Parametric Adversarial Divergences are Good Task Losses for

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parametric adversarial divergences are good losses for generative modeling gabriel huang 1 hugo berard 1,2 ahmed touati 1,2 gauthier gidel 1 pascal vincent 1,2,3 simon lacoste-julien 1,3 1mila & university of montreal, canada 2facebook ai research, canada 3canada cifar ai chair, canada {firstname.lastname}@umontreal.ca arxiv:1708.02511v4 [cs.lg] 21 oct

It III (i)

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p ei ysical review volume 140, i&um ber 2b 25 october i965 infrared photons and gravitons* deparbnent steven %einsergt of physics, university of california, (received 1 june 1965) berkeley, california it is shown that the infrared divergences arising in the quantum theory of

Developmental Divergences And Continuities Between Colonial

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‘developmental’ divergences and continuities between colonial and pre-colonial regimes: the case of asante, ghana, 1701-1957 gareth austin this paper is intended to contribute to the debate, dating from the colonial era itself, about the effects of colonial rule on the economic development of the colonized territories. specifically, i adopt an

String Theory, Unification and Quantum Gravity

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string theory, unification and quantum gravity k.s. stelle imperial college london 6th aegean summer school chora, naxos island, greece 12-13 september 2011 part i an overview of string theory 2 / 80 outline: part i introduction string theory basics effective field equations dimensional reduction and t-duality 3 /

Conformal Symmetry in Field Theory and in Quantum Gravity

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universe review conformal symmetry in field theory and in quantum gravity lesław rachwał instituto de física, universidade de brasília, brasília df 70910-900, brazil; [email protected] received: 29 august 2018; accepted: 9 november 2018; published: 15 november 2018 abstract: conformal symmetry always played an important role in field theory (both quantum and

Approximation and Convergence Properties of Generative

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approximation and convergence properties of generative adversarial learning shuang liu university of california, san diego [email protected] olivier bousquet google brain [email protected] kamalika chaudhuri university of california, san diego [email protected] abstract generative adversarial networks (gan) approximate a target data distribution by jointly optimizing an objective function through

Current Algebras And Universal Divergent

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current algebras and universal divergent radiative corrections*f g. w. gaffney stanford linear accelerator center stanford university, stanford, california 94305 (submitted to annals of physics ) *work supported by the u, s. atomic energy commission. 'a dissertation submitted in partial satisfaction of the requirements for the degree of doctor of philosophy

Information, Divergence and Risk for Binary Experiments

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journal of machine learning research 12 (2011) 731-817 submitted 8/09; revised 11/10; published 3/11 information, divergence and risk for binary experiments mark d. reid robert c. williamson australian national university and nicta canberra act 0200, australia [email protected] [email protected] editor: yoram singer abstract we unify

Lattice Discretization in Quantum Scattering

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view metadata, citation and similar papers at core.ac.uk brought to you by core provided by cern document server lattice discretization in quantum scattering sadhan k. adhikari1,∗ t. frederico2, and r. m. marinho2 1 instituto de f´ısica teo´rica, universidade estadual paulista, 01405-900 sa˜o paulo, sa˜o paulo, brasil 2 instituto

Refined Young Inequality and Its Application to Divergences

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entropy article refined young inequality and its application to divergences shigeru furuichi 1 and nicus¸or minculete 2,* 1 department of information science, college of humanities and sciences, nihon university, 3-25-40, sakurajyousui, setagaya-ku, tokyo 156-8550, japan; [email protected] 2 faculty of mathematics and computer science, transilvania university of bras¸ov, 500091 brasov, romania

On Conformal Superspace and the One-loop Effective Action

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on conformal superspace and the one-loop effective action in supergravity by daniel patrick butter a dissertation submitted in partial satisfaction of the requirements for the degree of doctor of philosophy in physics in the graduate division of the university of california, berkeley committee in charge: professor mary k. gaillard, chair

Distances Between Probability Distributions Of Different

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4020 ieee transactions on information theory, vol. 68, no. 6, june 2022 distances between probability distributions of different dimensions yuhang cai and lek-heng lim , senior member, ieee abstract— comparing probability distributions is an indispensable and ubiquitous task in machine learning and statistics. the most common way

A European unemployment insurance as a stabilization device

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a european unemployment insurance as a stabilization device – selected issues paper prepared for brainstorming workshop on july 2, 2012 at the dg empl by sebastian dullien corrected version from december 11, 2013 (first draft from june 17, 2012) social europe a european unemployment insurance as a stabilization device

Classical and quantum dynamics in the (non-Hermitian

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classical and quantum dynamics in the (non-hermitian) swanson oscillator eva-maria graefe1, hans ju¨rgen korsch2, alexander rush1, and roman schubert3 1 department of mathematics, imperial college london, london sw7 2az, uk 2 fb physik, tu kaiserslautern, d–67653 kaiserslautern, germany 3 department of mathematics, university of bristol, bristol, bs8 1tw, uk abstract.