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The Late Stellar Assembly of Massive Cluster Galaxies via

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chemistry and physics faculty articles nova southeastern university nsuworks department of chemistry and physics 7-22-2008 the late stellar assembly of massive cluster galaxies via major merging kim-vy h. tran university of zürich john moustakas new york university anthony h. gonzalez university of florida lei bai university of arizona

Distant radio galaxies and their environments

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astron astrophys rev (2008) 15:67–144 doi 10.1007/s00159-007-0008-z review article distant radio galaxies and their environments george miley · carlos de breuck received: 19 october 2007 / published online: 29 january 2008 © the author(s) 2008 abstract we review the properties and nature of luminous high-redshift radio galaxies (hzrgs, z >

Thermal-nonthermal Relationships In Active

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inis-n.f-11020 thermal-nonthermal relationships in active galactic nuclei geirit jan de waard f stellingen | behorende bij het proefschrift i thermal-nonthermal relationships inactive galactic nuclei i i zolang kernen van actieve stelsels niet op de schaal van parsecs afgebeeld kunnen worden met behulp

Probing the M31 Opacity through Galaxies behind Its Disk

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astronomy and space science eds. m.k. tsvetkov, l.g. filipov, m.s. dimitrijevic´, l.cˇ . popovic´, heron press ltd, sofia 2007 probing the m 31 opacity through galaxies behind its disk a. valcheva1, p. nedialkov1, v.d. ivanov2, l. vanzi2 1department of astronomy, faculty of physics, sofia university 2european southern observatory abstract. we

Simulating the formation and evolution of disc galaxies in a

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simulating the formation and evolution of disc galaxies in a Λcdm universe michael aumer münchen, im oktober 2013 ad simulating the formation and evolution of disc galaxies in a Λcdm universe michael aumer dissertation an der fakultät für physik der ludwig–maximilians–universität münchen vorgelegt von michael aumer aus roding münchen,

the virgo cluster of galaxies - European Southern Observatory

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. european southern observatory eso t1 1] .qi.8.q b .,. ~ .-. . ·· ·.·.·3.·24-v j'.···q.'·.···.··.··············· c eso libraries 11111111111111 uii uu ml 1'1-' -'11 .:;,- .(.) i···1.l.l c"_'i cover at the ~ is a representation of all point sources detected by the iras telescope. the point source fluxes

The Optical Properties of Gravitational Lens Galaxies as a

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view metadata, citation and similar papers at brought to you by core provided by cern document server submitted to apj the optical properties of gravitational lens galaxies as a probe of galaxy structure and evolution1 c. r. keeton, c. s. kochanek, and e. e. falco harvard-smithsonian center

The progenitors of present-day massive red galaxies up to z 0

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mon. not. r. astron. soc. (2012) doi:10.1111/j.1365-2966.2012.21177.x the progenitors of present-day massive red galaxies up to z ≈ 0.7 – finding passive galaxies using sdss-i/ii and sdss-iii rita tojeiro,1 will j. percival,1 david a. wake,2 claudia maraston,1 ramin a. skibba,3 idit zehavi,4 ashley j. ross,1 jon brinkmann,5 charlie

Molecular Gas In Candidate Double-barred Galaxies. Iii. A

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the astrophysical journal, 603:495–502, 2004 march 10 # 2004. the american astronomical society. all rights reserved. printed in u.s.a. molecular gas in candidate double-barred galaxies. iii. a lack of molecular gas? glen r. petitpas university of maryland college park md 20742; [email protected] and christine d. wilson mcmaster university 1280

Dwarf Galaxies - ideal Laboratories to study astrophysical

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16.03.2019 dwarf galaxies ideal laboratories to study astrophysical processes gerhard hensler university of vienna lecture ss 2019 ss 2019 1 lecture "dwarf galaxies", ss 2019, thursday 11:30 am content/presenter 7.3. organization 14.3. introduction 21.3. morphology and classification of dgs, relations, cosmology 28.3. interstellare

Dark Matter, Galaxies, And Large Scale Structure In

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slac -pub . july 1284 w e/as) - 3387 dark matter, galaxies, and large scale structure in the universe* joel r. primack - stanford linear accelerator center stanford university, stanford, california, 94305 and santa crux institute of particle physics, university of california, santa cruz,

University of Groningen Building galaxies Hunt, Leslie Kipp

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university of groningen building galaxies hunt, leslie kipp important note: you are advised to consult the publisher's version (publisher's pdf) if you wish to cite from it. please check the document version below. document version publisher's pdf, also known as version of record publication date: 2004 link to publication in

Family Space Day Overview Galaxies

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family space day overview – galaxies family space day is a three hour event. the activities are set up so that children and parents can select the order in which they undertake activities. parents and children are encouraged to learn, play, and explore together. objectives of the day children will:

On The Nuclei Of Galaxies And Their Activity

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on the nuclei of galaxies and their activity introductory remarks the present paper is my second report at the solvay conferences. the previous report of 1958 was concerning the eruptive activity of the nuclei of galaxies, the ejection of large masses from those nuclei and other processes connected with the

Co-evolution of galaxies and black holes - Elektronische

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dissertation co-evolution of galaxies and black holes vorgelegt von michaela hirschmann co-evolution of galaxies and black holes dissertation phd thesis zur erlangung der doktorwürde for the degree of doctor of natural science an der fakultät für physik at the faculty for physics der ludwig-maximilians-universität (lmu), münchen of the ludwig-maximilians-university

Formation of galaxies in cold dark matter cosmologies I

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mon. not. r. astron. soc. 421, 2510–2530 (2012) doi:10.1111/j.1365-2966.2012.20534.x formation of galaxies in cold dark matter cosmologies – i. the fine structure of disc galaxies m. dome´nech-moral,1 f. j. mart´ınez-serrano,1 r. dom´ınguez-tenreiro2 and a. serna1 1departamento de f´ısica y arquitectura de computadores, universidad miguel herna´ndez de elche, 03202-elche,

Central supermassive black holes in Seyfert galaxies

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ast 244/444 projects, spring 2020 seyfert galaxies central supermassive black holes in seyfert galaxies in the early 1940s, apparently following up on a suggestion by milt humason, carl seyfert discovered the class of galaxies with active nuclei that bears his name. the hallmark of a seyfert galaxy is

The Local Group of galaxies

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the local group of galaxies domingos soares the closest star to earth is the sun. the sun has billions of companions, the great majority of them invisible to our eyes. with the “unaided” sight, the human being is able to see about 9,000 stars all over the night sky and,

Motions of Galaxies in the Local Group and Beyond

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. motions of galaxies in the local group and beyond: an astro2010 science white paper m. j. reid (harvard-smithsonian cfa) a. brunthaler (mpifr), k. m. menten (mpifr), l. loinard (unam), j. wrobel (nrao) –2– abstract recent advances with the vlba have resulted in ∼ 10 µas astrometry for compact

Our Local Group of Galaxies - Mount Stromlo Observatory

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our local group of galaxies gary da costa research school of astronomy & astrophysics mt stromlo observatory australian national university 1 the local group is our local universe: it is a physical (i.e. gravitationally bound) association of at least ~50 galaxies (continues to increase as new satellites of the