Reshaping Treatment Paradigms

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Reshaping Treatment Paradigms

Transcript Of Reshaping Treatment Paradigms

Reshaping Treatment Paradigms

Corporate Presentation

© Life Care Medical Devices 2016

Changing Medicine with Advanced Magnetics and Materials
What are Life Care Medical Devices?
• A solution for a ten billion dollar market problem of surgical wound closure on the horizon
• A minimally-invasive cure for fifty million incontinent individuals in the US alone, tomorrow
• A device that will simplify surgical access in tens of millions of laparoscopic surgeries, today
• A new category of aesthetic device that will disrupt a billion dollar industry, now and into the future

Forward Looking Statements
This presentation contains forward-looking statements regarding our prospective performance. Forward-looking statements are based on assumptions and describe future plans, strategies, and expectations of our company. Accordingly, actual results may differ materially from anticipated results. Some of the factors that could cause our actual results to differ from our expectations include, without limitation: our ability to receive FDA and foreign regulatory approvals for our product candidates, including the LapCap2® Laparoscopic Access Device & Life Care LCMI; risks associated with scientific research, including conducting clinical and product-related trials; the unpredictability of the size of the markets for, and market acceptance of, any of our products, including the LapCap2® Laparoscopic Access Device & Life Care LCMI; our ability to produce and sell any approved products and the price we are able realize for those products; our ability to enter into and maintain collaborations with, and our dependence on, third parties for the development and commercialization of our products, including the LapCap2®Laparoscopic Access Device & Life Care LCMI; our ability to complete future proposed acquisitions and integrate acquired products into our operations; our ability to manage our limited cash resources; our need to obtain additional funding and our ability to obtain future funding on acceptable terms; our ability to retain and hire necessary employees and to staff our operations appropriately; our ability to protect the intellectual property we have developed or inlicensed; and our dependence on the success of the LapCap2®Laparoscopic Access Device & Life Care LCMI. Data presented herein may be the result of clinical studies that have yet to be reviewed by the FDA or other international government authority.

Richard Prati, CEO
More than 20 years on Wall Street, as a CEO, an investment banker, institutional equity salesman, manager, analyst, investor, turnaround specialist and Entrepreneur • Introducing exciting new technology that will revolutionize therapy for some of the toughest, high value problems in medicine •A great team of individuals we organized to manage the process •And a financial strategy that is focused on a very high ROI for investors

Corporate Overview
• Disruptive technology across multiple markets • Proprietary product pipeline • FDA cleared indications • Initial sales and clinical reports indicate rapid ramp • Multi-billion dollar markets • Rapid liquidity in public markets • Experienced management team • Leadership focused on ROI

The Products

Life Care Magnetics LCM-1
• Physiologic indications • New category for
510k clearance: “to generate deep heat within body tissues for the treatment of medical conditions…”

• Facilitates laparoscopic access
• Can be utilized in virtually every laparoscopic procedure
• Opens the door for entry into surgical markets

Life Care Medical Devices
The Markets

Well Established and Growing Markets

• United States skin rejuvenation market: >$3.7 billion
• >12% annual growth in minimally invasive aesthetic procedures
• Projected to >350,000 practitioners as new entrants seek cash pay procedures

Skin Rejuvenation Treatment Options

Modern Energy Devices



Injectable Fillers

Surface Treatments

1. 1. American Society of Plastic Surgeons;

Well Established and Growing Markets

LapCap2 will initially be targeted for gynecological laparoscopic procedures

• 1 million+ gynecological laparoscopic procedures annually in the US
• Can be used for both robotic and non-robotic procedures
• ~5 million gynecological lap procedures globally
• Global laparoscopic surgeries utilizing Veress is ~12.5 million equating to a $500+ million market opportunity

~1M US Laparoscopic Gynecological Surgeries

Myomectomies 5% Female
Sterilization 19%
Hysterectomy 51%

Endometriosis Resection 7%
Ovarian Cysts 9%
LGT 3% Sacrocolpopexy


Fueling Entry into Advanced Surgical Markets

Follow-on products: Solutions to Gynecologic and Laparoscopic Problems

• Minimally invasive restoration of continence
• $3 Billion Surgical Incontinence Market
• Urinary incontinence affects 44% of people in >65yrs
• Bowel incontinence affects 6% of adult population, up to 50% of patients in nursing facilities

• $5 Billion Market for tissue sealants
• Futuristic elastic polymer adhesives
• Wound closure under pressure while blood flows
LCMI adhesive is a futuristic polymer (left) that latches tightly onto tissues with its anchoring tendrils (right, magnified 1500x by scanning electron microscopy).
BioFusionary tissue adhesive and sealant is applied to the bare lung tissue (center) following excision (left), forming a leak proof, elastic seal (right).

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