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Electronic and structural properties of rare gas cation clusters

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louisiana state university lsu digital commons lsu doctoral dissertations graduate school 2002 electronic and structural properties of rare gas cation clusters jose alejandro gascon louisiana state university and agricultural and mechanical college follow this and additional works at: part of the chemistry commons recommended citation

Photo-induced transformation process at gold clusters

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14,884 open received: 18 november 2015 accepted: 18 february 2016 published: 07 march 2016 photo-induced transformation process at gold clusters- semiconductor interface: implications for the complexity of gold clusters-based photocatalysis siqi liu1,2 & yi-jun xu1,2 the recent thrust in utilizing atomically precise organic ligands protected gold clusters (au

Temperature and Metallicity Profiles of Galaxy Clusters

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temperature and metallicity profiles of galaxy clusters — background study for x-ray ccd camera onboard the suzaku satellite — noriaki tawa department of earth and space science, graduate school of science, osaka university, japan march 6, 2008 2 abstract we present an analysis of suzaku spatially resolved spectroscopy

Optical properties of size-selected supported metal clusters

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technische universitÄt mÜnchen lehrstuhl für physikalische chemie optical properties of size-selected supported metal clusters measured by cavity ring-down spectroscopy aras kartouzian vollständiger abdruck der von der fakultät für chemie der technische universität münchen zur erlangung des akademischen grades eines doktors der naturwissenschaften genehmigten dissertation. vorsitzender: prüfer der dissertation: 1.

Hydrogen-Bonded Cyclic Water Clusters Nucleated on an Oxide

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article downloaded via princeton univ on february 12, 2021 at 21:09:02 (utc). see for options on how to legitimately share published articles. hydrogen-bonded cyclic water clusters nucleated on an oxide surface coleman x. kronawitter,† christoph riplinger,‡ xiaobo he,† percy zahl,∥ emily a. carter,‡,§ peter sutter,∥ and

Substructure and Shape of Galaxy Clusters

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sanghamitra deb research statement 1 substructure and shape of galaxy clusters abstract : the primary goal of this research is to measure the ellipticity and allignment of dark matter halos associated with the galaxy clusters, and to understand its relation with the shape of the gas distribution. i

Structure and Bonding in Clusters of Group 11 and 12 Metals

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13 structure and bonding in clusters of group 11 and 12 metals michael d. spencer literature seminar october 9, 1990 transition metal clusters can be viewed as models of metal surfaces and the species present in chemisorption and catalytic processes [1-4]. clusters have been investigated intensively

Evolution of Hox gene clusters in deuterostomes - BMC

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evolution of hox gene clusters in deuterostomes pascual-anaya et al. pascual-anaya et al. bmc developmental biology 2013, 13:26 pascual-anaya et al. bmc developmental biology 2013, 13:26 review open access evolution of hox gene clusters in deuterostomes juan pascual-anaya1*, salvatore d’aniello2, shigeru kuratani1 and jordi

Stability Of Charged Atomic Clusters

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romanian reports in physics, vol. 59, no. 2, p. 499–513, 2007 dedicated to prof. dorin n. poenaru’s 70th anniversary stability of charged atomic clusters a.g. lyalin1, o.i. obolensky1,2, a.v. solov’yov1,2, w. greiner1 1frankfurt institute for advanced studies, j.w. goethe university max-von-laue-str. 1, d-60438 frankfurt am main, germany e-mail: [email protected] 2on

A DFT Study on The Minimum Energy Con gurations and

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a dft study on the minimum energy configurations and stabilities of cationic boron clusters bn (n = 2 – 13) nurten akman ∗ murat tas ∗∗ cem o¨ zdo˘gan ∗∗∗ ihsan boustani ∗∗∗∗ ziya b. gu¨ven¸c † ∗ department of physics, mersin university, mersin 33343, turkey (e-mail: [email protected]) ∗∗ department

The Star Clusters Young & Old Newsletter

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scyon the star clusters young & old newsletter edited by holger baumgardt and ernst paunzen scyon can be found at url: scyon issue no. 53 12 december 2011 editorial this is the 53rd issue of the scyon newsletter. todays issue contains 14 abstracts from refereed journals

Morphology and electronic structure of gold clusters on

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progress in surface science 81 (2006) 53–111 review morphology and electronic structure of gold clusters on graphite: scanning-tunneling techniques and photoemission heinz ho¨ vel *, ingo barke 1 universita¨ t dortmund, experimentelle physik i, d-44221 dortmund, germany abstract we present an experimental study for the geometric and electronic properties

The Small Farms Industry Clusters (SFIC) Project

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the small farms industry clusters (sfic) project funded by the usda/csrees national research initiative, small farms and rural community vitality initiative, grant no. 05-55618-15744 and supported by the northeastern regional center for rural development located at the pennsylvania state university the small farms industry clusters project, 2005 a partnership


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astronomical society of the pacific conference series volume 228 dynamics of star clusters and the milky way proceedings of the international spring meeting of astronomische gesellschaft to celebrate the 300th anniversary of the "calendar edict" foundation document of astronomisches rechen-institut held in heidelberg, germany 20-24 march 2000 edited by stefan

Identifying Industrial Clusters for Targeted

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identifying industrial clusters for targeted economic development in west virginia is published by: bureau of business and economic research john chambers college of business and economics west virginia university (304) 293-7831 [email protected] written by eric bowen, phd research assistant professor john deskins, phd director the opinions herein are those

Mapping the femtosecond dynamics of supported clusters with

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eur. phys. j. d (2007) doi: 10.1140/epjd/e2007-00248-8 the european physical journal d mapping the femtosecond dynamics of supported clusters with nanometer resolution m. rohmer1,a, f. ghaleh2, m. aeschlimann1, m. bauer3, and h. ho¨vel2 1 department of physics, tu kaiserslautern, 67663 kaiserslautern, germany 2 experimentelle physik i, universit¨at dortmund,

Surface and Epitaxial Stresses on Supported Metal Clusters

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surface and epitaxial stresses on supported metal clusters rémi lazzari, jacek goniakowski, gregory cabailh, rémi cavallotti, nicolas trcera, pierre lagarde, jacques jupille to cite this version: rémi lazzari, jacek goniakowski, gregory cabailh, rémi cavallotti, nicolas trcera, et al surface and epitaxial stresses on supported metal clusters. nano letters, american chemical

Optimization of Clusters of Web Query Sessions using Genetic

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international journal of computer applications (0975 – 8887) volume 122 – no.9, july 2015 optimization of clusters of web query sessions using genetic algorithm for effective personalized web search suruchi chawla, phd assistant professor shaheed rajguru college of applied science university of delhi, vasundhra enclave,india abstract personalization of web

Similarities And Differences Between Atomic Nuclei And Clusters

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similarities and differences between atomic nuclei and clusters toward a unified development of cluster science tsukuba japan july 1997 editors yabe kyoto university i. arai s. m. lee university of tsukuba k. yabana niigota university aip american institute of physics aip conference proceedings 416 woodbury, new

Surface collective oscillations of metal clusters and spheres

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physical review b volume 39, number 12 15 april 1989-ii surface collective oscillations of metal clusters and spheres: random-phase-approximation sum-rules approach ll. serra, f. garcias, and m. barranco departament de fssica, universitat de les i/les balears, e-07071 palma de mallorca, spain j. navarro burjassot, valencia,