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2017 Organic Conference Brochure - New Mexico Department of

Transcript Of 2017 Organic Conference Brochure - New Mexico Department of

New Mexico Organic Farming

Photo by Ive Eddy, NMDA-OP.

The 2017 New Mexico Organic Farming Conference
an annual opportunity for farmers, ranchers and researchers from around the Southwest to share their experiences and expertise. Please join us!

Friday, February 17 – 7:00 am to 8:00 pm Saturday, February 18 – 7:00 am to 5:00 pm
Conference Organizers New Mexico Department of Agriculture :: Stacy Gerk & Ive Eddy New Mexico State University Cooperative Extension Service :: Patrick Torres Green Tractor Farms & Santa Fe Farmers’ Market Institute :: Mary Dixon New Mexico Farm & Livestock Bureau Federation :: Chad Smith
Sage Faulkner, Facilitator
NEW MEXICO DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE (NMDA) is an agriculture producer/consumer service and regulatory department under New Mexico State University (NMSU). NMDA’s Director/Secretary, Jeff Witte also serves on the Governor’s Cabinet. The department has six divisions: Agricultural and Environmental Services, Agricultural Programs and Resources, Dairy, Marketing and Development, Standards and Consumer Services, and Veterinary Diagnostic Services. The New Mexico Department of Agriculture is the home of New Mexico’s Organic Program, providing certification services and support for organic farmers, ranchers and processors. [email protected] or http://www.nmda.nmsu.edu/marketing/organic-program/
NEW MEXICO STATE UNIVERISTY COOPERATIVE EXTENSION SERVICE is the educational outreach arm of NMSU’s College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences. Backed by state and federal funding, Extension is a cooperative effort between NMSU and county governments. Extension faculty are located in all 33 New Mexico counties and three tribal offices to address your needs in the areas of animal resources, 4-H and youth development, home economics, rural economic development and plant sciences. We provide the latest information in publications, workshops, demonstrations and one-on-one consultations. www.aces.nmsu.edu or see pages 28-30.
SANTA FE FARMERS’ MARKET INSTITUTE (SFFMI) advocates for farmers, ranchers and other land-based producers; provides equitable access to fresh, local food; owns and operates a year-round venue for the Santa Fe Farmers’ Market; and manages programs to help sustain a profitable, locally-based agricultural community. The Institute organizes educational programs for farmers and ranchers in Northern New Mexico and supports educational activities for Santa Fe Farmers’ Market producers with farmer scholarships, including the New Mexico Organic Farming Conference. 505-983-7726, [email protected]
GREEN TRACTOR FARM is a family farm in La Cienega, growing certified organic vegetables, flowers and grapes on 5 acres. We farm in a beautiful valley with a spring fed acequia and use water conservation and soil building practices in our high desert climate. https://greentractorfarm.com/
NEW MEXICO FARM & LIVESTOCK BUREAU Established in 1917, New Mexico Farm & Livestock Bureau is the Voice of agriculture in New Mexico. As the largest agricultural organization in New Mexico we are a leader in policy development, advocacy and educational outreach. Our goal is to ensure a successful future for agriculture through promotion of local foods, protection of private property rights and access to agricultural water, and preservation of the customs and culture of agriculture. We offer several leadership development programs including Young Farmers and Ranchers, Collegiate Farm Bureau and our Women’s Leadership Program. Additionally, our New Mexico Ag in the Classroom outreach initiative offers curriculum and demonstrations to teachers state-wide as we spread awareness of the importance and value of New Mexico agriculture. Join us at www.nmflb.org.
Visit us online at www.nmofc.org New Mexico Organic Farming Conference


New Mexico Organic Farming Conference • 2017

Mil Gracias
to the following benefactors whose
generous support has made this conference possible.

Friends of Organic Agriculture La Montanita Co-op Natural Foods Market
New Mexico Farm & Livestock Bureau Santa Fe Farmers’ Market Institute Thornburg Foundation
Sponsors Biodynamic Association Rocky Mountain Farmers Union & Farmers Union Service Association Silver City Food Co-op
Contributors Fred Porter, Farm Bureau Financial Services
Wildhood Farm
And, thanks to the donors listed below for making our delicious organic lunch and snacks possible. Please return their support when you can.
Armijo Farm Aroma Organic Coffee
Bueno Foods Cid’s Food Market Coonridge Organic Goat Cheese Del Valle Organic Pecans Heidi’s Organic Raspberry Jam
Horizon Dairy KW Farms
La Montanita Cooperative Distribution Center Nature’s Way Dairy LLV
Organic Valley Family of Farms Red Rock Roasters Organic Coffee
Seco Spice Sweetgrass Cooperative Grass-fed Beef
Taos Roasters Organic Coffee Toucan Market
Veritable Vegetable

New Mexico Organic Farming Conference • 2017


Keynote Speakers

P aul Muller and Dru Rivers have farmed organically with their 4 children in the Capay Valley for the past 32 years. They are joined on the farm by partners Judith Redmond, Andrew Brait, son Amon Muller and wife Jenna Muller and some 80 full time employees.
Over this time, Full Belly has strived to evolve a farm system that would serve as a healthy alternative to the current farm models. As partners in Full Belly Farm, a 450-acre diversified organic farm, they have helped create a farm focused on local/ regional marketing; diverse cropping patterns; ecological health and diversity; Soil building; Carbon sequestration through cover crop management; innovative market strategies; growing new farmers through internships and new farm enterprises; and fostering vibrancy and beauty.
Each year, the farm produces some 80 different crops including fruits, flowers, nuts, and vegetables, and has integrated chickens, cattle and a 250 sheep herd into the farm system.
Paul has served on the boards of Yolo Land Trust, California Certified Organic Farmers, Capay Valley Vision and SAGE. He was a participant in California’s Ag Vision, Noble Foundation’s Soil Health Initiative and the Farm Foundation’s Dialogue on Agriculture.
Dru is a founding force behind the Ecological Farming Association. Together they have been honored with the Ecological Farming Association Susti award; the Pedro Illich award for Small Farmers of the Year from the UCD Small Farm Center; and were the 2006 Western Region winner Patrick Madden Award for Sustainable Farming Practices. The farm also received the prestigious Aldo Leopold

Paul Muller and Dru Rivers, Partners in Full Belly Farm
Award in 2014 for outstanding conservation measures practiced on the farm.
They have helped to organize and moderate the Agriculture Roundtable series in the Capay Valley to develop a regional agricultural strategic plan.
The farm is visited by thousands of visitors each year to tour a working organic farm.

Paul, Dru and Partners share a love for creating beautiful, productive, and healthy farms -- and for the ongoing evolution of farmers and farm design towards ecologically stable, biologically vibrant and economically viable enterprises. Their Farm is the home of 30 years of raucous celebration of rural living at their annual Hoes Down Harvest Festival, attracting over 6000 participants annually and raising funds for local rural non-profit organizations.


New Mexico Organic Farming Conference • 2017

Conference Awardees
New Mexico Organic Farming Conference Awardees

2003 Friend of Organic Agriculture: Bruce Gollub and Leah Morton
2004 Friend of Organic Agriculture: Connie Falk
2006 Friend of Organic Agriculture: Ron Walser
Farmer of the Year Sharlene Grunerud and Michael Alexander
2007 Friend of Organic Agriculture: Sarah Grant
Educator of the Year: Carol Sutherland Farmer of the Year
Molly and Antonio Manzanares Good Earth Award: Betty and Walt Lea
2008 Friend of Organic Agriculture: Marsha Mason,
Del Jimenez, Craig Mapel Educator of the Year: Gordon Tooley
Farmer of the Year Sally Harper
Good Earth Award: Johnny Lieb
2009 Friend of Organic Agriculture: La Montanita Coop,
Le Adams, Joanie Quinn Educator of the Year: Les Crowder
Farmer of the Year Norma and Dosi Alvarez Good Earth Award: Trenton Wann and Barbara Hawn
2010 Friend of Organic Agriculture: Brett Bakker
Educator of the Year: Ron Godin Farmer of the Year Nancy Coonridge
Good Earth Award: Nolina Bryant
2011 Friend of Organic Agriculture: Miley Gonzales
Educator of the Year: Nancy Flores Farmer of the Year: Don Bustos Good Earth Award: Christina and Tomas Apodaca
New Mexico Organic Farming Conference • 2017

2012 Friend of Organic Agriculture: Silver City Food Co-op
Educator of the Year: Tess Grasswitz Farmer of the Year
Sage and Shane Faulkner Good Earth Award: Steve Heil
2013 Friend of Organic Agriculture: Monte Skarsgard Educator of the Year: John Idowu, Kulbhushan Grover
Farmer of the Year Loretta and David Fresquez Good Earth Award: Amanda & Eli Burgione
2014 Friend of Organic Agriculture:
Cid Backer, Patrick Torres Educator of the Year: Robin Seydel
Farmer of the Year Heidi Eleftheriou Good Earth Award: Lorenzo Candelaria Young Farmer: Mike DeSmet
2015 Friend of Organic Agriculture: Colleen & Fred Hinker
Educator of the Year: Deb Ingersoll Farmer of the Year Johnny McMullin
Good Earth Award:Mesa Ruiz Young Farmer of the Year: Brittanie Lynch & Derek Jones
2016 Friend of Organic Agriculture: Michael Diaz
Farmer of the Year Mary and Tom Dixon Educator: Joran Viers Good Earth: Abe Froese Young: Nery Martinez

Conference Awardees
New Mexico Organic Farming Conference Awardees in 2016

Abe Froese receives the Good Earth award in 2016 at New Mexico Organic Farming Conference held in Albuquerque.

Mary and Tom Dixon were awarded
Organic Farmers of the Year in 2016.

Nery Young was named the Young Organic Farmer of the Year.


New Mexico Organic Farming Conference • 2017

New Mexico Organic Farming Conference • 2017


2017 Organic Farming Conference Sessions

FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 17 8:30 – 10:00am
Cancun – Got Weeds Dr. Leslie Beck, NMSU Extension Weed Special-
ist, is going to help us identify weeds and talk about management. See what Integrated Pest Management looks like from the ground up.
Coronado/Cozumel – Small Tools Join Jeff Anderson, Dona Ana County Exten-
sion Agricultural Agent and Ron Boyd, of Mer-Girl Gardens, in an interesting discussion of small tool innovation and use: learn how to make work easier by finding the right instrument for the job at hand.
Kokopelli – Grafting Join Gordon Tooley, of Tooleys Trees, and New
Mexico’s own tree whisperer as he tells us the amazing science behind grafting and what makes it work.
Las Cruces/Santa Fe – Cost Share Opportunities
Changes in certification for the NMDA-OP are being proposed as we speak, and there is no better time than now to learn the easy ins and outs of the cost share program through USDA. Elaine Padilla, NMDAOP and Laura Harper, del Valle Pecans, will answer your questions about cost- share and how it can put dollars back in your pockets!

Taos – Building Statewide Network of Small Organic Farmers to Meet Demand of Institutional Markets Including Schools and Daycares
Sayrah Namaste, Co-Director American Friends Service Committee and Noberto Armijo, Farm Trainer with American Friends Service Committee will talk about a pilot program of networking farmers who are cooperatively selling produce to institutional markets in NM.
Yucatan – ID the Insects in your Veggies Dr. Carol Sutherland, New Mexico State Entomol-
ogist, is bringing the bugs! Join her for the state’s top ten (or so) common pests; learn about host range, life cycle, biology and even IPM practices for each.
FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 17 10:30am – noon
Cancun – Chile Red or Green isn’t just our state
question, it is a state of mind. Learn from Matt Romero, certified organic chile grower, what works best when growing this veggie extraordinaire.
Coronado/Cozumel – Greenhouse Basics
Joseph Alfaro will share his lessons in greenhouse growing. Large or small, greenhouses can be a successful addition to your farm, this is the session to be at if you have or are thinking about adding a greenhouse.


New Mexico Organic Farming Conference • 2017

2017 Organic Farming Conference Sessions

Kokopelli – Saving NM Apple Varieties
Join Mesa Ruiz in an interesting session on the old apples and what he and others are doing to save them.
Las Cruces/Santa Fe – Soil Samples Dr. Robert Flynn, Extension Agronomy and Soils
Specialist and Superintendant of the NMSU Ag Science Center at Artesia, will tell us how to correctly take and prepare soil samples and share the basics of soil needs. (this is the Prerequisite for the advanced session on Interpreting soil samples)
Taos – Employees and the Laws that You Need to Know
Lee McDaniel from the NM State Department of Labor, will address the regulations and management challenges of hiring folks on the farm.
Yucatan – Beneficial Bugs and Your Operation
Join Dr. Ashley Bennett, NMSU Small Urban Farm IPM Specialist, as she gives you the good bug story and what the most common friends of veggies are.

FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 17 1:30-3:00
Cancun – FSMA means Whaaat to Your Operation?
FSMA (Food Safety Modernization Act) is a challenging set of rules, particularly when combined with the organic rules. Bring your confusion and let Leaane Skelton, USDA and FDA, help you decipher what it means for you.
Coronado/Cozumel – Carbon Sequestration in Practice
Dr. David Johnson, Director Research Scientist/ Molecular Biologist Institute for Sustainable Agricultural Research, NMSU, will focus on the practice and legal requirements of carbon sequestration.
Kokopelli – Interpreting Soil Sample Results (Advanced Session) Dr. Robert Flynn tackles the practical interpretation of your soils samples (prerequisite: taking soil samples)
Las Cruces/Santa Fe – Managing Soil Fertility for High-Production Organic Agriculture
Benjamin Bartlett If improving your crop yield was as easy as putting more fertilizer, everyone would be farmer! Fertility management starts with soil health, the right inputs and good tillage practices; but what is good soil health? What are the right inputs? What does tillage have to do with fertility? Learn what it takes to profitably manage your crop inputs and build a sustainable soil system on a commercial agriculture scale.
Taos – Trellising Kevin Lombard, Superintendent of NMSU Agri-
cultural Science Center at Farmington, will share trellis experience, what works and what will leave you hanging.

New Mexico Organic Farming Conference • 2017


2017 Organic Farming Conference Sessions

Cancun - Flowers Full Belly Farms is a flowerful operation, as well
as an organic farm in the Capay Valley of Northern California, and Dru Rivers will lead this session on growing these beautiful and worthwhile additions to your farm.

Coronado/Cozumel – Certification… All You Need to Know
Join the NMDA-OP staff and certified organic producer Laura Harper as they walk you through the process of getting and staying certified organic.

Yucatan – Hops Dr. Rob Sirrine, Michigan State University Senior Extension Educator and co-founding member of the Great Lakes Hop Working Group will give an overview of hops production, including setup, trellising, fertility, pest and disease control and basic cost information.
FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 17 3:30-5:00pm

Kokopelli – Cover Crops and Soil Health: A Critical Connection
The old saying goes something like, “If it was easy, everyone would be doing it!”; so, how do you make cover crop management easier? Benjamin Bartlett, soil nutritionist for Midwestern BioAg and graduate of NMSU, will dive into cover crop management and its important role in improving soil health.
Las Cruces/Santa Fe – Beekeeping Join Heather Harrell, For the Love of Bees, as she
shares the bee basics. No bee stings here, just lots of information on what you need to know!
Taos – Business Planning Farming a business plan? Join Dr. Mi-
chael Patrick from NMSU Extension Economics Department as he explains how a plan can help your operation save money and time in the long run by building this part of your business! Bring questions and a notebook, you can start today!

Yucatan – Why Every Farmer Needs a Microscope!
Dr. Mary Lucero will bring her microscope and share with you why you need to look deeper into your soils to improve your farm from the roots up.


New Mexico Organic Farming Conference • 2017
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