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Transcript Of AT&T Paper Procurement Policy VISION STATEMENT POLICY

AT&T Paper Procurement Policy
At AT&T, we are deeply committed to environmental sustainability and are dedicated to taking meaningful steps to minimize harmful environmental impact. AT&T will strive to achieve goals on reducing, reusing and recycling paper products; increase our role in promoting responsible forest products; and encourage a market that conserves, protects and restores forests.
1. This policy shall apply to AT&T consumer billing, direct mail marketing, retail collateral, and office paper consumption.
2. AT&T requires in its written contracts that suppliers comply with applicable laws and regulations. This requirement includes local, state, national and international regulations for forest management, harvest and manufacturing.
3. AT&T will give purchasing preference to the following paper products:
a. Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified paper.
b. Post-consumer waste (PCW) content that is processed chlorine free to reduce pressure on natural forests, protect water resources and facilitate the development of markets for such products.
4. AT&T will strive to achieve the following targets, subject to our core business requirements for supply availability and product performance, financial impacts, transportation distances and other environmental impact considerations:
a. FSC certification for direct mail and office paper:
By 2012, increase FSC-certified paper purchases to 50 percent by weight. AT&T will use reasonable efforts to avoid use of the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) Logo and name on paper that happens to be SFI-certified.
b. PCW content (by weight) for direct mail and office paper:
By 2013, increase PCW content in paper purchases to 10 percent. By 2015, increase PCW content in paper purchases to 15 percent.

c. Reduced consumption in billing, primarily via promotion of online billing and reduction of mail size and weight: By 2015, decrease the weight of paper purchased for billing by 50 percent from 2010 baseline year.
AT&T may consider other paper certification systems if they provide sufficient environmental and social assurances such as: instituting governance and funding mechanisms that are fully balanced, transparent and independent; demonstration of consistency with applicable laws, regulations or legal guidelines; and securing widespread acceptance from environmental and social stakeholders. 5. AT&T believes that purchasing paper products derived from the sustainable harvest of forests has the potential to positively benefit the climate, the biodiversity of species supported by these forests and the contributions forests make locally and globally. AT&T will give preference to paper products that come from sources other than old growth, high conservation value, and controversial forests. 6. AT&T will consider opportunities to use paper products containing alternative fibers such as agricultural waste, and alternatives to wood-based products, to reduce pressure on natural forests and develop markets for such products. 7. AT&T seeks open communications and collaborative relationships with stakeholders. AT&T publishes and distributes regular sustainability reports. The report will follow the Global Reporting Initiative's guidelines. The report will discuss our progress toward achieving this policy’s objectives. Signed,
Tim Harden, President —Supply Chain and Fleet Operations
Charlene Lake — SVP- Public Affairs & Chief Sustainability Officer
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