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Ashburton College Issue 35 News

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Ashburton College
Individual Excellence in a Supportive Learning Environment

Issue 35
26 November 2020

Message From The Principal
‘ACCORD’ Teacher Only Day - NCEA
Last Thursday we held a Teacher Only Day under the title of an “ACCORD Day”. ACCORD Days are part of a nationwide agreement between the Teachers’ Unions (Primary and Secondary) and the Ministry of Education.
The focus of these days is to ensure that teachers are well-prepared for the changes that are scheduled for NCEA in 2022. NCEA has been in place for twenty years and it was felt that it is timely to have some changes.
Amongst these changes will be a reduction in the number of standards available in each subject, an increased level of, and focus on, Literacy and Numeracy, and students will be more likely to have to pass external exams to achieve NCEA.
These changes have come about after widespread community, industry and sector consultation. It is pleasing to note that the Ministry of Education is consulting with schools about whether these changes will be effective.
At Ashburton College we have agreed to be one of the schools consulted (a Hub School), as it is important to have a say in the shaping of future NCEA qualifications. There will be some trials of proposed material next year at schools throughout the country.
Activities for Junior Students
Next week there are a number of key events happening and it is, of course, our final week for students.
GOT Day On Tuesday 01 December we have ‘Get Out There (GOT) Day’. This is very popular and it involves all teaching staff and Year 9 and 10 students in a practical activities-based day. Staff are invited to offer activities and then students choose from a menu. This is always an enjoyable day for all concerned, because students are doing a choice for that day and staff can offer an area of interest. In my case, a day’s fishing!
The activities range from very active (e.g: white-water rafting) through to passive (e.g: cupcake making and movie watching). I would like to acknowledge Karen Stockdill in our office, who has done a great job of organising this event.
Prize-Givings On Wednesday 02 December students in our Whare Manaaki (previously Student Learning Support Unit) will celebrate their achievements with their prize-giving at 11:00am.
On Thursday afternoon, 03 December, we have our Year 10 final day and prize-giving in our Auditorium. This starts at 1:30pm and there will be classrooms with livestreaming of the event to cater for the overflow of parents, caregivers and community members.
Friday morning, 04 December, will be the Year 9 final day and prizegiving which starts at 11:00am and, again, there will be classrooms open for live streaming. Both events are extremely popular, and they will start promptly.
Laptop or Chrome Book If you haven’t considered a Christmas present for your child then can I recommend a laptop which is ideal to assist with your child’s learning. At the junior level a Chromebook is perfectly adequate, although I am sure that they will try and persuade you that the latest Apple MacBook would be preferred!
Thanks for your ongoing support of Ashburton College during this unique year.
Kind regards.
Ross Preece Principal • Tumuaki
Final NCEA Exam Study Nights
Remaining Study Nights are being held in the College Library, between 7:00pm and 9:00pm, on the dates listed below:
Tonight, Thursday 26 November, Monday 30 November, Tuesday 01 December (final night).
A list of the teachers in attendance is displayed in the Library.
Supporting students in this way is a significant time contribution from teaching staff, valued by the College Board, Management and students. It is therefore important for students to respect the study purpose of these nights, so that all attending can achieve purposeful outcomes.

Ashburton College Board of Trustees Mid-Term Parent Election 2020
Voting Papers
Voting papers, with candidates’ statements have been posted to all eligible voters.
Do take this opportunity to have your say as to who is elected to Ashburton College’s Board of Trustees.
Reminder: VOTING CLOSES AT 4:00PM FRIDAY 04 DECEMBER 2020. Our Board encourages early return of voting papers - to return these you can: • Hand-deliver to Ashburton College in one of the following ways: In the
envelope provided, not in an envelope, or an envelope addressed to The Returning Officer, Ashburton College –
by 4:00pm on Friday 04 December 2020. • Email to the Returning Officer: [email protected] -
by 4:00pm on Friday 04 December 2020. • Post in the envelope provided, or in another envelope, to The
Returning Officer, Ashburton College Board of Trustees, P O Box 204, Ashburton 7740, New Zealand (Freepost 185140). Two voting forms may be returned in the same envelope. Note, if posting: Your vote MUST be received by the Returning Officer no later than five days after the date of the election (by/ on Wednesday 09 December). Try to post as early as possible as New Zealand Post has reduced postal delivery days in some areas.
Sheena Tyrrell Returning Officer
Pacific Healthy Homes Project – Assisting Families
The Pacific Healthy Homes Project is aimed at Pasifika families with children aged 0-14 years in the Oamaru, Timaru, and Ashburton districts. This project has been developed as a culturally safe initiative with the purpose of assisting families to raise children in an environment that is safe, warm and dry, with the aid of the holistic Healthy Home assessment. Minimising housing issues will in turn minimise the number of children becoming sick and suffering asthma attacks, viral infections, and other related health illnesses. We also provide education on minimising power, use of heating/heat-pumps and removing mould and dampness. If You Feel Your House Is Cold and Damp – Contact for Help If you feel that your house is very cold and damp, and even possibly making your fanau sick, then our Pacific Healthy Homes project will be great for you. We can carry out healthy homes checks, make sure your house is up to standard, and help solve any housing issues that might be making your children sick. Our aim is to reduce children getting sick due to cold and damp home environments and our service is free to all Pacific Island families.
Contact: Elti on 0291217666 or [email protected] to organise your Healthy Homes check - today!
Japanese Cultural Day and Restaurant Meal Enjoyed by Students of Japanese
Year 11, 12 and 13 students of Japanese visited Japanese restaurant Koji on Creek Road, on 29 and 30 October. Hiromi Horsley, teacher of Japanese, said that all students had studied very hard this year and completed their assessments, so the outing was a nice treat at the end of the year. The students walked to the restaurant and enjoyed delicious Japanese food, including: sushi, sashimi, teriyaki chicken, pork katsu, bento box, udon noodles. The conclusion was that everything was ‘so yummy’, with the students loving the Japanese food! Students learned to say ‘Itadakimasu’ (‘Thank you for the food’ ‘Let’s eat’) before the meal, and‘gochisousamadeshita’(‘Thank you for the food’ ‘It was delicious’) after the meal, and used chopsticks very well. Like many, the students had a hard year because of Covid-19 but Hiromi said they were so lucky to complete the year altogether and celebrate at the Japanese restaurant.
(Pictured above, left hand side, front to back): Mia Love, Yuzuki Okazaki, Ron Sildo, Angela Burrowes, Conner Stewart, William Wills, Dawn Gargar, Jack Brown, Caitlin Muir. (Right hand side, front to back): Myan Martizano, Amanda Adachi, Ophelia Yao, Luvepa Falealili, Tomika Lucido, Jaimee Chute, Jack Jessep, Matthew Wong.

ASX Sharemarket Game – Year 12 Economics Students
Economics teacher Kirsty Moffett advised that our 2020 Year 12 Economics students were very fortunate to be offered the opportunity to play the Australian Sharemarket game this year.
The game involved investing $50,000 in companies of their choice from the Australian Sharemarket, and Michelle Parkin from Forsyth Barr Ashburton very kindly donated her time to mentor the students and teach them about the sharemarket.
Team Members Three teams were involved: ‘Alpha’ consisting of Ged Wall, Flynn Mackenzie, Parker Bradford and Ben Simons whose portfolio was worth $44,571 at the end of the competition.
‘The Wolves Of Walnut Ave’ were Sam Holland, Harry Trumper, Jayden Marshall and John Magyaya whose portfolio was more successful, finishing at $50,015.
Creditable 10th New Zealand Placing The all-girl team ‘ODE’, of Emma Scammell, Drew Porter and Olivia Lill were very successful and considered in their investing, coming a creditable 10th from 189 New Zealand teams entered.
The team finished with a final portfolio value of $52,477.
Appreciation to Forsyth Barr (Pictured below) is Michelle Parkin from Forsyth Barr with the winning girls’ team of (left to right) Emma Scammell, Drew Porter and Olivia Lill and their winning prize of an Echo Dot Smart Speaker, each kindly donated by Forsyth Barr Ashburton.

Coming Events

November 26-27 Year 10 Outdoor Education Bush Survival course,
Peel Forest Outdoor Centre
Peer Support training - Year 11 27 German Year 10 external exam 30-02 Dec NZSS Gillette Cup Girls’ Cricket, Christchurch 30-05 Dec NZSS Gillette Cup Boys’ Cricket, Christchurch

December 01 GOT (Get Out There) Day, various venues 02 SLSU/Te Whare Manaaki Prize-giving
SLSU/Te Whare Manaaki students final day 03 Year 10 Prize-giving, 1:30pm, and final day for Year 10 students 04 Year 9 Prize-giving, 11:00am, and final day for Year 9 students 06 Year 13 Graduation Dinner, Hotel Ashburton, 7:00pm 09 NCEA exams finish 11-13 New Zealand Secondary Schools’Track,
Field and Road Championships

Term Dates 2021 – Term One Thursday 04 February
Friday 05 February Tuesday 09 February Term Two Monday 03 May Term Three Monday 26 July Term Four Monday 18 October

(Years 9 and 13)

(Years 10 and 12)

(Year 11)

- Friday 16 April

- Friday 09 July

- Friday 01 October

- Thursday 28 October (Year 13)

- Tuesday 02 November (Years 11/12)

- Thursday 09 December (Year 10)

- Friday 10 December (Year 9)

Some Key Early-Year Dates

January 27-29

Year 13 Leadership Camp (for confirmed students), Mt Hutt Retreat


Peer Support Training, selected Year 12 students.

28, 29, 01 Feb Course Confirmation. For selected Year 12 and 13 students only, by appointment.


02-03 04 05 08 09

Teacher Only Days Year 9 and 13 students' first day Year 10 and 12 students' first day Waitangi Day observed, public holiday Year 11 students' first day Pōwhiri, 11:30am

Ashburton College
Individual Excellence in a Supportive Learning Environment

Issue 35
26 November 2020

Board of Trustees Newly Elected Student Representative
Additional to previously advised student leadership roles, students are also nominated for the position of Student Representative to the Board of Trustees. The process to this follows national legislative procedures. Following video link nominee speeches College students voted electronically, at the same time as for the Head Students, on Wednesday and Thursday 04 and 05 November, for this one-year position. The new representative commences at the Board’s 25 November meeting. This year three students were nominees for the role, which is a very pleasing level of interest shown for what is a responsible position.
The successful candidate this year is Gemma Taylor
Appreciation – Previous Board Student Representative, Willow Diedricks Appreciation is given to Willow Diedricks, Board Student Representative from November 2019 – October 2020. Willow brought a valued perspective to the Board table, showing maturity and thoughtfulness during Board discussions, and through her written reports and various points raised. Additionally, Willow offered quality verbal contributions, articulately putting forward intelligent, considered and wide-viewed inputs which the Board has respected and valued. Willow is thanked for her time given to what is a reasonably time-demanding position, and wished well for her post-secondary school years.
History Made By Ashburton Army Cadet Unit - Winners of National Skills Competition
Over Labour Weekend cadets from Ashburton Cadet Unit, Fielding Cadet Unit and Hamilton City Cadet Unit descended on Riverhead Forest, north of Auckland, for the 2020 National Army Cadet Skills Competition. This was a qualification-entry event with the three teams each having to win their area competitions to be eligible to contest the Nationals, with teams competing both in sections and as individuals. At this event the teams competed both as sections and as individuals, in a range of stands. Major Cezarne Rodgers outlined the fourteen activities the teams competed in over the three days. These were: gear check, a required fitness level, first aid, navigation practical, equipment carry, initiative stand, observation gallery, observation lane, general service knowledge, casualty evacuation, drill, navigation theory, dry firing training tests being rifle safety, target shooting and mud run.
(Pictured right, left and right): Marc Calzada during the first aid test, working on a chainsaw injury patient. Elizabeth Hastie is pictured on the right.
The Winning Team:
(Pictured below): Led by Warrant Officer Class 2 Maria Costas, the team was comprised of (back row, left to right): Corporal Marc Calzada, Major Cezarne Rodgers, Lance Corporal May Penjueli, Lance Corporal Markus White, former student Sergeant Calais Hill, Corporal Elizabeth Hastie, Lance Corporal Eli Orena, Cadet Seb van Rooyen. (Front row, left to right): Corporal Brodyn Gabites, Team Leader Warrant Officer Class Two Maria Costas, former student Lieutenant Shannon Bradley (Team Manager).

Overall Results In winning the competition the Ashburton Cadet Unit team won six events overall, came second in six events and placed third in two activities. Brodyn Gabites gained the Top Shot Award. The battle to achieve as they did was hard, with lots of pain and some tears but the outcome was reported as being ‘so worth it’. The organisers noted that the competition was extremely close this year but, in congratulating the Ashburton Unit as 2020 winners, said there can only be one winner. The victorious team flew home in military style in an Air Force Hercules.
Pathway to the National Title
The Ashburton Cadet Unit Skills Team’s pathway to the national championships came via their win at the Southern Area Skills Competition, with part of the competition held at the West Melton Rifle Range, 10-15 minutes from Burnham Military Camp, on 02-05 October. As a result of their win at this event they were eligible to compete for the national title, with the same team members being those outlined above in the national competition report. Competition Director at this event was College Staff member Major Cezarne Rodgers, with former student Hayden Adams as Competition Staff. College Student Individual awards at this event went to Corporal Brodyn Gabites - top navigation theory test score. Lance Corporal Eli Orena - top shot. Team Award - Sergeant Lindsay Turner Esprit de Corps Trophy The team was also awarded the above trophy for the team which best displayed the Core Values of comradeship, courage, commitment and integrity. This is voted by the teams and team managers, making it a very meaningful award. Ashburton Corp Competitors Loaned The team also loaned two competitors - Lance Corporal Nadine Cabanatan and Cadet Declan Pretorius - to the team from Motueka.
The pain of success (pictured left, front to back): Corporal Marc Calzada, Warrant Officer Class Two Maria Costas, Lance Corporal May Penjueli, Corporal Elizabeth Hastie, Corporal Brodyn Gabites, Sergeant Calais Hill.
The Southern Area Skills Competition Ashburton Cadets Winning Team
(Pictured right, back row, left and right): Eli Orena, Sergeant Calais Hill, holding the Esprit de Corps trophy. (Middle row, left to right): Cadet Seb van Rooyen, Corporal Elizabeth Hastie, Lance Corporal May Penjueli, Lance Corporal Markus White.
(Front row, left to right): Lieutenant Shannon Bradley; Warrant Officer Class Two Maria Costas, Corporal Brodyn Gabites (holding the overall competition winner trophy); Corporal Marc Calzada.
Named in All-Stars Basketball Teams
Sophie Adams and Kambell Stills (pictured below, left and right) were recently named in their respective Whelan (girls) and Thomson (boys) Trophy All-Star teams for 2020, playing in Canterbury’s Premier Secondary Schools’ Basketball Competition. At the conclusion of each season best players in each competition are named in a recognition tournament team and presented with a playing shirt. Both players were dominant forces on their respective teams, with this being Sophie’s third season selected as an All-Star.

The Strength of College Public Speakers Shines in Senior Student Speech Competitions
These competitions took place in the College Auditorium on Wednesday 21 October (Year 12 and 13) and Wednesday 28 October for Year 11 students. Appreciation to Judges Our appreciation again goes to Don McLeod and Denise O’Halloran for judging both events. Both come with expertise in this field. We thank our judges for their continuing support of our school and students. Year 12 and 13 Student Competition This took place on Wednesday 21 October, in the Auditorium, during Period 4, with speakers giving a great display of diversity and topics. Final Year 12 and 13 placings were 1st Year 13: Henry Chapman - ‘Failure Builds Resilience’ 1st Year 12: Lauren Taylor - ‘The Obvious? Sexism’
(Pictured right, left and right): Year 12 finalist Easterlin Faamausili and Year 12 winner Lauren Taylor.
Year 11 Student Competition Six Year 11 students took to the stage to present their speeches for thus annual event. Prior to the finals day, students gave a thirty second byte of their speech in a twelve-person run-off, to win a position in the competition. This alone exemplifies the strength of oratory skills within our school. The top six students who made their way into the finals competition were (pictured below, left to right) Imogene Felton, Eli Orena, Salatielu Iakopo, Ciara Ross, Mae Patterson and Anna Gray.
Topics covered material ranging from pigs as allies in space exploration, through to being true to yourself. Judges, Denise O’Halloran and Don McLeod, were both impressed with the speakers’ clarity and engagement of the audience. English teacher Sarah Lassen said that we look forward to seeing what all of these students will achieve in coming years. Final Year 11 placings were 1st: Eri Orena -
‘Luck and the Individual’ 2nd: Ciara Ross -
‘The Referendum on Medicinal Marijuana’ 3rd: Salateilu Iakopo ‘Technology and the Teen’
(Pictured right): Eri Orena grasping some luck.
Japanese Consul’s Prize for Madison Brown
Year 12 student, Madison Brown received the Japanese Consul’s Prize and Ton’s Thai Award and Top Student in Year 13 Japanese, at this year’s Year 11 and 12 Prize-giving. Her teacher of Japanese, Hiromi Horsley said that Madison has been learning Japanese one year ahead of her year level since she was a Year 10 student. Described as having a huge knowledge of Japanese culture and lifestyle, Hiromi advised further that Madison’s understanding of language is amazing, learning new Kanji (a system of Japanese writing using Chinese characters), vocabulary and grammar every day. Madison participated in the College’s 2019 Japan Tour and had various experiences such as homestay, and attending the College’s Sister School in Japan, Tokorozawa Kita High School, plus visiting famous tourist spots in Hiroshima, Kyoto, Osaka, and Tokyo. With other students Madison participated in the Japan Day in Christchurch in February, and has experienced Japanese culture and food. In December Madison will sit NCEA Scholarship in Japanese and a Japanese Language Proficiency Test which is a world-wide qualification. As is requested by the Japanese Consulate the photo of Madison (pictured above) and her awards will be forwarded to them.