CITY OF URORA Technology strategic plan

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CITY OF URORA Technology strategic plan

Transcript Of CITY OF URORA Technology strategic plan

Technology strategic plan
Establishing and Enabling Aurora as a Regional Tech Hub and Investing in Aurora’s Future through Technology Resource Planning
FY 2018-2019

City of Aurora Technology Strategic Plan
FY 2018-2019

Part 1 – Executive Summary Part 2 – assessment Part 3 – strategy Part 4 – implementation


City of Aurora Technology Strategic Plan – FY 2018-2019

The mayor
Dear Friends,
The City of Aurora is known as the City of Lights because the leaders of our city were, even in the late 1800’s, implementing the latest technology when they decided to use electric street lights throughout town – making Aurora one of the first cities in the nation to do so. More than a century later, we continue that trend by leading the way in innovation, technology and enterprise. The Technology Strategic Plan presented within this document is an extension of this forward thinking.
As Mayor, my goal for the technology advancement for this city is straightforward, ambitious, and achievable – to make Aurora the technology leader for the Fox Valley region and the State of Illinois. I’m confident this Technology Strategic Plan continues to push our City toward this goal.
Economic development, citizen access to technology, public safety and education are global priorities for my administration. The Technology Strategic Plan supports these priorities by promoting economic growth and opportunities in our City; driving the efficiency and productivity of City Divisions, implementing the necessary technology upgrades to safety and security measures for our government operations, and building a responsive, customer service experience for our residents.
This Technology Strategic Plan provides us with a roadmap of short and long term technology initiatives aimed at building the necessary foundations to ensure that our people, processes and businesses thrive. To achieve the goal of positioning our great City as a technology and innovation leader, we must embrace new ideas and make the necessary plans to turn the initiatives into a reality. There is something incredible happening here, and I am excited to see what the future holds for the City of Lights.
All the Best,

Mayor Richard C. Irvin City of Aurora
[email protected]


City of Aurora Technology Strategic Plan – FY 2018-2019

The Chief information officer
Dear Friends,
As the City of Aurora’s Chief Information Officer, I am proud to be a part of the city’s inaugural Technology Strategic Plan – one that promotes a new vision for the way our city harnesses the opportunities that information technology offers. Transforming Aurora into a new technologically progressive community will serve both government agencies and constituents alike.
As a city, we need to embrace how technology can not only advance us as a society, but how it can also bring us closer together. Our guiding principles for this strategic plan are straightforward and align with Mayor Irvin’s vision for our city – 1) to create and embody One IT, through shared products, processes, people and partners; 2) Customer Ex perience, through providing quality solutions and services that ensure customer confidence and satisfaction; and 3) Agility & Smart Sourcing, by using the most efficient and effective blend of resources to meet our city’s everchanging business demands.
Technology has become a vital component in our daily lives, and Aurora has a duty to grow our technology resources to support the needs of the City and our citizens and to become a leader of innovation. The initiatives proposed in this plan are intended to build a strong information technology foundation in order to create an inclusive, modernized, and smarter community – one that guarantees Aurora bridges the digital divide.
I support Mayor Irvin and his vision to make Aurora the technology leader of the Fox Valley. We are a city that has grown tremendously in the past two decades and I am positive that our growth through smart and strategic information technology will reflect the hard work of a transformed community. We aspire to reach new levels of efficiency and productivity through the strategic roadmap we have developed. We strive every day to improve our public safety systems, to streamline processes and promote continuous improvement, and to aim for excellence in our customer service experience. We are an innovative and forward-thinking City of Lights; when we work together, anything is possible!
Michael Pegues Chief Information Officer
[email protected]


City of Aurora Technology Strategic Plan – FY 2018-2019

City of Aurora Technology Strategic Plan
FY 2018-2019

Part 1 – Executive Summary Part 2 – assessment Part 3 – strategy Part 4 – implementation


City of Aurora Technology Strategic Plan – FY 2018-2019

Technology serves a variety of functions in a modern, 21st century community. It enables pathways toward increased engagement and collaboration. It helps protect citizens and communities; it generates business innovation and drives economic progress.
Vibrant, thriving communities understand these links between technology and progress and recognize that local government plays a role in delivering technology resources beyond City Hall. The initiatives outlined in the City of Aurora’s (‘the City’) Technology Strategic Plan provide a roadmap for the City to advance its strategy with technology, as well as Mayor Irvin’s primary technology goal: to position the City of Aurora as a regional technology leader.
Aurora is uniquely suited to achieve this goal based on: • Geographic proximity to an existing technology corridor regionally; • Existing and expanding fiber optic network; and • Location near a growing Chicago technology job market.
Together, these provide the foundation for achieving Mayor Irvin’s goal. However, the City recognizes that these factors are simply a start. Under the leadership of Mayor Richard Irvin, the City has renewed its commitment to strategic investment in technology innovation as a means to reduce costs, improve government services, and advance digital literacy within the community and across the region.
This Technology Strategic Plan outlines 58 short and long term initiatives by four Aurora-focused thematic categories – Infrastructure, Innovation Projects, Governance & Security and IT Management.


Innovation Projects

Governance & Security

IT Management

The culmination of this planning effort, results in a technology roadmap that will serve as a guide for the IT Division and City leadership team for their planning and implementation efforts.
In order to kickoff the planning process, it was essential to renew the vision and mission of the IT Division; as well as to establish the guiding principles (or pillars) and key business drivers. Pillars identify what is most important to the City’s IT team; while the business drivers describes the team’s philosophy to guide decision making. Any effort or resource spent by IT should support one or more of these pillars, and their underlying business drivers. The development, prioritization, and ordering process evaluated how each technology initiative, if implemented, aligned with these pillars and business drivers.
The following page illustrates the vision, mission, guiding principles (pillars) and business drivers for the City of Aurora’s Technology Strategic Plan.

Part 1 – Executive Summary


City of Aurora Technology Strategic Plan – FY 2018-2019

VISION: Become the strategic IT business partner for the City of Aurora and the region MISSION: Deliver innovative, smart solutions, services, and provide first-class customer service

One IT
Shared IT products, processes, people and partners across the City and Region.

Guiding Principles (i.e. Pillars):
Customer Experience
Provide quality solutions and services that ensures customers’ confidence
and satisfaction.

Agility / Smart Sourcing
Use the most efficient and effective blend of resources – public–private
partnership (PPP) to meet everchanging business demands.

Foster interdisciplinary cooperation and collaboration

Improve and sustain high level of service delivery

Develop agile and smart business unit (e.g. modernize)

Utilize industry best practices; define efficient, effective and measurable

Provide effective communication for stakeholders across service delivery

Increase opportunities for shared services

Invest in workforce development

Maintain highly secure technology environment

Identify funding opportunities to support innovative solutions

Part 1 – Executive Summary

Provide universal system and data access (e.g. mobility)
Foundational Principles:
Project Management Excellence Cyber and Data Security

Exercise lifecycle management strategy


City of Aurora Technology Strategic Plan – FY 2018-2019

Information Technology Division – Current State Assessment
Prior to 2017, the City was decentralized in its IT structure, with separate IT teams – one embedded within the Police Department, and the other supporting City Hall and all other City Divisions. Existing staff set out on a pathway to modernize the IT Division structure by (1) centralizing all City IT operations, and (2) improving processes and inefficient work streams - within the IT Division and across city Divisions.
As part of these improvements, the City also added the following operational assets:
A Project Management Office (‘PMO’) to manage projects citywide
Business analysts / Project Managers
Cybersecurity strategy
Dedicated Chief Information Security Officer
Overall, these improvements have created a more sustainable technology business model that supports City needs and changes the way the City interacts with and serves the public.

New Era for Information Technology
Industry trends and best practice demonstrate the need for evolution of IT roles in order to deliver additional business value. Organizations are moving away from the legacy, service delivery model and redirecting its skill set to designing and building innovative platforms to transform business processes. This trend is as applicable to the public sector as it is the private sector, due to the ever-changing needs of the City’s citizens, tourists and workforce. The evolution to a desired future state will allow the City to strengthen its economic development efforts and to target its efforts by ensuring return on investment, secure technological benefits for its constituents and leverage the City’s resources and relationships.
The City of Aurora has embraced the evolution of the public sector IT model. Upon taking office, Mayor Irvin identified that citywide innovation and modernized Information Technology would be a key area for the City to focus. As a result, Mayor Irvin created two new officer appointments to his executive leadership team – 1) Chief Innovation Officer; and 2) Chief Information Officer.
The Mayor and his new IT leadership team embarked on a reorganization, merging the two, decentralized divisions into one new, centralized IT Division. The new structure will allow the Division to establish divisions aligned with the skillset needed for a 21st century municipal model – one that focuses on providing innovative solutions for its clients and constituents, providing the subject-matter expertise required to stay abreast of ever-changing industry trends, and providing excellent service delivery.
The following page illustrates the new organizational structure.

Part 1 – Executive Summary


City of Aurora Technology Strategic Plan – FY 2018-2019

Chief Information Officer

City of Aurora: Centralized IT Division Structure

Director Data & Analytics

Chief Information Security Officer

Director IT Operations

PMO Manager

Administrative Aide

GIS Manager

IT Operations Manager

End User Support Coordinator




End User Support

Part 1 – Executive Summary


City of Aurora Technology Strategic Plan – FY 2018-2019

Accomplishments to Date
Within a short period, this reorganization has achieved a series of noteworthy accolades and accomplishments, including the following:

• The Smart Cities Council selected the City of Aurora as a finalist for the Readiness Challenge Grant. The Smart Cities Council is a leader educating and promoting the creation of smart, sustainable cities through technology. Aurora was one of eight other cities to obtain this distinction, and although Aurora did not win the final award, the City will maintain visibility within the smart city community and can leverage its finalist distinction to seek the award in 2019.
• The City has continued its Public Safety Systems modernization implementation by launching a new computer-aided dispatch system (CAD) and web-based record management system (RMS) for the Police / Fire Departments. These implementations include collaboration with nearby municipalities, such as North Aurora, in a shared platform.
• The City has implemented a new, web-based platform to manage, track and streamline all public information requests. As part of this implementation, the City reassessed and formalized all policies and procedures for public information request processing at the City. These advancements will help improve service delivery of public information requests, and increase efficiencies for City personnel.
• The City has brought cybersecurity to the forefront by creating a new Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) role. This position focuses on developing and implementing a cybersecurity plan for the City and developing data security policies. The City has already conducted penetration testing to test and address vulnerabilities.

• The City has created the foundation for increasing the City’s use of data analytics by creating a new Data Analytics Director position. This position leverages the power of data analytics across City Divisions to enhance data driven decision-making and improve service delivery.
• Additionally, the City also established both the Director of IT Operations and a PMO Manager in order to establish a strong senior leadership team to drive success within its IT service provision.
• As of December 2017, the IT Division has saved the City $2.3M through contract renegotiations and other rigorous changes.
• Re-established and strengthened the partnership between the City of Aurora, Kane County and OnLight Aurora in their efforts to collaborate on resource alignment and economic development throughout the region.

Part 1 – Executive Summary


City of Aurora Technology Strategic Plan – FY 2018-2019
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