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Ending the AIDS epidemic for adolescents, with adolescents

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unaids 2016 | reference ending the aids epidemic for adolescents, with adolescents a practical guide to meaningfully engage adolescents in the aids response contents background 2 purpose of this document 4 evidence related to adolescents and hiv 6 why is it important

Dietary practices of adolescents in Singapore and Malaysia

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original article singapore med j 2005; 46(6) : 282 dietary practices of adolescents in singapore and malaysia k lew, p j barlow abstract introduction: this study sets out to investigate any differences in dietary practices between adolescents in singapore and malaysia. methods: an adolescent dietary practices survey

CBT For Suicidal, Depressed Adolescents

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cbt for suicidal, depressed adolescents anthony spirito, phd, abpp alpert medical school of brown university disclosures none acknowledgements  sponsors  american foundation for suicide prevention  van amerigen foundation  harvard pilgrim research foundation  national institute on alcohol abuse and alcoholism (aa14191; aa020705)  national

AL I Underweight, Short Stature and Overweight in Adolescents

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o s al ut pr i e n o p a p h s o ovi mund underweight, short stature and overweight in adolescents and young women in latin america and the caribbean introduction despite being the period

Parenting styles and moral judgment among adolescents

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international journal of applied research 2016; 2(2): 572-574 issn print: 2394-7500 issn online: 2394-5869 impact factor: 5.2 ijar 2016; 2(2): 572-574 received: 24-12-2015 accepted: 23-01-2016 dr. chandra kumari associate professor human development, dept. of home science banasthali vidyapith, rajasthan, india. arushi khanna p.g. student human development, dept. of

Determinants of pregnancy in adolescents in Colombia

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2018 determinants of pregnancy determinants of pregnancy in adolescents in colombia: explaining the causes of causes. roció murad, juan carlos rivillas, victoria vargas-pinzón, luz janeth forero-martínez dirección de investigaciones, gerencia de proyectos, investigaciones e incidencia doi: 10.13140/rg.2.2.16855.50088 corresponding author: [email protected] abstract objective: the purpose of this research was

Medical Misuse of Controlled Medications Among Adolescents

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article medical misuse of controlled medications among adolescents sean esteban mccabe, phd; brady t. west, ma; james a. cranford, phd; paula ross-durow, phd; amy young, phd; christian j. teter, pharmd; carol j. boyd, phd objectives: to determine the past-year medical misuse prevalence for 4 controlled medication classes (pain, stimulant,

What Works for African American Children and Adolescents

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publication #2011-04 4301 connecticut avenue, nw, suite 350, washington, dc 20008 phone 202-572-6000 fax 202-362-8420 what works for african american children and adolescents: lessons from experimental evaluations of programs and interventions tawana bandy, b.s. and kristin a. moore, ph.d. february 2011 overview the disproportionate

Publications concerning Abortion and Adolescents

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alliance for post-abortion research & training publications concerning abortion and adolescents adler, n. e., ozer, e.j. & tschann, j. (2003). abortion among adolescents. american psychologist, 58 (3), 211-217. barglow, p. & weinstein, s. (1973). therapeutic abortion during adolescence: psychiatric observations. journal of youth and adolescence, 2 (4), 331-42. biro,

Mental health problems among adolescents - DiVA

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mental health problems among adolescents public health nurses’ work and interprofessional collaboration within the school health service marie dahlen granrud faculty of health, science and technology nursing science doctoral thesis | karlstad university studies | 2019:24 mental health problems among adolescents public health nurses’ work and interprofessional collaboration within

Family and Individual Factors of Suicidal Ideation in Adolescents

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psihologija, 2011, vol. 44 (3), 245–260 udc 616.89-008.441.44-053.6:159.922.8.072(497.113) © 2011 by the serbian psychological association 159.922.8.072 doi: 10.2298/psi1103245s family and individual factors of suicidal ideation in adolescents jelena srdanović maraš¹, olja dukić², jasminka marković¹ and mikloš biro ¹centre for child and adolescent psychiatry, institute of psychiatry,

Mapping of Executive Functions in Children and Adolescents

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year: 2016 zurich open repository and archive university of zurich university library strickhofstrasse 39 ch-8057 zurich mapping of executive functions in children and adolescents born very preterm wehrle, flavia abstract: executive function deficits are among the most frequent sequela of very preterm birth but the underlying

Q&A for Adolescents and Youth Related to COVID-19 A1

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q&a for adolescents and youth related to covid-19 these questions and answers were developed by the world health organization, unesco, unfpa and unicef. we are grateful to young people from the adolescents and youth constituency of the partnership for maternal, newborn and child health who contributed to the development of

Systemic Barriers to the Care of Children and Adolescents

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systemic barriers to the care of children and adolescents with adhd 1 2 introduction 3 the american academy of pediatrics (aap) strives to improve the quality of care 4 provided by primary care clinicians (pccs) through quality improvement initiatives including 5 developing, promulgating, and regularly

Perceptions of adolescents in low resourced areas1 towards

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research article perceptions of adolescents in low resourced areas1towards pregnancy and the choice on termination of pregnancy (ctop) me ratlabala, manager - nursing services, st rita’s hospital: limpopo province department of health and social development mdm makofane, dphil. (social work) department of social work, university of limpopo, turfloop campus

Adjustment of Adolescents of Parents Living with HIV

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this article was downloaded by: [university of california, los angeles (ucla)] on: 21 may 2013, at: 12:09 publisher: routledge informa ltd registered in england and wales registered number: 1072954 registered office: mortimer house, 37-41 mortimer street, london w1t 3jh, uk journal of hiv/aids prevention in children & youth publication details,

The relation between pregnant adolescents attitude about

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open journal of obstetrics and gynecology, 2013, 3, 172-179 published online february 2013 ( ojog the relation between pregnant adolescents’ attitude about nutrition and weight gain during pregnancy and hemoglobin level* türkan Özünlü1, senay cetinkaya2#, 1school of health, university of selçuk, konya, turkey 2school of health,

Effects of Parental Influence on Adolescents Career Choice

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iosr journal of research & method in education (iosr-jrme) e-issn: 2320–7388,p-issn: 2320–737x volume 4, issue 4 ver. iii (jul-aug. 2014), pp 44-57 effects of parental influence on adolescents’ career choice in badagry local government area of lagos state, nigeria olaosebikan, olusola isaac; olusakin, ayokamopelola department of educational foundations,

Perceptions of Adolescents, Teachers and Parents of Life

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applied research in quality of life (2021) 16:1847–1860 perceptions of adolescents, teachers and parents of life skills education and life skills in high school students in hong kong daniel t.l. shek1 & li lin1 & cecilia m.s. ma1 & lu yu1 & janet t.y. leung1 & florence k.y. wu2

Addressing Nutritional Disorders in Adolescents - International

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journal of adolescent health 63 (2018) 120À123 position paper addressing nutritional disorders in adolescents the society for adolescent health and medicine tagedpadolescence is a unique period of nutritional vulnerability. the complex hormonal interplay necessary for normal pubertal development, linear growth, and neurodevelopmental changes cannot occur without