Strategic Plan - Euclid Public Library

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Strategic Plan - Euclid Public Library

Transcript Of Strategic Plan - Euclid Public Library

Strategic Plan
2017 - 2020
Adopted by the Board of Trustees March 21, 2017
2018 Quarter 1 Update

Cultivate Discovery & Learning
Provide programs to support the educational and enrichment needs of all patrons
• New history programs continued to replace previous offerings and support the educational and enrichment needs of all patrons, including The Cleveland Museum of Art Harlem Renaissance Virtual Program, Squire’s and Franklin Castles, and History of Jazz during January – April 2018
• Monthly STEAM Builders programs at Chardon Hills Elementary are completed. Outreach Department & Youth Services Department are currently completing the required State Library of Ohio LSTA Report.
Provide programs to enhance early literacy skills and connect young readers to books, ongoing Outreach programming to daycares and preschools
• In early 2018, YSD launched the Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library program to register Euclid children under five, to receive free books. Almost a dozen students have registered.
• In January, YSD launched the 50 Book Challenge for grades 3-6 to enhance literary and comprehension skills, while focusing on third grade reading metrics.
• Outreach continued to identify new reading rack locations throughout the community focusing on early literacy.
Provide programs and technology programs to help patrons utilize library resources and to support their own learning and growth
• Adult Services Department (ASD) continued to offer personal computer classes, eBook+ programs, Tenants Rights (in conjunction with ‘One Community Reads’ countywide book club).

Pursue collaborations with our local schools, businesses, faith and civic-based organizations to address patrons’ needs
• EPL collaborated with the Euclid Chamber of Commerce for the Chamber’s Coffee Connections joint-program winter 2018.
• The library hosted four sessions for students in grades 1-3 to practice their reading skills by reading to Euclid High School students.
Cultivate Discovery & Learning
Provide programs to support the educational and enrichment needs of all patrons
• Staff participated in first quarter Sexual Harassment Diversity Training provided by Wellforce. Planning is ongoing for remaining Diversity sessions about managing generations, and refugees.
Support and encourage internal staff promotions when possible
• Internal Staff Promotions in the Circulation and Technical Services Departments and Adult Services Department.
Provide annual Staff Development Day to enhance skills and provide development opportunities
• New committee chair selected for 2018 Staff Day and meetings continue for the annual event.

Engage & Support the Community
Create a programming and circulation committee to provide solutions to increase circulation and program attendance and connect our programs to the collection
• ASD, YSD, Outreach, and Marketing & Comminutions Departments Programming Committee convened winter 2018 to discuss May-August program ideas and the Summer Reading Program.
• Multimedia and Communications Specialist position created and approved. This positon will serve as the committee chair.
Promote more online services such as registration for library cards, programs and email notification of reserves
• Library continued to promote online services and eMedia applications winter 2018, including the new Flipster app.
Utilize Collection HQ to purchase resources that our patrons want and need
• Collection HQ Staff training continued winter 2018; ESP module added March 2018.
Provide personalized instruction
• Computer Reservation sessions (one-on-one) offered each month. Information will be in the May - August Library Lines 2018.
Focus on strengthening successful programs, including computer information, and dedicate staff time to create a select number of new program offerings
• Increased number of weekly storytime offerings and extended our session from six to thirteen weeks.

Engage & Support the Community
Communicate regularly and effectively with staff
• Strategic Planning Committee continued to host ten-minute, bi-weekly staff ‘Mini Meetings’ focused on welcoming new staff, promoting services and events, and gathering and disseminating information. Staff was surveyed February 2018 to determine the ‘Mini Meetings’ effectiveness; it was determined the meetings would continue through the second quarter.
Improve communication regarding internal library resources, services, and programs for staff.
• Marketing & Communications Department continued using the Constant Contact tool to communicate with staff and the public. Between the Lines, emailed bi-weekly, averages a 47% open rate – 17% increase since launching in February 2017.
Fostering a Welcome Environment
Assess the new Pop-Up Library Service
• Outreach and Marketing & Communications Departments met in the first quarter to develop 2018 SMART goals and events calendar. People counters added to pop-up supplies to assist with collecting statistics at events. (Library pop-up programs scheduled through August 2018).
Assess the new Passport Service
• Passport Agency was official removed from probationary status with the National Passport Acceptance Facility. All EPL Passport acceptance agents have successfully completed their probationary period.
• Accepted 193 applications and took 170 photos (4.9% increase).
Assess the new meeScan Self-Check Service
• Annual report received from meeScan reflecting consistent growth (usage) each month.

• First Quarter 2018: 1,222 checkouts
Seek out new format types to meet patron needs
• New mobile-responsive OPLIN Website launched February 2018. The new mobile-responsive design was created with all devices in mind, allowing patrons to access information from a laptop, phone, or tablet, and to connect with EPL more quickly. The updated online calendar enables patrons to access adult, children, and teen program listings, and links parents to early literacy tips and activities from home using the newly designed Youth Services platform.
• Mobile WiFi Units began circulation February 2018. Mobile hotspots allow devices such as phones, tablets or laptops to connect to the internet through Sprint’s 4G network. Patrons can check out mobile hotspots the same way they would a movie, book or CD for a seven-day loan. 92 checkouts first quarter.
• New online magazine application, Flipster launched January 2018. 155 checkouts first quarter.
Utilize social media platforms to connect patrons to library programs and resources
• The Marketing & Communications Department continued to promote library activities and programs using social media platforms to connect patrons to library programs and resources. Marketing & Communications Department continued to monitor monthly analytics.

Technology Plan
Update EPL website
• Website updated and launched February 2018. Ongoing maintenance and updates will continue throughout the year.
Members of all ages shall have access to computing devices in the library to use for the purposes of personal, educational, career and economic achievement
• Sprint Mobile WiFi service launched February 2018. Services currently being assessed.
Review options for Security Cameras. Options may include additional cameras and providing staff training
• To increase security at the library, the Technology Department executed the Exacqvision DVR/Server and IP camera upgrades. Several existing cameras were adjusted to better secure the facility.
• Senior-in-Charge Training completed for staff.
Update Computer Reservation System for Patrons
• The new Computer Reservation and Printing System launched March 2018. In alignment with the other CLEVNET libraries, users now have the ability to login to any computer at the library using their library card and bypass daily time limits when no one else is waiting. Cardholders can print up to $1.00 worth of color and black & white copies free each day. Additional copies cost $0.25/color and $0.10/black & white per sheet.
Update meeting room software to allow patrons to reserve meetings online
• In the first quarter, CLEVNET announced they would provide the LibCal meeting room scheduling platform to all CLEVNET members in the future.