SONY DSC-D700 settings (latest)

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SONY DSC-D700 settings (latest)

Transcript Of SONY DSC-D700 settings (latest)

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Dolphin Imaging SONY DSC-D700 Digital Camera Settings & Usage Notes
Updated: June 9, 1999
These notes are designed to capture the best facial and intra-oral clinical photographs using the SONY DSC-D700 digital camera. Please refer to the camera Operating Instructions for more detail. If you know of any additional usage tips, we would appreciate you sharing them with us, and other Dolphin users. Thank you & Happy Imaging!
To turn on camera: from the side of the LCD screen, rotate the knob upper left corner of the LDC screen to "CAM". You'll need to hold down the small green button on the knob.
Camera Settings To change these settings, first face the color LCD preview monitor (from "behind" the camera). You will find a "big" wheel on left side of the camera (Mode Dial). Turn the button with your fingers to the desired setting (marked in white letters). Then, hold down the small circular button in the middle of the Mode Dial (Shift Button). Keep the button down and turn the another wheel on the RIGHT hand side with your right thumb (Shift Dial) until the desired value of that setting is shown either in the LCD screen (on the top surface of the camera), or the color LCD preview monitor.
Use the following settings:
 WB (White Balance): HOLD
 Drive: 1 shot
 QLTY (Quality): Middle
 User: #1
 Size: 13441024
 ISO: 100
 AE: S (Speed Priority) with speed setting of 2000 (the number on the right, use Shift Dial)
 Create user setting to save previous custom settings (to select items press “Execute” button). Select “Menu” Select “User file save” Select “Execute” Select “No .1” Select “Execute” Select ”Exit” This saves all custom camera settings to User #1

\\tssupport\Tools\Camera Settings\Sony\DSC-D700\SONY DSC-D700 settings (latest).doc


To use custom setting turn mode dial to user. Press on shift button and select User # with shift dial.
 Set review option (to select items press “Execute” button). Select “Menu” Select “Custom” Select ”Review” Move arrows until off is set to on Select ”Review time” Change time “5 Sec” to “10 Sec” Select “Exit”
 "Lightning bolt" (Flash): ON
 Light metering: spot (instead of average), but it doesn’t matter that much
 Zoom: for more accurate, non-distorted clinical photos always turn and leave the zoom ring to telephoto (zoomed all the way “in”).
 Focus settings: Always verify sharpness using the LCD screen We recommend Manual Focus (MF) for intra-oral pictures Use the following steps to establish correct intra-oral distance. Set focus selector to MF Set zoom to 26mm Turn focus dial until image is sharp Move camera back and forth to increase sharpness
 Use (AF) for facial pictures: Always verify sharpness using the LCD screen
 +/-: Exposure compensation: -1.00 (negative 1.00) Depending on your office environment, and whether a back flash is used for the portrait shot, you might need to adjust this higher or lower. A higher number (i.e., +1.00) will result a lighter image. Conversely, a lower number (i.e., -1.00) will result a darker image.
Additional tech note: CaptureFromFilepath in dolphin.ini should be changed to include directory “f:\imjp0001”. The drive letter (f:), needs to be the memory card drive letter in your computer. If you need assistance in making this change, please contact us.

\\tssupport\Tools\Camera Settings\Sony\DSC-D700\SONY DSC-D700 settings (latest).doc

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