Installing VMWare Tools VMware Tools for Linux Guests Choose

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Installing VMWare Tools VMware Tools for Linux Guests Choose

Transcript Of Installing VMWare Tools VMware Tools for Linux Guests Choose

Installing VMWare Tools VMware Tools for Linux Guests
1. Power on the virtual machine. 2. After the guest operating system has started, prepare your virtual machine to install VMware Tools.
Choose File > Install VMware Tools.
The remaining steps take place inside the virtual machine.
3. Be sure the guest operating system is running in text mode. You cannot install VMware Tools while X is running. • ctrl-alt-f1 (bring up command window) • login as root, password novell • init 3 (shuts down XWindow) (when finished init 5 will restart XWindow )
4. As root, ● mount the VMware Tools virtual CD-ROM image ○ mount /dev/hdc /mnt ● change to a working directory (for example, /tmp), ○ cd /tmp ● uncompress the installer, ○ tar zxf /mnt/VMwareTools-1.0.2-39867.tar.gz (note if this doesn't work, cd /mnt and then use use the ls command to display directory contents & verify name of file. Don't forget to cd /tmp before you untar the file.) ● then unmount the CD-ROM image. ○ umount /mnt
Note: You do not use an actual CD-ROM to install VMware Tools, nor do you need to download the CD-ROM image or burn a physical CD-ROM of this image file. The VMware Workstation software contains an ISO image that looks like a CD-ROM to your guest operating system. This image contains all the files needed to install VMware Tools in your guest operating system.
Note: Some Linux distributions use different device names or organize the /dev directory differently. If your CD-ROM drive is not /dev/cdrom, modify the following commands to reflect the conventions used by your distribution.
5. Run the VMware Tools installer. • cd vmware-tools-distrib • ./ (don't forget the leading period and forward slash ./)
6. Return to the GUI interface and restart the computer. • Type init 5 to Start X and your graphical environment.
7. Restart the computer. 8. Test to see if VMWare Tools are working
● Login as geeko, click on an item in the SUSE window and then drag your mouse pointer out to the VMWare Server window to click on the menu. If VMWare tools are operating your mouse should drag out of the image window without typing. The next time you start X, VMware Tools starts automatically.
Uninstalling VMware Tools
If you need to remove VMware Tools from your Linux guest operating system, log on as root (su -) and run the following command:
For more information see: SUSE9 VMWare Installation Instructions
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