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Transcript Of UNIT 4 AGREEMENT OF SUBJECT AND VERB Subject and Verb Agreement


Subject and Verb Agreement

Every verb must agree with its subject in person and number. Therefore, a singular subject requires a singular subject requires a singular form of the verb. The following indefinite pronouns are always singular.

each no one

anyone nobody

anybody one

either someone

everyone somebody




Everyone of the pupils was present. One of those pupils never studies.

The verb usually ends with an s when one of the pronouns listed above is used.

Underline the correct verb in these sentences.

1. One of the boys (was, were) late for the game. 2. Each of the apples (was, were) ripe. 3. Everyone (cheer, cheers) when his hero appears. 4. One of my favorite foods (is, are) spaghetti. 5. No one except Mary and Lettie (was, were) excited. 6. Neither you nor Alice (play, plays) the game correctly. 7. Each player (try, tries) to win the game. 8. One of the pies (smell, smells) burned. 9. Neither he nor she (walk, walks) to school. 10. Learning to drive is easy if one (concentrate, concentrates). 11. Somebody (is, are) going to be surprised! 12. Every boy on the team (show, shows) good sportsmanship. 13. Why (don’t, doesn’t) someone give us the signal? 14. Either Roy or Bill (is, are) going to be the new captain/ 15. (Do, Does) anybody want a hot dog? 16. Anyone who disagrees with them (is, are) in trouble.

Underline the correct verb in these sentences.

1. Someone (has, have) to do the work. 2. Steve, along with Jim and George, (was, were) there. 3. Where (is, are) you going? 4. There (go, goes) Emily and Joseph. 5. Each of the members (has, have) contributed. 6. Mary and her mother (is, are) in the store. 7. The set of rules (control, controls) the game. 8. Neither the student nor the teacher (was, were) present.

9. Here (is, are) an old and famous landmark. 10. Ralph, along with his father, (is, are) attending the game. 11. One often (ask, asks) for help from others. 12. Where (has, have) you and Bob worked during the summer? 13. The leader of the choir (sing, sings) tenor. 14. The students, as well as the teacher, (has, have) to work well. 15. Everyone (find, finds) a special friend. 16. A sign of the times (is, are) the fashion in clothes. 17. There (is, are) opportunities for all. 18. The students, with their parents, (visit, visits) the museum. 19. The better of the two seats (has, have) been sold. 20. Where (is, are) my hat and coat? 21. Every time we stand up, someone else (take, takes) my seat. 22. Here (come, comes) the bank guard in his new uniform. 23. Many fascinating games (is, are) for sale in this store. 24. A doctor, together with some nurses, (was, were) on duty. 25. Both Nancy and Marion (know, knows) better than to act like that! 26. Either a new sweater or a tie (is, are) my choice.
Underline the correct verb in these sentences.
1. The citizens of this town (demand, demands) police protection. 2. Glenville’s Glee Club always (give, gives) a fine concert. 3. Either Kathy or Dorothy (is, are) going. 4. Both Ruth and I (go, goes) to bed early. 5. The man, along with the two women, (was, were) delayed. 6. We (was, were) passed by six cars. 7. All freshman (live, lives) in the dormitory. 8. The ice cream (melt, melts) at room temperature. 9. No one (has, have) stolen my secret ideas! 10. The first baseman and the catcher (has, have) made many errors. 11. Mrs. Laird has (spoke, spoken) with authority. 12. The guitar, accompanied by the bass viol, (play, plays) the tune. 13. Joe and his brother always (drink, drinks) too fast. 14. Thelma, as well as her sister, (is, are) well dressed. 15. While everyone (hum, hums) Betsy will sing the obligato. 16. The captain of the two teams (is, are) Dan. 17. Where (do, does) the Chester family live? 18. The golf team and the tennis team (win, wins) every match. 19. Why (do, does) Lisa and Phillip play the same tune? 20. Mrs. Stum, together with her neighbors, (has, have) a sewing club. 21. Beth, with her new hair-do and sunglasses, (is, are) hard to recognize.

22. Neither looks nor clothes (make, makes) the person. 23. All the boys in our class (has, have) done well in school. 24. Neither of my parents (is, are) at home tonight.
Underline the correct verb in these sentences.
1. Either way (is, are) correct. 2. Unless every one of the members (cooperate, cooperates), the play will fail. 3. Each (seek, seeks) a job to do. 4. Neither of the teams (has, have) a perfect record. 5. (Has, Have) someone called me? 6. One of these dogs (has, have) fleas. 7. Everyone of these houses (was, were) built this year. 8. Nobody from the play cast (has, have) arrived. 9. It was impossible because everybody (was, were) gone. 10. No one, of all the singers in town, (give, gives) finer lesions. 11. I am sure everyone (draw, draws) better than I. 12. Anybody from the four classes (has, have) a chance. 13. Somebody from among my friends (expect, expects) to call. 14. First, each of the papers (was, were) late. 15. One of you (work, works) too hard. 16. Neither car (drive, drives) easily. 17. It was a find time for everyone who (was, were) there. 18. Nobody at school (know, knows). 19. Either (has, have) its good points. 20. Someone from each class (attend, attends) the meeting. 21. Neither Fred nor Stan (understand, understands) this equation. 22. The potatoes and the peas (smell, smells) as if they’re burning. 23. (Don’t, Doesn’t) Herbert play the marimba well? 24. Of all my friends, only one (has, have) written to me. 25. Everybody in the band (seem, seems) to have a different rhythm.

1.Was 8. Smells 14. Is
1. Has 7. Controls 13. Sings 19. Has 25. Know
1. Demand 8. Melts 14. Is 21. Is
1. Is 7. Was 13. Expects 19. Has 25. Seems


Subject and Verb Agreement

2. Was 9. Walks 15. Does

3. Cheers

4. Is

10. Concentrates

16. Is

5. Was 11. Is

6. Plays 12. Shows

7. Tries 13. Doesn’t

2. Was 8. Was 14. Have 20. Are 26. Is

3. Are 9. Is 15. Finds 21. Takes

4. Go 10. Is 16. Is 22. Comes

5. Has 11. Asks 17. Are 23. Are

6. Are 12. Have 18. Visit 24. Was

2. Gives 9. Has 15. Hums 22. Make

3. Is 10. Have 16. Is 23. Have

4. Go 11. Spoken 17. Does 24. Is

5. Was 12. Plays 18. Win

6. Were 13. Drin 19. Do

7. Live 20. Has

2. Cooperates 8. Has 14. Was 20. Attends

3. Seeks

4. Has

5. Has

6. Has

9. Was

10. Gives

11. Draws 12. Has

15. Works

16. Drives

17. Was

18. Knows

21. Understands

22. Smell

23. Doesn’t 24. Has