LED & OLED Lighting Technology (LT)

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LED & OLED Lighting Technology (LT)

Transcript Of LED & OLED Lighting Technology (LT)

LED & OLED Lighting Technology (LT)

Oral Presentation

Nov. 8, 2011 (Tue.)
LT 1 (LED & OLED Lighting Technology 1) Chair: Dr. Sotoudeh Hamedi-Hagh (San Jose State University, USA)

Udo 10:40-12:10

10:40-11:10 Invited Speech

Recent Technological Progress in LED Light Sources and Luminaires for General Lighting Takeo Yasuda Toshiba Lighting & Technology Corporation, Japan


Developing the Receiving Algorithm for Driving the Daisy Chain Receiver System to Improve the Control System of LED Illumination Adopting DMX512 Protocol Keehong Um1, Sooyeup Yoo2 1Hansei University, Korea, 2Taesung Eco.Tech. Ltd., Korea


Wireless Power Transmission to OLED Lighting Panel with Magnetically Coupled Resonator Yong-Hae Kim, Seung-Youl Kang, Sanghoon Cheon, Myung-Lae Lee, Seong-Deok Ahn, Taehyoung Zyung, Jeong-Ik Lee, Jun-Han Han, Hye Yong Chu ETRI, Korea


The Luminescent Characterization of (Sr,M)2SiO4:Eu2+ (M: Ca, Ba) Nanopowders Synthesized by a Co-precipitation Method Jun Seong Lee, Young Jin Kim Kyonggi University, Korea

Nov. 8, 2011 (Tue.)
LT 2 (LED & OLED Lighting Technology 2) Chair: Dr. Yong-Hae Kim (Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute, Korea)

Udo 15:30-17:00

15:30-16:00 Invited Speech

Applications of Nanowire Transistors for Driving Nanowire LEDs Sotoudeh Hamedi-Hagh1, Dae-Hee Park2 1San Jose State University, USA, 2Wonkwang University, Korea


A Study of Thermal Radiation Behavior of LED Lighting Module for Graphene Contained Thermal Coating Materials Steven Kim1, Myung-Keun Hwang2, Ki-Tae Kwon2, Jung-Hyun Kim1, Jong-Yun Jeong1, Yun-Jung Kim1, In-Tae Kim1, Gwang-Seop Cho1, Wang-Gun Yu3, Ki-Young Choi3 1Kwangwoon University, Korea, 2Korea Institute of Lighting Technology(KILT), Korea, 3Green Phoenix Co. Ltd., Korea



Designing the Control Circuit for LED Illumination System using Charge Pump Keehong Um1, Sooyeup Yoo2 1Hansei University, Korea, 2Taesung Eco.Tech. Ltd., Korea


New Approaches with LED Lighting in Sustainable Cities Youngho Baik Philips Electronics Korea Ltd, Korea

Poster Presentation

Nov. 8, 2011 (Tue.)
LTP (LED & OLED Lighting Technology) Poster Presentation Chair: Dr. Takeo Yasuda (Toshiba Lighting & Technology, Japan)

Lobby 8F 14:00-15:30


Design and Analysis of LED Light Sources with Improved PPFD Characteristics for Leafy Vegetables Noh-Joon Park1, Kyu Han Lee2, Jae-Kyu Ko1, Jin-Hwan Lee1, Chang-Kyu Park1, MeeRyoung Cho1, Myung-Keun Hwang1 1Korea Institute of Lighting Technology, Korea, 1Kodenshi AUK Co., Ltd., Korea


Estimation of Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density with Various Wavelength LEDs for Plant Factory using Spectroradiometer and Integrating Sphere System Noh-Joon Park1, Kyu Han Lee2, Jae-Kyu Ko1, Jin-Hwan Lee1, Mee-Ryoung Cho1, Jong-Min Lim1, Myung-Keun Hwang1 1Korea Institute of Lighting Technology, Korea, 2Kodenshi AUK Co., Ltd., Korea


Characteristics of Transparent Multilayer Anode with Transparent Oxide and Silver for OLED Lighting Chan-Jae Lee, Seo-Yeon Yoo, Min-Gi Kwak, Jeong-No Lee Korea Electronics Technology Institute, Korea


Optimization of Luminous Intensity Distribution for 75W Outdoor Down Light based on Eco-design Sung-Hyun Kim1, Bum-Sik Seo1, Noh-Joon Park2, Dae-Hee Park1 1Wonkwang University, Korea, 2Korea Institute of Lighting Technology, Korea


Manufacture of OLED Devices without Photolithography Process Hyo Kyun Ham1, Jong Woon Park1, Jong Ho Lee1, Cheol Young Park1, Dong Chan Shin2 1KITCH, Korea, 2Chosun University, Korea


The New Structure Design and Analysis of the 400W Class LED Floodlight Module from the View of Efficiency and Long Lighting Hyo-Jin Kim1, In-Tae Choi1, Sung-Suk Park1, Seung-Myeong Baek2 1Design Square Co., Ltd, Korea, 2Changwon Munsung University, Korea

www.icae.kr 113

LED & OLED Lighting Technology

LT1230 LT1093 LT1030 LT941 LT867 LT674 LT673 LT628 LT519

The Prediction and Effect of Phosphor Sedimentation in the High-Power White Light-Emitting Diodes Kwang-Cheol Lee1, Deok Gi Kim1, Joonmo Park1, Jong Hyeob Baek1, Jong-Ha Moon2 1Korea Photonics Technology Institute, Korea, 2Chonnam National University, Korea
Temperature-dependent Dielectric Relaxation in ITO/Alq3/Al Organic Lightemittng Diodes Joonho Ahn1, Tae-Wan Kim2, Won-Jae Lee3 1Electrical Industry Research Institute of Korea, Korea, 2Hongik Univ., Korea, 3Kyungwon Univ., Korea
Improved Device Performances in Phosphorescent Organic-light Emitting Diodes by Micro-cavity Effects Chul Woong Joo, Jaehyun Moon, Joohyun Hwang, Jun-Han Han, Jin-Wook Shin, DooHee Cho, Jin Woo Huh, Hye Yong Chu, Jeong-Ik Lee Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI), Korea
LED Lighting Degradation Characteristics Estimated by Tracing the Illuminance Seok-joon Choi1, Myung-keun Hwang1, Se-hyun Lee1, Bung-ju- Lee2 1Korea Institute of Lighting Technology, Korea, 2Namseoul Univ., Korea
Synthesis and Luminescence of Ca2SiO4:Eu2+ Nanopowders Prepared by a Solgel Method Jung Hye Park, Jun Seong Lee, Young Jin Kim Kyonggi University, Korea
Preparation of CaS: Ce, Sm films by Sol-gel Method Xiaojuan Zhu1,2, Yongping Pu1, Ning Xu1, Yongyong Zhuang1, Bo Wang1, Haidong Wu1, Kai Chen1, Hao Meng2 1Ministry of Education, China, 2Shaanxi University of Science & Technology, China
Electrical and Optical Characteristics of White Organic Light Emitting Diodes with Single Host Layer Jong-Chel Jun, Si-yeon Seong, Dae-Gyu Moon Soonchunhyang University, Korea
Electrical Properties of OLEDs with the Oxygen Plasma Power on ITO Hyeon-Seok Han1, Dong-Hoon Oh1, Jong-Yong Lee1, Jong-Yeol Shin2, Jin-Woong Hong3 1Kwangwoon University, Korea, 2Sahmyook University, Korea, 3Kwangwoon University, Korea
Solution-processed Light-Emitting Diode Utilizing Hybrid Polymer and RedGreen-Blue Quantum Dots Dong Ick Son, Byoung Wook Kwon, Dong Hee Park, Jeong-Do Yang, Won Kook Choi Korea Institute of Science and Technology, Korea


LT451 LT445 LT356 LT302 LT232 LT222 LT193 LT130
LT88 LT85

Color Stability of Blue Phosphorescent Organic Light Emitting Diode by Undoped Layer in Emission Layer Chan-Jae Lee, Min-Gi Kwak, Jeong-No Lee Korea Electronics Technology Institute, Korea
Energy Recycling using a Solar Cell and OLEDs Young-mo Kim1, Do-hyun Kim1,2, Hye-jin Gong1,2, Jongho Lee1, Jongwoon Park1 1KITECH, Korea, 2Chonnam National University, Korea
Luminescence Enhancement and Local Crystal Environment in Eu-doped Cristobalite and Quartz Type Phosphors Jeong Seog Kim, Kyoung-Ho Lee, Ki Woong Chae, Chae Il Cheon Hoseo University, Korea
Microstructure and Photoluminescence Properties of Nd3+-doped Bi4Ti3O12 Nanocrystalline Dan Liu, Yongping Pu, Xuan Shi Shaanxi University of Science and Technology, China
Fabrication of Random Nano-structures for Optical Devices Jin-Wook Shin, Doo-Hee Cho, Seongwoo Choi, Jaehyun Moon, Jun-Han Han, Jin Woo Huh, Chul Woong Joo, Joohyun Hwang, Hye Yong Chu, Jeong-Ik Lee ETRI, Korea
Simulation of Organic Layer and Auxiliary Electrode for Large Area OLEDs Lighting Devices Keon-Ung Lee, Bo-Ra Koo, Yong-Taeg Oh, Dong-Chan Shin Chosun University, Korea
Uniformity Illuminance Distribution and Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density Characteristics of LED Packages with Various 2D Layouts Hee-Jae Jeon, Hyun-Kyeun Kim, Kang-Sig Ju, Jai-Hwang Joo HAN’A ESSES Co., Ltd., Korea
Effect of UVA-LED on the Sterilization Young Seon Jeon1, Bo-An Kang1, Young-Hwan Lee2, Ju-Hyun Jeong3, Seung Hwangbo4, Kyu-Seog Hwang1 1Nambu Univ., SunTech, Korea, 2Chunnam Techno College, Korea, 3Konyang Univ., Korea, 4Honam Univ., Korea
Heat Transfer Property of Thin-Film Encapsulation for OLEDs In Ha Seo1,2, Hyo kyun Ham2, Jong Ho Lee1, Yong Taeg Oh1, Jong woon Park2, Dong Chan Shin1 1Chosun University, Korea, 2KITCH, Korea
Enhanced Photoluminescence in SnO2-core/V2O5-shell Nanorods Hyunsu Kim, Changhyun Jin, Chanseok Hong, Jungkeun Lee, Chongmu Lee Inha University, Korea
www.icae.kr 115

LED & OLED Lighting Technology

LT62 LT671

Reliability Enhancement of Ceramic Package LEDs by Improvement of Thermal Property Byungjin Ma, Jemin Kim, Sungsun Choi Korea Electronics Technology Institute, Korea
White Organic Light Emitting Diode with New Electron Transport Layer Dong-Jun Won1, Jae-Hoon Jung1, No-Gill Park2, Dae-Gyu Moon1 1Soonchunhyang University, Korea, 2CS Elsolar Co,.Lt, Korea

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