Make faster, better decisions about your business security

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Make faster, better decisions about your business security

Transcript Of Make faster, better decisions about your business security

Make faster, better decisions about your business’ security
Enhance your capabilities with the new CLIQ Web Manager Reporting & Analytics Tool

What better data could do for your business

Do you have easy access to the data which could help you act faster, improve site security and get more done in a working day? “Data is at the core of nearly every business decision made,” writes the Houston Chronicle.* Yet in security and access management, data collection and analysis are often slow, manual and ad hoc.

Fast, accessible data is critical because security happens in real time. The speed you react — or even better, anticipate — can define how safe people and valuable assets really are at your premises. You need data reporting which is fast, visual and accurate, with built-in tools to help you analyse quickly and separate the noise from what really matters for your business’ security.


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The new tool enhances your capabilities. Bespoke dashboards help you to keep a clear overview of all relevant data at all times


A new reporting and analytics tool for CLIQ Web Manager users
Our new Reporting & Analytics Tool turns CLIQ Web Manager (CWM) into a control panel for making faster, better, data-informed decisions about your security management. This enhanced functionality is available as an upgrade for those using CWM.
The new CLIQ Reporting & Analytics Tool puts quickly digestible data at your fingertips, in a userfriendly visual format which makes CLIQ Web Manager a pleasure to use. It is accessible via your existing CWM control panel or the Amazon QuickSight app.
This new reporting and analytics tool will save you time on system admin and analysis and help improve the efficiency of your access control and security management.
Track relevant business activity in detail Lock usage data can tell you in an instant how many people are passing through sensitive areas or opening specific padlocks. CLIQ lock usage data quickly reveals more site maintenance visits or increased use (lock/unlock) of storage areas, for example.
∙ Easy zooming in and out for relevant “big picture” or granular business insights ∙ Better business decisions thanks to the range of data now at your fingertips ∙ Illustrate data visually in a browser or QuickSight app
Assess whether access rights are appropriate Do some CLIQ locks experience more unauthorized access attempts than others? Are the same people being refused entry regularly? And should those people have access, or do they need re-briefing on their restricted permissions?
∙ Easy access to audit trails for every key, cylinder and padlock in your CLIQ system ∙ Provide an instant overview of system security
Identify potential lost keys at a glance The visual interface makes it easy to see frequent use of the same credential at multiple unauthorized locking points — one potential sign of a lost or stolen key. Real-time reporting may help you spot a missing CLIQ key before the keyholder ever does.
∙ Drill down to individual keys and cylinders with a click ∙ Quickly investigate unauthorized access attempts
Compare weekly or monthly activity Do patterns of access reveal critical insights about your business? Probably — and you can spot them quickly with this tool’s visual view. Do maintenance teams access sites more often around specific dates? Is the frequency of visits growing or shrinking over time?
∙ A visual interface to read data faster, spot patterns and detect anomalies ∙ Simple exporting of raw access data into almost any software, including Microsoft Excel ∙ Export system data in CSV and other formats ∙ Highlight cylinder use patterns you could easily miss

Powerful, accessible analytics for security managers on the move

With the new CLIQ Web Manager Reporting & Analytics Tool, you are no longer tied to your desk to manage or analyse security data. Site status information and insights are as mobile as you are:

This enhanced data is all available via the Web or Amazon QuickSight app — on a computer, tablet or smartphone, wherever you are.

Stay informed, whereever you are


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...manage your access more efficiently, saving time and money in the process.
You have already made the step-up from mechanical to digital access control. Now unleash its power with data and analytics.

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