Safe Food Is Good Food At Home Activity

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Safe Food Is Good Food At Home Activity

Transcript Of Safe Food Is Good Food At Home Activity

Tips for keeping kids healthy at home


• Germs grow best at room temperature so cover and refrigerate food right away to keep 1 the bacteria from growing out of control.
• Check expiration dates and use the food before it expires. Don’t eat if it is after the expiration date.


Today your child learned how to be “food safety savvy.” Food poisoning can happen when we eat foods that have harmful bacteria or germs. Most of the germs that can cause food poisoning come from animals, such as meat, eggs, milk, shellfish, raw foods and unwashed produce.

Together with your child, look through your refrigerator and cupboards looking at the expiration date on food. Get rid of any that are past the freshness date.

The effects of these germs can range from barely noticeable to extremely unpleasant. Mild cases of food poisoning are actually common and we may not even know we have it because we think it is just a stomach flu or virus. We can’t get rid of all bacteria and some bacteria can even be good for us. There are many things we can do, however, to prevent us from getting sick from the foods we eat.

Here are some tips for keeping the germs out:

• Wash your hands before and after handling food.

• Wash counters and food preparation areas with

soap and water before cooking.

GERM-FREE JINGLE • Wash fruits and vegetables before eating.
• Only eat foods that are cooked right - if it doesn’t

look done, don’t eat it.

• If a food smells or looks different than it normally Germs are everywhere but we can reduce the risk of

would it might be that the food is spoiled and you spreading them by washing our hands. It’s easy to do and

shouldn’t eat or drink it.

everyone can benefit from learning good hand washing

• Keep leftovers only 3 to 4 days in the fridge and techniques. A key factor is to wash long enough. To help,

heat them up well before eating again.

sing a song like “Happy Birthday” or even create your own

hand washing lyrics to the same jingle.