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Gene T rees, Species T rees, and Species Netw orks

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chapter 1 gene trees, species trees, and species networks luay nakhleh derek ruths department of computer science rice university houston, tx 77005, usa {nakhleh,druths}@cs.rice.edu hideki innan graduate university for advanced studies hayama, kanagawa 240-0193, japan innan [email protected] 1.1 introduction the availability of whole-genome sequence data from multiple organisms has provided

2006 Endangered Species Act petition for 12 penguin species

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before the secretary of the interior petition to list 12 penguin species under the endangered species act macaroni penguin ©thomas d. mangelsen/imagesofnaturestock.com submitted november 28, 2006 petitioned species common name scientific name emperor penguin southern rockhopper penguin southern rockhopper penguin eastern rockhopper penguin northern rockhopper penguin

LETTER Abundance of common species, not species richness

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letter ecology letters, (2015) 18: 626–635 doi: 10.1111/ele.12424 abundance of common species, not species richness, drives delivery of a real-world ecosystem service rachael winfree,1* jeremy w. fox,2 neal m. williams,3 james r. reilly1 and daniel p. cariveau1 abstract biodiversity-ecosystem functioning experiments have established that species

Species richness, species area curves and Simpson s paradox

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evolutionary ecology research, 2000, 2: 791–802 species richness, species–area curves and simpson’s paradox samuel m. scheiner,1* stephen b. cox,2 michael willig,2 gary g. mittelbach,3 craig osenberg4 and michael kaspari5 1department of life sciences (2352), arizona state university west, p.o. box 37100, phoenix, az 85069, 2program in ecology and conservation biology,

The Allure of Species Roses A species rose (abbreviated spp

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for the gardener the allure of species roses ucsc farm & garden center for agroecology & sustainable food systems, uc santa cruz aspecies rose (abbreviated spp.) is a wild rose. they hail from diverse climates and geographic centers of the northern hemisphere (north america, europe into north central

The Multi-species Coalescent Model and Species Tree Inference

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the multi-species coalescent model and species tree inference bruce rannala, scott v. s. v. edwards, adam leaché, ziheng yang to cite this version: bruce rannala, scott v. s. v. edwards, adam leaché, ziheng yang. the multi-species coalescent model and species tree inference. scornavacca, celine; delsuc, frédéric; galtier, nicolas. phylogenetics in

A New Species Of Antrusa And Three New Species Of Chorebus

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306 florida entomologist 87(3) september 2004 a new species of antrusa and three new species of chorebus (hymenoptera: braconidae) from the iberian peninsula m. fischer1, j. tormos2, i. docavo3 and x. pardo4 1naturhistorisches museum wien, zweite zoologische abteilung (insekten) burgring 7, a-1014 wien, postfach 417, austria 2unidad

Do major species concepts support one, two or more species

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minireview do major species concepts support one, two or more species within cryptococcus neoformans? kyung j. kwon-chung & ashok varma molecular microbiology section, laboratory of clinical infectious diseases, niaid/nih bethesda, md, usa downloaded from https://academic.oup.com/femsyr/article/6/4/574/540656 by guest on 16 june 2022 correspondence: kyung j. kwon-chung, molecular microbiology section,

Multilocus Species Delimitation And Species Tree Inference

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multilocus species delimitation and species tree inference within the western rattlesnake (crotalus viridis) species complex _ a thesis presented to the faculty of san diego state university _ in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree master of science in biology _ by julianne r. goldenberg summer 2013

A new species of frog in the Litoria ewingii species group

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zootaxa 4858 (2): 201–230 https://www.mapress.com/j/zt/ copyright © 2020 magnolia press article issn 1175-5326 (print edition) zootaxa issn 1175-5334 (online edition) https://doi.org/10.11646/zootaxa.4858.2.3 http://zoobank.org/urn:lsid:zoobank.org:pub:82613e60-ceeb-4bcb-8536-007cd888606e a new species of frog in the litoria ewingii species group (anura: pelodryadidae) from south-eastern australia michael mahony1*, bede moses1,5, stephen v.

Species accumulation and species area curves a comment on

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correspondence g.e., ortega-huerta, m.a. & peterson, a.t. (2003) predicting distributions of known and unknown reptile species in madagascar. nature, 426, 837–841. ridley, h.n. (1930) the dispersal of plants throughout the world. reeve, ashford, uk. segurado, p. & araujo, m.b. (2004) an evaluation of methods for modelling species distributions. journal

Power-law species-area relationships and self-similar species

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power-law species-area relationships and self-similar species distributions within finite areas arnost sizling david storch sfi working paper: 2003-11-065 sfi working papers contain accounts of scientific work of the author(s) and do not necessarily represent the views of the santa fe institute. we accept papers intended for publication in peer-reviewed journals

Species-Area Curves, Diversity Indices, and Species

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vol. 159, no. 2 the american naturalist february 2002 species-area curves, diversity indices, and species abundance distributions: a multifractal analysis lu´ıs borda-de-a´ gua,1,* stephen p. hubbell,2,† and murdoch mcallister3,‡ 1. center for environmental research and conservation, columbia university, new york, new york 10027; 2. department of botany, university

As An Endangered Species Under The U.s. Endangered Species Act

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petition to list the western ridged mussel gonidea angulata (lea, 1838) as an endangered species under the u.s. endangered species act photo credit: xerces society/emilie blevins submitted by the xerces society for invertebrate conservation prepared by emilie blevins, sarina jepsen, and sharon selvaggio august 18, 2020 the honorable david

Histone deacetylase activity and reactive oxygen species

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udc 581.1:582.683.2:58.032 histone deacetylase activity and reactive oxygen species content in the tissue culture of arabidopsis thaliana under normal conditions and development of acute osmotic stress s. i. jadko n.g. kholodny institute of botany, national academy of sciences of ukraine, kyiv; e-mail: [email protected] the possible involvement of histone deacetylase (hdac)

Proximate and Mineral Analysis of Three Species of Snails

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lapai journal of applied and natural sciences lajans vol 1(1): 146 - 149 research paper proximate and mineral analysis of three species of snails consumed in edozhigi, gbako local government area of niger state 1paiko y.b., 2makanta s.a., 1dagaci m.z., 2jacob j.o. and 2mathew j.t. 1department of chemistry, ibrahim

First record of two species from land snails, Monachaobstracta

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first record of two species from land snails, monachaobstracta and eobaniavermiculata in sohag governorate, egypt direct research journal of agriculture and food science (drjafs) vol.3 (11), pp. 206-210, november 2015 available online at http://directresearchpublisher.org/journal/drjafs issn 2354-4147 ©2015 direct research journals publisher research paper abd el-aleem, s.s. desoky1; ahmed, a.

MicroCT 3D reconstruction of three described braconid species

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j insect biodivers syst 06(4): 331–342 journal of insect biodiversity and systematics issn: 2423-8112 research article http://zoobank.org/references/93f3901e-fc93-4a8d-a585-52f9e1559d04 http://jibs.modares.ac.ir microct 3d reconstruction of three described braconid species (hymenoptera: braconidae) mikaeel pasandideh saqalaksari1, ali asghar talebi1* & thomas van de kamp2, 3 1 department of

Student Template Letters to Protect the Endangered Species

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student template letters to protect the endangered species act introduction do you want to prevent the extinction animals and plants such as the american bald eagle, grizzly and polar bears, the gray wolf, 11 kinds of whales, and many more? are you looking for ways to engage your students in

Prevalence Of Salmonella Species In Hen Eggs And Egg Storing

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pak. j. agri. sci., vol. 49(4), 565-568; 20p1e2rfor. of summer forage legumes in pothowar issn (print) 0552-9034, issn (online) 2076-0906 http://www.pakjas.com.pk prevalence of salmonella species in hen eggs and egg storing-trays collected from poultry farms and marketing outlets of faisalabad, pakistan adil shahzad1,*, muhammad shahid mahmood1, iftikhar hussain1, faisal siddique1