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Staff WHS Update - Amazon Web Services

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Staff WHS Update

Legal Obligation – WHS is the Law
The obligation to meet workplace health and safety requirements is legislated. As an organization Rockhampton Catholic Education is required to have appropriate procedures in place. A worker also has a legal responsibility to take reasonable measures to follow WHS procedures. There are penalties involved for non-compliance (fines and jail).

WHS Advisor / Consultation
Any issues or concerns regarding WHS in the school. • Contact WHS Advisor or Principal. • WHS Committee (if applicable) • Staff Meetings • Hazard Report Form – found on RiskMan. • RiskMan link found on staff portal under WHS tab.

Accident or Injury Procedures
• Stay with the injured child – send someone else for help. Your school may have specific procedures for alerting office staff of an emergency situation.
• Ensure standard precautions are followed if body fluids are present (wearing gloves etc.).
• Fill in appropriate paperwork – CEO Incident Report Form (found on RiskMan) or First Aid Room Register.
• Staff injuries must be reported immediately and a RiskMan report submitted.

Injuries to Special Needs Students
• When treating special needs students, extremely close supervision and monitoring by first aid staff will be required.
• Where possible the student should sit down for treatment.
• A cautious approach should be taken when deciding whether the student can be moved

Suspected Concussion
If a student reports a head knock the following action should be taken:
• An assessment of the child should take place as per the Management of Concussion Procedures.
• If no symptoms are evident, advise classroom teacher to monitor throughout the day. Parents should be contacted and informed of the incident and subsequent assessment outcome.
• If any symptoms are evident student is to be escorted to the office for a further assessment. Parents should be contacted and informed of the incident and subsequent assessment outcome.
• If concussion is not suspected, advise classroom teacher to monitor throughout the day. • If concussion is suspected, parent to collect to take for a medical assessment.

• Majority of Rockhampton Catholic Education sites have asbestos containing materials (ACM).
• Asbestos Management Plan can be found on the WHS page. To meet the requirements of the Asbestos Management Plan staff must be aware of ACM in your workplace and not impact on building materials without gaining the Principal’s permission.
• Site specific training will be provided regarding asbestos containing materials present on the site.

• Unless you have been informed otherwise, you must assume all buildings have asbestos containing materials (ACM).
• The exact location of ACM is listed in the asbestos register (found near the sign in area).
• In the asbestos register there is a table that summaries the location of ACM in the school.
• Staff are not permitted to impact any building material – drill or screw into a wall, put hooks in wall etc. until they have checked with the facilities manager or Principal to ensure they will not impact ACM.

• If staff become aware of damage to building material in the school, the first reaction should be to assume it is asbestos.
Take the following action when informed of damage: • Do not touch any of the damage or debris. • Isolate the room – lock it and put procedures in place (sign on doors)
to make sure no-one goes in there. • Contact the principal so the register can be checked. • If not asbestos we can clean it up. • If asbestos do not go back in the room or touch anything. • CEO will be contacted for advice.

Every Day Risk Management Basics
4 step risk management process
Identify hazards Assess risks that the hazard may create Implement control measures Monitor and review control measures