Brown Paper Process Flow Analysis

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Brown Paper Process Flow Analysis

Transcript Of Brown Paper Process Flow Analysis


Items covered in this section
• What is the Brown Paper Process • Why use it and how it differs from traditional
process flows • End product • How to build, critique and present a Brown Paper • Helpful Hints

What is a Brown Paper?
• A Brown Paper is a visual display of a process, series of processes and / or system, its strengths and opportunities
• Brown Papers provide a picture of an entire process showing actual steps, decision points, documentation and interfaces
• It is a process. The Brown Paper Process involves work process analysis and documentation, client involvement and participation, critique and assessment of opportunities.

What is a Brown Paper
•Brown Papers identify and gain support for changes: •Describe the process as it currently works •Show the “big picture” •Identify strengths and weaknesses •Capture the complexity associated with key issues •Tie activities to specific quantifiers •Develop area ownership of diagnostics and results •Are used to identify studies quantify opportunties
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What is different about the Brown Paper Process
Document a business process from end-to-end
• Are self-explanatory • Use illustrations / icons • Include “live” documents • Make the documents traceable from step to step • Capture important data, such as:
– Volume – Cycle time – Quality – Quantity – Other

Change Leadership/Process Improvement
• Build momentum in the organization(s) studied • Create client involvement and ownership • Identify existing processes and / or systems • Identify opportunities for improvement • Build consensus

Brown Paper Deliverables

The brown paper process results in the brown paper itself, a summary of findings and a list of opportunities

Strengths • • • • • • ••

Findings • • • • • • ••



Constructing Brown Paper Process Flows
Before you start creating a Process Flow...
• Decide what the Brown Paper will be used for and level of detail needed: • Secure a conference room or working area that lets you roll-out or hang
the paper • Schedule working sessions with key content experts & customers • Obtain supplies (colored post-it notes, scissors, glue sticks,
spray mount, masking tape, brown paper, pencils, markers, ruler, etc....)

Constructing Brown Paper Process Flows
When Constructing a Brown Paper Process Flow...
• Based on preliminary discussions, prepare a rough draft on a sheet of paper
• Get the participants to do the work • Capture how system really works, not how it is supposed to work • Ask questions while they are constructing the paper • Keep them moving; don’t let them deliberate too much • Always ask: who else should see this, or who else is involved in the
process? • Integrate “presenting back” what is on paper; this helps clarify the process
and facilitates knowledge transfer • Separate “building” the current process from “critique” of the process. Build
it first, then critique it LATER!

Constructing Brown Paper Process Flows
When Constructing a Brown Paper Process Flow...
• Include a title of the process in the upper left-hand corner • Have an organizational chart on the left hand side-highlight who validated it • Have a list of creators / reviewers in the lower left-hand corner • Use live documents
- screen printout with data fields completed - memos - reports • Use masking tape to attach all items first pass; they may need to move later • Use creative icons / graphics
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