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December 1980 Volume 34 No. 4
Orthotics and Prosthetics
Journal of the American Orthotic and Prosthetic Association

"0? £J£ T W O - P O S T O R T H O S I S for s t a b i l i z i n g

CiJ ""JbeMar

cervical and upper thoracic regions.

Spinal orthoses are our only product. They are only

available through ethical dispensing orthotists Because

of this we have the motivation and the skill to provide

you with the highest quality orthoses possible for max­

imum acceptance by your doctors and patients. And we

back you up with 24-hour delivery of your prescription

l O I ' I f l f l o r d e r s a n y w h e r e in the c o u n t r y . Plus, we have a price

structure to make our service

wi** - --m- . I

your most profitable way to


fill prescriptions. Florida Brace


Corporation, P.O. Box 1299,

Wi-iter Park, Florida 32789.

"A. Nachcmson, J M Morris; In Vivo Measurements of Intra-discal Pressure, J m l . o f B o n e a n d Joint Surgery, 46-A 1077-1092, July. 1964.
'Data and testing results, Jack F Wasserman PhD, PE, Associate Professor of Engineering Science and Mechanics, University of Tennessee Engineering Laboratory, Unlverstty of Cincinnati, College of Medidne, 1977-78,

Bto-Engtneertng Research. U n t v v n t t y of Tennessee. 1 9 7 9 All rights reserved. J W a w m m n and M McNamee, Engineering Evaluation of Lumbo-Sacral Orthoses using In V h « NonJnvmt™ Torsional Testing. Acceptid for pubbCAflon in Ihe proceedings oi i h e IfNh S o u t h a w l Conference o l Theoretical and Appfced Mechanic* l i C o o y r l g h t . 1979 Truform Orthotics & ProatheOCJ

What you should know about reduction of axial and bending load
Let us tell you more about how Truform lumbo-sacral (L.S.) orthoses alter the normal kinematics of the human spine to provide a definitive zone of protection for your patients.
LS orthoses have been shown in literature and by current testing to have certain definitive protective functions. These functions include an increase in intra-abdominal pressure maintained on the average which thereby lessens the average axial loading and bending loading on the spine.
Truform's male and female LS orthoses, when properly fit, cause an increase in resting abdominal pressure thereby reducing both axial and bending load. Inflatable corsets have shown an average 24% reduction of intra-disc pressure. *
In addition, Truform LS orthoses effectively limit the range of motion of the spine by offering your patient a proven 50% to 57% reduction in spinal rotation between the third lumbar and the tenth thoracic vertebrae (L3-T10).** Truform garments provide your patients with that extra margin of safety. Truform... the name you can trust for total support... engineering excellence in Functional Biomechanics. For complete infomiation on IN VIVO NONINVASIVE tests, write Mr. Alex Dumbadze, Director of Sales and Education.

Orthotics and Prosthetics
3960 Rosslyn Drive Cincinnati, Ohio 45209 Phone 513-271-4594

Orthotics and Prosthetics
Volume 3 4 , No. 4

Editor A. Bennett Wilson, Jr.
December 1980 Journal


Syme's Prosthesis—A Brief Review and a New Fabrication Technique
Jon Leimkuehler

Hip Adduction Splint For Use At Night For Scissor

Leg Of Cerebral Palsy Patients


Toshiro Nakamura

Mitsura Ohamu

The Connection


A. Bennett Wilson, Jr.

Modular, Prefabricated Orthosis For Treatment Of

Elbow Flexion Contractures


S. I. Reger

J. O'Reagen

M. H. Boblitz

R. W. Rosenberger

An Active Bilateral Above-Knee Amputee—A Case Report


Bert Goralnik

Arthur Scheinhaus

Technical Note—An Acrylic Lamination Technique For An

Ultralight Below-Knee Prosthesis


Edward J. Roman II

Larry Mott

New Publications


Editorial Board
Alvin L. Muilenburg, C.P.O. 1981

David L. Porter, C.P.O. 1982
Michael Pecorella, C.P.O. 1982

Thomas Bart, C O . 1980
Kurt Marschall, C P . 1980

Gunther Gehl, C P . 1981
William L. McCulloch Ex Officio

Copyright © 1980 by the American Orthotic and Prosthetic Association Printed in the United States of America All Rights Reserved

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President-John E. Eschen, C.P.O. P. New York, New York

President-Elect—Thomas R. Bart, CO. Omaha, Nebraska
Vice-President—Don Hardin Cincinnati, Ohio

Secretary-Treasurer—Garvin Marty St. Louis, Mo.
Immediate-Past PresidentWilliam D. Hamilton, CP. Phoenix, Arizona


Region I—John Ficociello, CP. Burlington, Vermont
Region II—Anthony Cocco, C.P.O. Trenton, New Jersey
Region III—William R. Svetz, C.P.O. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Region IV—Junior Odom, CP. Lexington, Kentucky
Region V—Joseph Shamp, CP. Canfield, Ohio
Region VI—Miles A. Hobbs, CO. Indianapolis, Indiana

Region VII—James E. Smith Kansas City, Missouri
Region VIII—Thorkild Engen, CO. Houston, Texas
Region IX—Warren S. Miller, CO.
San Jose, California Region X—Darryl L. Womack, CO.
Denver, Colorado Region XI—Lloyd A. Stewart, C.P.O.
Seattle, Washington



President—Edward Van Hanswyk, CO.

Syracuse, New York

President-Elect—Robert F. Hayes, CP. West Springfield, Massachusetts
Vice-President— Richard Lehneis, Ph.D, C.P.O. New York, New York

Secretary-Treasurer—Richard LaTorre, CO. Schenectady, New York
Immediate-Past PresidentMichael Quigley, C.P.O. River Forest, Illinois

GunterGehl, CP. Chicago, Illinois
Hugh Panton, C.P.O. Orlando, Florida

Wade Barghausen, C.P.O. Columbus, Ohio
Charles Dankmeyer, Jr., C.P.O. Baltimore, Maryland


Meetings and Events

1981, January 27-February 1, AAOP Round Up Seminar, Fountainebleau Hilton, Miami, Florida.
1981, April 23-25, AOPA Region IV Meeting, Hyatt Regency, Lexing­ ton, Kentucky.
1981, June 5-7, AOPA Region IX and California Orthotics and Prosthetics Association Meeting, Doubletree Inn, Monterey, California.
1981, J u n e 12-14, AOPA Region II and III Meeting, Host Farms, Penn­ sylvania.
1981, June 25-27, AOPA Region VI and Midwest Chapter of AAOP Meeting, Holiday Inn of Merriville, Indiana.
1981, June 16-21, AOPA Regions VII, VIII, X, XI Combined Meet­ ing, Four Seasons Motor Inn, Colo­ rado Springs, Colorado.

1981, October 30-November 1, AOPA Assembly, Sahara Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada.

1982, February 14-20, AAOP Round Up Seminar, Royal Soriesta Hotel, New Orleans, Louisiana.

1982, May 6-9, Region IV Meeting, Nashville, Tennessee.

1982, May 13-16, Region II and III Meeting, Ceasar's World, Atlantic City, N.J.

1982, October 17-24, AOPA Assem­ bly, Hyatt Regency, Kansas City, Missouri.





write for samples and prices...
GOLIGER LEATHER COMPANY 1734 South Maple Avenue Los Angeles, California 90015 (213| 748-0294 Outside Calif : (800! 421-9171

All submitted manuscripts should include: 1. T H E O R I G I N A L M A N U S C R I P T A N D T W O C O P I E S . If p o s s i b l e , t h e d u p l i c a t e m a n u s c r i p t s
should be complete with illustrations to facilitate review and approval. 2. BIBLIOGRAPHY. This should be arranged alphabetically and cover only references made in
the body of the text. 3. L E G E N D S . List all illustration legends in order, and n u m b e r to agree w i t h illustrations. 4. I L L U S T R A T I O N S . Provide any or all of the f o l l o w i n g :
a. B l a c k a n d w h i t e g l o s s y p r i n t s b. O r i g i n a l d r a w i n g s or c h a r t s D o not s u b m i t : a. S l i d e s ( c o l o r e d or b l a c k & w h i t e ) b. P h o t o c o p i e s
PREPARATION OF MANUSCRIPT 1. Manuscripts must be TYPEWRITTEN, DOUBLE-SPACED and have WIDE MARGINS. 2. Indicate F O O T N O T E S by m e a n s of s t a n d a r d s y m b o l s (*). 3. Indicate B I B L I O G R A P H I C A L R E F E R E N C E S by m e a n s of Arabic n u m e r a l s in parentheses (6). 4. Write out numbers less than ten. 5. Do n o t n u m b e r s u b h e a d i n g s . 6. Use the w o r d " F i g u r e " a b b r e v i a t e d to i n d i c a t e references to illustrations in the text (.. . as
s h o w n in Fig. 14)
PREPARATION OF ILLUSTRATIONS 1. N u m b e r all illustrations. 2. On the back indicate the t o p of each p h o t o or chart. 3. Write the author's n a m e o n the back of each illustration. 4. Do not m o u n t prints except with rubber cement. 5. Use care with paper clips; indentations can create marks. 6. Do not write on prints; indicate number, letters, or captions o n an overlay. 7. If t h e i l l u s t r a t i o n has b e e n p u b l i s h e d p r e v i o u s l y , p r o v i d e a c r e d i t line a n d i n d i c a t e r e p r i n t
permission granted.
NOTES: —Manuscripts are accepted for exclusive publication in ORTHOTICS AND PROSTHETICS. —Articles and illustrations accepted for publication become the property of ORTHOTICS AND PROSTHETICS. —Rejected manuscripts will be returned within 60 days. —Publication of articles does not constitute endorsement of opinions and techniques. —All materials published are copyrighted by the American Orthotic and Prosthetic Associa­ tion. — P e r m i s s i o n to reprint is usually granted p r o v i d e d that a p p r o p r i a t e credits are given. — A u t h o r s will be supplied with 25 reprints.
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