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Transcript Of MANUFACTURING SUCCESS STORY Dorner Mfg. Corp. Conveys

• To improve global business communications and employee productivity, Dorner Mfg. Corp. wanted to replace the costs and complexities of its aged phone systems with modern VoIP architecture.
ShoreTel UC provides Dorner with a highly flexible and scalable platform to lower TCO and quickly adapt to business and technology changes:
• ShoreTel Contact Center • ShoreTel Communicator • ShoreTel IP Phones • ShoreTel Voice Switches • ShoreTel Support Services
• Significantly lower TCO • Return on investment in under
three years • Energy efficient design saves on
floor space • Simpler administration and
the flexibility to capitalize on newer technologies • Improve ease of doing business for customers • End user productivity with robust tools that integrate with business applications and mobile devices

Dorner Mfg. Corp. Conveys ShoreTel Contact Center Improves Customer Services, ROI and TCO
Conveyor systems manufacturer with global reach deploys ShoreTel for faster, smarter business IP communications to lower TCO, increase productivity and simplify business interactions for customers.

What better company tagline for the manufacturer of state-of-the-art conveyor systems and equipment than “Move Fast, Move Smart”? At Dorner Mfg. Corp., it’s the way business is handled every day. From processing multifaceted and complex orders to helping customers improve efficiency, Dorner is at the ready with progressive design, applications, manufacturing and integration of conveyor systems.
Founded in 1969 and headquartered in Hartland, Wisconsin, Dorner supplies products and services to a vast channel network and customers from over 1,200 different industries worldwide. The manufacturing facility is more than 140,000 square feet and chocked full of very modern equipment and lean techniques to help Dorner complete build-to-order conveyor systems in days rather than weeks. Dorner is able to offset costs and inventory, and consequently deliver better quality products to customers at lower prices faster than the competition.

Dorner employees are passionately dedicated to meeting customer needs and diligently work to provide the broadest range of unit handling conveyors in the world. The Company takes quality very seriously, delivering and installing orders promptly and proficiently, and offering an industry-leading, 10-year warranty on its conveyors. From experienced sales staff to customer application engineers, team Dorner must be able to communicate from wherever— and whenever—necessary to accomplish the job at hand.
“Because we do so many custom builds, we have to stay in close contact with our channel partners and customers through the sales process and beyond. Many companies will have certain specifications that require a very specialized custom conveyor system. This is true for the handling specs in the cheese industry, for example, especially here in Wisconsin. We handle everything from jelly beans to prescription drugs to hand grenades,” declares Dave Leannah, the IT director at Dorner Manufacturing.

“Our objective is to provide a greater ease of doing business than anyone else. ShoreTel helps us achieve that, because it’s easy to expand, simple to grow, and extremely cost efficient. I love that ShoreTel is a platform we can build on, that allows us to very quickly respond to change.”
Dave Leannah
IT Director, Dorner Manufacturing

Moving Smartly Forward with ShoreTel
As Leannah says, from jelly beans to hand grenades—Dorner employees must be prepared for anything on any given day. It is why the company’s phone systems needed to be replaced with something more versatile and robust.
“We don’t change out our phones often. Our old PBX system was always breaking down and there was only one repair guy in the entire state of Wisconsin. The voicemail system alone was the size of a freezer chest. We are a leader in our own industry and are always looking for ways to evolve how we do things. We wanted to be a leading user of technology for business communications as well,” Leannah explains.
To move smartly forward, the IT department had several requirements for a new phone system. Leannah knew that a Voice over IP platform would bring new capabilities and tools. The right solution would also deliver outstanding cost efficiencies and flexible scalability to meet future changes. Employees wanted better collaboration tools and a unified contact center application. Simpler maintenance and management of the phone system was also important.
“We looked at several vendors, particularly Cisco, before choosing ShoreTel. Cisco was complicated—even the demo was complicated. In IT, I have enough to do without having a really complicated voice system. The Cisco system would require a lot of servers and our environment already has a lot of servers and desktops to keep track of. To have to keep track of a complex phone system would mean either outsourcing it or finding something easier,” Leannah continues. “The ShoreTel salesperson brought a demo kit with a whole phone system. ShoreTel was by far the simplest to use, administer and change. Nothing else was even close.”
Simply Solving Customer Communications
Dorner selected a ShoreTel Unified Communications Solution that includes ShoreTel Contact Center, ShoreTel Communicator, ShoreTel Voice Switches,

ShoreTel IP Phones and 190 licenses. The solution was deployed at one site and Dorner purchased ShoreTel Support Services to ensure smooth ongoing success.
The ShoreTel system is purpose built for reliable IP and business agility. With a brilliantly simple approach to everything, ShoreTel integrates voice, video and data for streamlined collaboration and enhanced productivity. Its unique distributed architecture combines with premise-based IP for highest availability of mission-critical applications. ShoreTel core software and switching technology add intelligence to the solution so users can quickly access UC tools without worrying about availability or consistency issues.
Dorner uses ShoreTel Communicator to connect people faster with multimedia capabilities, enterprise apps and personal information, and is integrated with Microsoft Outlook. Communicator marshals simplicity in—and complexity out—so that Dorner employees can effortlessly move between voice and data tools to share and collaborate across diverse work environments and devices.
To move business communications along, Dorner added ShoreTel Contact Center. Customers and network partners calling into to Dorner can expect higher levels of service, with Contact Center’s sophisticated yet user-friendly call routing options that rapidly connect them to the right person at the right time. ShoreTel’s virtual contact center offers agents a unified desktop experience with a cohesive feature set for real-time call management. Contact Center can significantly help to lower TCO, with more integration of key business applications, faster customer resolution and better management of calls.
The ShoreTel system has been integrated into Dorner’s virtualized environments. Because it’s easy to integrate with existing virtualization environments, ShoreTel helps to simplify administration and lower ownership costs even more. ShoreTel applications are validated and certified for virtualized deployments to help organizations create resilient end-to-end UC.

ShoreTel and Dorner Manufacturing Corporation


“We looked at several vendors, particularly Cisco, before choosing ShoreTel. Cisco was complicated— even the demo was complicated. In IT, I have enough to do without having a really complicated voice system…ShoreTel was by far the simplest to use, administer and change. Nothing else was even close.”
Dave Leannah
IT Director, Dorner Manufacturing

Effectively Chatting Up Customers
“One of the ways customers and employees can communicate effectively, is with the ShoreTel Contact Center Web-based chat feature. I think it’s really important that we communicate with our customer how they want to communicate, whether it’s by phone, web chat, or email. We didn’t even announce it when we’d brought up the chat feature, and within 30 minutes of bringing it up, people were using it. Customers love it,” Leannah notes.
Contact Center has added enhancements to its chat capabilities, with timestamps, monitoring and reports. Chat is easy to install and set up, and reports provide historical data on chat interactions. For companies like Dorner, whose operations span multiple time zones, ShoreTel chat captures both local and GMT timestamps and is able to track and terminate chats that go dormant. For contact supervisors, ShoreTel adds the ability to monitor multiple ongoing chats simply by hovering over a tab that displays a few lines of chat content.
Dorner has implemented its Customer Service Live Chat for customers seeking answers to conveyor application questions and customer inquiry needs. “We are also looking to integrate a post-call customer survey and leverage other new technology that might come down the ShoreTel pipeline,” Leannah furthers.

Brilliantly Packaging the Benefits
At the finish line are Dorner’s impressive cost savings and improvements. “We paid for the entire system in less than three years, with just the phone savings,” Leannah cites. “Some of the top reasons we bought ShoreTel were for its expandability and its extraordinary ease of use. Personally, I love how ShoreTel integrates with call forwarding and mobile devices. Our phone operator loves the presence feature. The contact center has been amazing, and ShoreTel Support is outstanding—we rank it as world class— and everyone is helpful and knowledgeable.”
In fact, Leannah has been so delighted with the ShoreTel implementation, he too is chatting it up. “We belong to NOREX, a collaborative network of IT professionals, and I mention ShoreTel all the time. I have managed four different phone systems over the years, and ShoreTel is clearly the winner when it comes to phones and contact center systems,” he says. “Our objective is to provide a greater ease of doing business than anyone else. ShoreTel helps us achieve that, because it’s easy to expand, simple to grow, and extremely cost efficient. I love that ShoreTel is a platform we can build on, that allows us to very quickly respond to change.”

About ShoreTel
ShoreTel is a provider of business communication solutions whose brilliantly simple unified communications platforms, applications and mobile UC solutions promise a new rhythm of workforce engagement and collaboration. With costly complexity eliminated by design from its award winning, all-in-one IP phone system, UC and contact center solution, and its industry leading hosted business phone system, workers enjoy a freedom and self-reliance that other providers can’t match. Users have full control to engage and collaborate, no matter the time, place or device, for the lowest cost and demand on IT resources in the industry. ShoreTel is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, and has regional offices and partners worldwide. For more information, visit or


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