts and user authentication.
• Recovery console fault tolerance — With Recovery Manager for Active Directory Disaster Recovery Edition, you can share persistent configuration data between several instances of your recovery consoles so that you can quickly resume the last restore operation in case it was unexpectedly interrupted.

• Recovery roadmap — After you back up Active Directory, you can generate a detailed recovery process report, including an overview of every stage of the recovery, to gain a better understanding and more control over the project.
• Hybrid AD and Azure AD recovery — A solid on-premises AD recovery plan alone isn’t sufficient since so many organizations are making greater use of cloud-only objects such as Azure AD groups, Azure B2B/B2C accounts, conditional access policies and more. With On Demand Recovery, you can quickly and securely back up and recover Azure AD.
There aren’t too many tools that are competitive with Recovery Manager, but we compared one other product. The Quest solution was more complete and met more of our needs; the other tool didn’t have nearly as many features.
Johan Lindahl, IT Infrastructure Specialist, Skandia
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