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Inclusive and adaptive business models for climate-smart

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view metadatac,ocsituatsiotn-9a59n;dnsoim. iolafr ppaapgeerss a6t available online at sciencedirect brought to you by core provided by wageningen university & research publications inclusive and adaptive business models for climate- smart value creation todd s rosenstock1,2, rob lubberink3, sera gondwe4, timothy manyise3 and domenico dentoni3 climate-smart business

The Evolution of Business Models within a Business Ecosystem

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the evolution of business models within a business ecosystem for cooperative logistic valentina boschian, paolo paganelli to cite this version: valentina boschian, paolo paganelli. the evolution of business models within a business ecosystem for cooperative logistic. 14th working conference on virtual enterprises, (prove), sep 2013, dresden, germany. pp.509-516, ￿10.1007/978-3-642-40543-3_54￿. ￿hal-01463246￿

Business Analytics Methods, Models, and Decisions GLOBAL

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business analytics methods, models, and decisions james r. evans i university of cincinnati global edition second edition pearson boston columbus indianapolis new york san francisco amsterdam cape town dubai london madrid milan munich paris montreal toronto delhi mexico city säo paulo sydney hong kong seoul singapore taipei

Designing the Business Models for Circular Economy Towards

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sustainability review designing the business models for circular economy—towards the conceptual framework mateusz lewandowski received: 12 november 2015; accepted: 30 december 2015; published: 18 january 2016 academic editor: adam jabłon´ ski institute of public affairs, faculty of management and social communication, jagiellonian university, lojasiewicza 4, krakow 31-348, poland; [email protected]; tel.:

IFIP AICT 408 - The Evolution of Business Models within a

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the evolution of business models within a business ecosystem for cooperative logistic valentina boschian and paolo paganelli bluegreen stratetegy srl, via sebastiano serlio 24, 48128 bologna, italy {valentina.boschian,paolo.paganelli} abstract. the aim of this paper consists in presenting a new approach in studying the evolution of the business models of the

Business Models for Research Institutions

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business models for research institutions by: universalia august 2013 business models for research institutions executive summary with core funding for non-profit organizations becoming increasingly scarce and competition for grants rising, non-profit organizations are having to look at new ways of remaining relevant and ensuring sustainability. the international development research

Inclusive Business Models - United Nations Development

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private sector division, undp: “brokering inclusive business models” (2010) this series also includes: inclusive markets development handbook (2010) and the following supporting tools: private sector division, undp: “assessing markets” (2010) private sector division, undp: “guide to partnership building” (2010) this document was produced for the private sector division, partnership

Corporate Social Responsibility & Social Business Models in India

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mumbai silicon valley bangalore singapore mumbai bkc new delhi munich new york corporate social responsibility & social business models in india a legal & tax perspective march 2018 © copyright 2018 nishith desai associates corporate social responsibility & social business models in india a legal &

Indirect and direct business models and their effect on - DiVA

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                    master’s thesis is business administration fe2413 2014-02-15 author: kristoffer sthen supervisor: ossi pesämaa, phd [email protected] [email protected]  abstract this thesis studies financial performance data for swedish publically traded information technology companies

Business Architecture & Business Models

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business architecture & business models austin, texas, usa - september 16, 2014 steve dupont business model collaboration team member steve dupont karen erwin linda finley frank fons j. bryan lail stephen marshall title senior enterprise architect, the boeing company director, it strategy/business performance services, ntt data president,

Towards a Typology of Business Models in the Biotechnology

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towards a typology of business models in the biotechnology industry author dr. jean-pierre segers [email protected] j.p. segers holds a phd in economics and management from hec management school - university of liège (belgium). he is a regular speaker and invited workshop expert at international conferences, presenting his research and publications

Business Models of Newspaper Publishing Companies

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1 report no. 05.2006 business models of newspaper publishing companies business models of newspaper publishing companies foreword 2 © 2006 ifra, darmstadt on 28 march 2006 ifra started the new multi-faceted research project “where news?”, the media futures research initiative, which will run for at least

Cooperative Business Models In Steel Enterprises In Poland

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w. sroka, a. jabŁoŃski, m. jabŁoŃski issn 0543-5846 metabk 52(4) 565-568 (2013) udc – udk 669.013.003:65.01:669.013.003:658.5:658.8 cooperative business models in steel enterprises in poland received – prispjelo: 2012-12-04 accepted – prihvaćeno: 2013-03-22 review paper – pregledni rad the paper presents the concept of cooperative business models in steel

Inclusive business models - Food and Agriculture

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inclusive business models guidelines for improving linkages between producer groups and buyers of agricultural produce inclusive business models guidelines for improving linkages between producer groups and buyers of agricultural produce siobhan kelly natalie vergara heiko bammann food and agriculture organization of the united nations rome, 2015 recommended citation

The Importance of Business Models

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the importance of business models mike kubzansky, partner, monitor group inspired by the success of microfinance, with more than $67 billion in assets, and mobile money pioneers like m-pesa, donor agencies are increasingly supporting inclusive business as a means to address poverty. however, the main fact about such private

Collaborative Business Models

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collaborative business models introduction tasmanian farms are typically family businesses with high equity that use banks for acquisitions and working capital. there are some corporates, some sharefarmers, some lease arrangements and recently a few equity partnerships. commonly used farm business structures in australia are sole traders, partnerships, companies and

Understanding The Anatomy Of Data-driven Business Models

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view metadata, citation and similar papers at brought to you by core provided by ais electronic library (aisel) association for information systems ais electronic library (aisel) research papers ecis 2016 proceedings spring 5-15-2016 understanding the anatomy of data-driven business models – towards an empirical taxonomy

Business Models - Wilfrid Laurier University

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business models “a product is the centre of a business model, but it is not a business in and of itself – it can’t succeed without a great business model.” the dragon’s den guide to real-world business models learning objectives after studying this topic, you should understand:  what

Semantic Business Process Repository

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semantic business process repository zhilei ma1, branimir wetzstein1, darko anicic2, stijn heymans2, frank leymann1 1institute of architecture of application systems (iaas) university of stuttgart, germany {firstname.lastname} 2digital enterprise research institute (deri) university of innsbruck, austria {firstname.lastname} abstract. semantic business process management (sbpm) utilizes semantic technologies to achieve more automation throughout

Designing Your Business Model for Social Impact CASE Business

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designing your business model for social impact case business models for social impact project catherine clark j. gregory dees duke university march 2011 from starting-up through scaling, social entrepreneurs are constantly redesigning their business models to increase their financial stability, efficiency and ultimate impact. building on their global study