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Robust Design Optimization of 3D Finocyl Grain for Dual

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12002 robust design optimization of 3d tandem grain configuration for dual thrust solid rocket motor muhammad aamir raza1, wang liang2 school of astronautics, northwestern polytechnical university (nwpu), 127-youyi xilu, xi’an-710072, p.r. china [email protected], [email protected] extended abstract in reality all the engineering products are likely to deviate from their expected

Advances in Structural and Multidisciplinary Optimization

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advances in structural and multidisciplinary optimization - proceedings of the 11th world congress of structural and multidisciplinary optimization (wcsmo-11) edited by qing li grant p steven zhongpu (leo) zhang advances in structural and multidisciplinary optimization proceedings of the 11th world congress of structural and multidisciplinary optimisation (wcsmo-11), june 7-12,

Efficient Design Optimization Methodology for Manufacturable

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university of south carolina scholar commons theses and dissertations spring 2020 efficient design optimization methodology for manufacturable variable stiffness laminated composite structures mazen albazzan follow this and additional works at: part of the mechanical engineering commons recommended citation albazzan, m.(2020). efficient design optimization methodology for manufacturable variable stiffness laminated

Special Issues on Design Optimization of Wind Turbine Structures

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1 special issues on design optimization of wind turbine structures karam maalawi national research centre, mechanical engineering department, cairo egypt 1. introduction a wind turbine is a device that exploits the wind’s kinetic energy by converting it into useful mechanical energy. it basically consists of rotating aerodynamical surfaces (blades) mounted

Applying Genetic Algorithm to Geometry Design Optimization

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technical report applying genetic algorithm to geometry design optimization improving design by emulating natural evolution by zheng yi wu, ph.d, research director pradeep katta, research intern applied research group, bentley systems, incorporated 27 siemon company dr, suite 200w watertown, ct 06795, usa note: this report summarizes the research project undertaken

Weimar Optimization and Stochastic Days - Ansys optiSLang

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probability and variance-based stochastic design optimization of a radial compressor concerning fluid-structure interaction dirk roos∗, kevin cremans & tim jasper institute of modelling and high-performance computing, niederrhein university of applied sciences, krefeld, germany abstract in this paper an efficient approach is presented to assist reducing the number of design evaluations

Robust Optimization Model for Truss Topology Design

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available online at wsn 148 (2020) 27-45 eissn 2392-2192 robust optimization model for truss topology design problem using convex programming cvx tri shafira1, diah chaerani2, eman lesmana3 department of mathematics, faculty of mathematics and natural science, universitas padjadjaran, jalan raya bandung-sumedang km.21 jatinangor sumedang 45363, indonesia

Numerical and Experimental Optimization Study on a Fast, Zero

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journal of marine science and engineering article numerical and experimental optimization study on a fast, zero emission catamaran apostolos papanikolaou 1,* , yan xing-kaeding 1, johannes strobel 1, aphrodite kanellopoulou 2, george zaraphonitis 2 and edmund tolo 3 1 hamburgische schiffbau-versuchsanstalt, 22305 hamburg, germany; [email protected] (y.x.-k.); [email protected] (j.s.) 2 school

Feasible Adjoint Sensitivity Technique for EM Design Optimization

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we3d-2 equation chapter 1 section 1 feasible adjoint sensitivity technique for em design optimization natalia k. georgieva, snezana glavic, mohamed h. bakr and john w. bandler department of electrical and computer engineering, mcmaster university hamilton, ontario, canada l8s 4k1 abstract — the adjoint variable method

On the influence of optimization algorithm and initial design on

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jid:aescte aid:4380 /fla aerospace science and technology ••• (••••) •••–••• [m5g; v1.229; prn:2/02/2018; 10:48] p.1 (1-17) 1 contents lists available at sciencedirect 67 2 68 3 69 4 aerospace science and technology 70 5 71

Utilize Uncertainty Multidisciplinary Design Optimization for

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cser 2010 8th conference on systems engineering research march 17-19, 2010, hoboken, nj paper #1569270425 utilizing uncertainty multidisciplinary design optimization for conceptual design of space systems wen yao1, jian guo1, xiaoqian chen2, michel van tooren1 1faculty of aerospace engineering, delft university of technology, the netherlands 2college of aerospace

Integrated Environmental Design And Optimization Of Concrete

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02-029 the 2005 world sustainable building conference, tokyo, 27-29 september 2005 (sb05tokyo) integrated environmental design and optimization of concrete floor structures for buildings petr hajek department of building structures, czech technical university in prague, faculty of civil engineering, thakurova 7, 166 29 prague 6, czech republic, [email protected]

Optimization, an Important Stage of Engineering Design

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utah state university [email protected] publications 2010 optimization, an important stage of engineering design todd r. kelley purdue university research follow this and additional works at: part of the engineering education commons recommended citation kelley, t. r. (2010). optimization, an important stage of engineering design. the technology teacher,

Aerodynamic Design And Optimization Of

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aerodynamic design and optimization of horizontal axis wind turbines by using bem theory and genetic algoritm a thesis submitted to the graduate school of natural and applied sciences of middle east technical university by o¨ zlem ceyhan in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of master of science

Optimization Techniques for Alphabet-Constrained Signal Design

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optimization techniques for alphabet-constrained signal design mojtaba soltanalian department of electrical engineering california institute of technology stanford ee- isl mar. 2015 mojtaba soltanalian (caltech) optimization techniques for alphabet-constrainesdtasnifgonradl edee-siigsnl mar. 2015 1 / 51 outline 1 signal design: what is this all about? 2 alternating projections on

An Investigation of Structural Optimization in Crashworthiness

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8th international ls-dyna users conference optimization an investigation of structural optimization in crashworthiness design using a stochastic approach larsgunnar nilsson1,2 and marcus redhe1 1. engineering research nordic ab, linkoping, sweden, 2. division of solid mechanics, linkoping university, linkoping, sweden abstract in this paper the response surface methodology

Application of layout optimization to the design of bracing in

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university of sheffield application of layout optimization to the design of bracing in buildings by hongjia lu a thesis submitted in partial fulfillment for the degree of doctor of philosophy in the department of civil and structural engineering december 2017 declaration of authorship i, hongjia lu, declare that this

A Convex Optimization Approach to the Design of

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rochester institute of technology rit scholar works theses 2004 a convex optimization approach to the design of multiobjective discrete time systems anirudh oberoi follow this and additional works at: recommended citation oberoi, anirudh, "a convex optimization approach to the design of multiobjective discrete time systems" (2004). thesis. rochester institute

Development of an Analysis and Design Optimization Framework

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old dominion university odu digital commons mechanical & aerospace engineering theses & dissertations mechanical & aerospace engineering spring 2017 development of an analysis and design optimization framework for marine propellers ashish c. tamhane old dominion university, [email protected] follow this and additional works at: part of

Harnessing Optimization and Machine Learning for Design

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doctoral dissertations university of connecticut [email protected] university of connecticut graduate school 11-1-2018 data sampling and reasoning: harnessing optimization and machine learning for design and system identification pei cao university of connecticut - storrs, [email protected] follow this and additional works at: recommended citation cao, pei, "data sampling