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The Thunderheart Center For The Arts And Conference Center

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Our fourth conference on consciousness and contact is planned for July 22nd through the 26th, 2021. Consciousness and Contact 2021 will be held in the charming little town of Wasta, South Dakota, on the edges of the Badlands National Park at the Thunderheart Center for the Arts and Conference Center. The buildings are owned by Larry and Adelaide Fuss, who attended our 2019 conference on the Pine Ridge Reservation. We are collaborating to make Wasta a destination spot for creativity and consciousness. Everyone will have a lovely room and comfortable accommodations. Organic meals will be served by a professional chef.
Our confirmed speakers include Whitley Strieber, Elana Freeland, Barbara Lamb, John Lamb Lash, Phil Borges, James Tunney, Paula and Chief Avrol Looking Horse, Peter Champoux, Dean Radin, Chief Henry Red Cloud, Ray Grasse, Mia Feroleto, Juliano Puzati, and Joe Krawczak. Several others are in the process of being finalized. We will be attending a sweat lodge ceremony and if the Pine Ridge Reservation is open at the time, a Sun Dance ceremony.
These events are not your standard conference experience and are not meant to be such. They require a flexible attitude and a willingness to be open to the group of people who have gathered

to perform a specific energetic function for the advancement of those gathering and the wellbeing of the planet as a whole. As a result, your comfort level may be rocked but that is precisely what will allow new spiritual gifts to be made available to you. Please keep that in mind. Attitude is everything!
The cost of the conference is $1200.00 per person and includes lodging, all meals and transportation to and from Rapid City as well as our day trips.
For questions and additional information, please contact Mia Feroleto at [email protected] or by phoning 802 952 6217.
Space is limited so please reserve early. I hope you can join us!
*Please note that due to the COVID virus, there may be changes to the list of speakers and/or our program. In July of 2020, people traveled to Wasta, South Dakota from far and wide for our conference and no one became ill. Attendees are asked to follow their own discretion and follow protocols for safety measures. South Dakota is an open state.

Whitley Strieber is an author best known for his book Communion (1987). His latest book is A New World, which describes the wealth of new close encounter experiences Whitley has had since 2015 and especially since February of 2016 when, in an intense encounter with the visitors, he asked why they were not in more direct contact with mankind. This led to three years of intense lessons in what we need to do and understand to communicate with them, and resulted in a totally new vision of the close encounter experience that is light-years ahead of anything ever published before. Elana Freeland is a writer, ghostwriter, storyteller, and teacher who researches and writes on Deep State issues like geoengineering, MK-ULTRA, ritual abuse, and invasive electromagnetic weapons (Nexus, October 2014). She is best known for Chemtrails, HAARP, and the Full Spectrum Dominance of Planet Earth (Feral House, June 2014) and Under An Ionized Sky: From Chemtrails to Space Fence Lockdown (Feral House, February 2018), and is now finishing the third book in the series, which is about how synthetic biology and Transhumanism are connected to the nanotechnology being delivered by chemical trails from jets, drones, and rockets, GMO foods, and vaccinations under the present Space Fence lockdown.
Elana came of age in the eye of the Sixties maelstrom. Her 4-book fictional format series Sub Rosa America: A Deep State History exposes the hidden history of America since President John F. Kennedy’s televised assassination. In 2017, she wrote the story “What Would Solon Have Done?” for the book If I Were King: Advice for President Trump, edited by Harry Blazer with an Introduction by Catherine Austin Fitts. Freeland’s undergraduate degree was in creative writing with a second major in biology. Her Master of Arts degree from St. John’s College in Santa Fe, New Mexico concentrated on historiography. She lives in Olympia, Washington. With help from her webmistress and a sound engineer, Elana juggles 4 sites: 2 private Facebook sites, one for geoengineering- related issues, the other for everything else

Barbara Lamb, MS, MFT, CHT, is a licensed psychotherapist, certified hypnotherapist and regression therapist, in practice in California. She specializes in counseling and conducting regression therapy with people who experience various kinds of encounters with extraterrestrial and interdimensional beings. Ms. Lamb has lectured extensively on the extraterrestrial subject, the ET-Human Hybrid subject, and on the crop circle subject in numerous national conferences across the US and in other countries, and has been interviewed on many radio shows, and television and film specials. She teaches a course on ‘Varieties of Extraterrestrial Encounters’ for online International Metaphysical University. She conducts a monthly support group for experiencers of ET contact, and groups at many major UFO conferences. John Lamb Lash has been called the true successor of Mircea Eliade and the rightful heir of Joseph Campbell. Unlike those two world-class academics, John is a self-educated free-lance scholar who combines studies and experimental mysticism to teach directive mythology: that is, the application of myth to life, rather than its mere interpretation. He is a leading exponent of the power of myth to direct individual experience and drive historical events over the long term. An expert on sidereal mythology, naked-eye astronomy, precession, and the World Ages, he also teaches the critique of belief-systems. On metahistory. org, he presents a radical revision of Gnosticism, with original commentaries on the Nag Hammadi codices. He also presents the only complete restoration by any scholar of the Sophianic myth of the Pagan Mysteries, the sacred story of Gaia-Sophia, recounting the origin of the earth and the human species from the galactic core. John will be joining us via Skype. Chief Henry Red Cloud is the direct 5th generation descendant of Chief Red Cloud, one of the last Lakota war chiefs and one of the most famous Native Americans in history. Henry was born and raised on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota, home of the Oglala Lakota Nation, where living conditions are extremely difficult. For more than a decade, Henry has devoted himself to developing his expertise with renewable energy applications that are environmentally sound, economically beneficial, and culturally appropriate. Today, Henry is a twenty-first century Lakota Warrior, bringing green technology and employment to Native American communities. He reminds tribes that they can live sustainably and shows them that by embracing clean, renewable energy applications there is a way to get back to a traditional relationship with Mother Earth. As Henry says, “This is a new way to honor the old ways.”

James Tunney is a searcher and an evangelist for a new approach to life, the spirit and the mystical world. In this powerful interview, he shares with Mia and with us his thoughts about how we can escape from the death spiral that is the modern technological world. He has written two books on mystical consciousness, the most recent being The Mystery of the Trapped Light: Mystical Thoughts in the Dark Age of Scientism. He is currently a Professional Member of the Galileo Commission. His chief concern is to promote individual spiritual evolution and to warn against collectivism and the technological straitjacket. He is also a novelist. James Tunney comes from Dublin and studied law at Trinity before qualifying as a barrister through The King’s Inn and also engaging in postgraduate study at Queen Mary College, University of London.
Paula and Chief Arvol Looking Horse Arvol Looking Horse was born on the Cheyenne River Reservation in South Dakota in 1954. He was raised in an era that gave witness to the suppression of his peoples’ spiritual practices. He decided to “work for change and let the world know how beautiful our way of life is, so the Seventh Generation can have a better life.” His life has revolved around his commitment to work towards religious freedom, cultural survival and revival. His work has been endless in lecturing on religious freedom, protection of sacred sites and cultural survival. His living legacy is to bring pride and restoration back to the Lakota, Dakota and Nakota lands, culture and spirituality. The message is to bring the beliefs in the Creator of all Nations together to pray at once for Global healing energy in healing our Mother Earth such as is performed in healing ceremonies by people who surround an individual who is need of health. The world is in turmoil and this great effort must succeed in order that our generations to come have a healthy environment in surviving. Paula Looking Horse is an accomplished traditional Dakota singer and artist. Her musical credits include opening for the Indigo Girls, touring Europe with Keith Secola and other notable native artists, and composing and producing her own CD, Songs of a Black Hills Woman. She has been involved in Native rights for over 40 years, organizing Wopida (Great Thank You) Ceremony in 1984 for the Sacred Pipestone Quarries in Minnesota. The following seven years she helped organize the Sacred Pipestone Run through all SD Reservations to bring attention to the mass exploitation of the selling of the sacred stone aka “the blood of the people”. She is one of the four graduates of Red Schoolhouse (RSH) in Minnesota and a subsequent board member. RSH was the first alternative school to teach Traditional Native education curriculum — bringing forth historical truth vs. inaccurate history books in Public Schools. She brought her organizational skills to World Peace and Prayer/ Honor Sacred Sites Day in 1996 and has been a moving force in creating the events ever since. She is also the mother of eight children and many more adopted throughout her life.

Peter Champoux attributes the knowledge he brings to fore the result of consciously splitting rock into stone in a 25 year career as a classical stone mason. Working the rock of Massachusetts he saw the angle in rock fracture matched its river confluence angle and concluded that like flowers et al the earth’s lithosphere must also express in the sacred cannons of geometry used in cathedral design to which a corresponding geometry was found in the triangulation of mounts: Mansfield, Washington, and Ascutney; pointing to the center of North America in Shelburne Falls, MA via Chester VT. He has worked with this matrix with poet artist Harry Hudson of Chester, Vermont. Of late he has been working on releasing the collective trauma centered around the New Madrid EarthRing a collective heart(math) action to heal the rift between N/S black/White, Native/white trauma. He has worked extensively with Chief Arvol and Paula Looking Horse to cleanse and clear trauma in the land and Native American people. Dean Radin PhD, is Chief Scientist at the Institute of Noetic Sciences and Distinguished Professor at the California Institute of Integral Studies. He earned a BS in electrical engineering (magna cum laude, with honors in physics), and then an MS in electrical engineering and a PhD in psychology from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. Before joining the IONS research staff in 2001, Radin worked at AT&T Bell Labs, Princeton University, University of Edinburgh, and SRI International. He has given over 500 talks and interviews worldwide, and he is author or coauthor of hundreds of scientific and popular articles, four dozen book chapters, two technical books, and four popular books translated so far into 15 foreign languages: The Conscious Universe (1997), Entangled Minds (2006), Supernormal (2013), and Real Magic (2018). Phil Borges, Photographer, Author, Filmmaker For nearly three decades Phil Borges has been documenting indigenous and tribal cultures, striving to create an understanding of the challenges they face. His work is exhibited in museums and galleries worldwide. Phil has hosted television documentaries on indigenous cultures and shamanism for Discovery and National Geographic channels. He regularly presents at universities, teaches workshops, and has spoken at multiple TED events. Phil’s documentary film CRAZYWISE reveals a paradigm shift that’s changing the way Western culture defines and treats “mental illness.” After eight years and countless interviews with mental health care professionals, neuroscientists and individuals experiencing a mental health crisis, CRAZYWISE explores the deeper understandings of, and effective approaches to, a psychological crisis. The film highlights a survivor-led movement demanding more choices from a mental health care system in crisis.

Ray Grasse is a Chicago-based writer, musician, photographer, and astrologer. He worked for ten years on the editorial staffs of Quest Books and The Quest magazine, and has been associate editor for The Mountain Astrologer magazine since 1998. He’s lectured extensively on the topics of astrology, synchronicity, and mythology, and maintains an active astrological practice with clients around the United States and abroad. His books include Under a Sacred Sky: Essays on the Practice and Philosophy of Astrology, The Waking Dream: Unlocking the Symbolic Language of Our Lives, Signs of the Times: Unlocking the Symbolic Language of World Events, An Infinity of Gods: Conversations with an Unconventional Mystic - The Spiritual Teachings of Shelly Trimmer, and Urban Mystic: Recollections of Goswami Kriyananda. Juliano Pozati founded Pozati Filmes in 2014 with a deep desire to act proactively in the evolution of the human being and in the transformation of the world as we know it, into a much better world. Its mission is to drive the planetary transition, bringing integral knowledge to the integral being, prioritizing perfect harmony, far beyond the limits of the reality in which we contain ourselves. Juliano is part of the advisory board of the Institute for Exoconsciousness and founding member of the CIRCLE: Platform for Continued Studies to drive the planetary transition, bringing integral knowledge to the integral being, prioritizing perfect harmony, far beyond the limits of the reality in which we contain ourselves. Joe Krawczak is retired and lives on the Big Island of Hawaii. After a long and successful career in the computer software industry, he went through a profound life change in 2012-2013, retired from his career, changed his life, and moved to the Big Island. Over the last seven years he has undergone a complete shift in consciousness and a deep spiritual awakening. He maintains a meditative practice of connecting to the higher self and the divine aspect. His focus is helping others through intentional meditation to raise consciousness and know themselves as the divine beings they are.

Mia Feroleto has used her spiritual life as a means to guide her work since childhood. Even in grammar school, Feroleto wrote letters to the editors of the local newspapers on key topics such as poverty and animal abuse that were published. Her lifelong commitment is to be part of the solution. She has been known to ruffle a few feathers in the process. Feroleto is a well-known art advisor, activist and artist who divides her time between Vermont and South Dakota. She was the creator of A SHELTER FROM THE STORM: ARTISTS FOR THE HOMELESS OF NEW YORK and ARTWALK NY, an annual event for Coalition for the Homeless that has been copied all around the country since beginning in 1995. Feroleto has organized numerous benefit auctions and large-scale special events at major auction houses such as Sotheby’s and Christie’s and has served on the board of directors of such organizations as Dance Theater Workshop and Sculpture Center. She most recently joined the board of directors of the Tatanka Ska Institute, the Indigenous school being founded by Paula Looking Horse, wife of Chief Arvol Looking Horse, the keeper of the sacred White Buffalo Calf Woman Pipe. She is the publisher of New Observations Magazine, the producer/creator of HEMP NY CITY, a partner in the founding of the Thunderheart Center for the Arts in Wasta, South Dakota and the creator and producer of the Consciousness and Contact conferences that have received world-wide recognition. She is the host of the New Observations podcast on Unknown Country, the channel for all things Whitley Strieber. Feroleto is a committed animal rights and animal welfare activist. She is determined to maximize visibility for the arts and our cultural world and is currently developing the Adopt An Artist Program to send artists to destinations around the globe in order to create and develop their art. She can be reached at [email protected]
Mia Feroleto: Sovereignty, Light and Life, Enlightenment & a Portal to Earth Ascension on Lakota Territory 2020 WATCH ON [email protected]: https://youtube/Jo4xAi0Of54 consciousness/2020-consciousness-in-the-blackhills-the-heart-of-the-world
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