National Farmers Market Week Trivia Challenge

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National Farmers Market Week Trivia Challenge

Transcript Of National Farmers Market Week Trivia Challenge

National Farmers Market Week Trivia Challenge
During Nat’l Farmers Market Week celebrations, challenge your market-goers and farmers market enthusiasts with a few farmers market trivia questions!
Market Trivia Idea: Create a spinning wheel containing blocks for each category. Have market customers step up to spin, and assign a question based on which category the dial lands on. OR feature a trivia question or fact on a market chalkboard! It’s your trivia, get creative!
True/False Questions:
1. True or False: Farmers markets provide one of the only low-barrier entry points for new farmers, allowing them to start small as the learn and test the market.
2. True or False: Proximity to farmers markets is associated with lower body mass index. [i] 3. True or False: Farmers and ranchers who sell at farmers markets experience lower rates of
bankruptcy and farm business failure than growers who market exclusively through wholesale channels. [ii] 4. True or False: Most food eaten in the US travels approximately 1,500 miles. [iii] 5. True of False: People who shop at grocery store are have 15-20 social interactions per visit. They would only have 1-2 per visit at a farmers market. [iv]
Farmers Market History:
6. In 1730, city officials of what Pennsylvania city dedicated a 120 square foot lot in the center of the town to be used as a public market place, becoming the first existing US farmers market? [v]
7. What president used to shop his local Georgetown market in 1806, stocking up on beef, eggs, and fresh vegetables? [vi]
8. What year was National Farmers Market first decreed by the USDA? 9. In 2009, what first lady partnered with FRESHFARM to open the downtown DC, White House
farmers market? [vii] 10. Who is the current U.S. Secretary of Agriculture?
Current-day Market Trivia:
11. According to the current AMS Farmers Market Directory, how many farmers market are in the US? [viii]
12. This will be the __ year that National Farmers Market Week will be celebrated.

13. There are __ as many times of farmers over the age of 35 as there are farmers under the age of 35. [viv]
14. What state has the most farmers markets? [viii] 15. About how many acres of farmland are lost to development every hour? [x]
National Farmers Market Program Trivia:
16. How many SNAP authorized markets were there in 2017? [xi] 17. What state had the most SNAP authorized markets (598 markets) in 2017? [xi] 18. According to the USDA, how much was spent in SNAP benefits at farmers markets in 2017? [xi] 19. The Farmers Market Promotion Program aims to boost US local foods consumption and access
by enabling farm and ranches to develop new marketing opportunities. How many FMPP grantees were awarded funding in 2017? [xii] 20. What does FINI stand for? (Hint: the program is authorized by the 2014 Farm Bill and funds the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program). 21. A SFMNP question 22. Who is eligible to receive assistance under the WIC Farmers Market Nutrition Program? [xiii]
For Fun:
23. What well-known singer with the 2008 hit song, “I’m Yours” has his own 5-and-a-half-acre avocado farm, belongs to a local CSA, and sells his avocados to nearby Chipotles? [xiv]
24. Tiffany Haddish, comedian and star of the movies Girls Trip, mused that one day her and __, retired show host and billionaire, would start a traveling co-op and sell their produce at farmers markets. The venture would be called “Tiff and O’s Vegetables”. [xv]
25. What Bravo, elite cooking competition often has competing chefs selecting their challenge produce and proteins at farmers markets?
26. Who is the acclaimed chef and 2018 James Beard Foundation Humanitarian of the Year, who lives in DC and regularly frequents the DC FRESHFARM Penn Quarter Farmers Market?
27. What state is home to the Jonesboro Farmers Market- a market that has garnered much attention from running a successful Farm to Table program, and even has a purchasable brochure for interested Farm to Table organizers? [xvi]
See answers and citations on the following pages!
Trivia Answers:
1. Answer: True 2. Answer: True 3. Answer: True 4. Answer: True 5. Answer: False- People who shop at farmers markets are have 15-20 social interactions per
visit. They would only have 1-2 per visit at the grocery store. 6. Answer: Lancaster, PA 7. Answer: President Jefferson 8. Answer: 1999

9. Answer: Michele Obama 10. Answer: Secretary Sonny Perdue 11. Answer: 8,717 markets 12. Answer: 19th 13. Answer: 3.5 times 14. Answer: California 15. Answer: 40 acres 16. Answer: 7,377 17. Answer: California 18. Answer: $22,440,312 19. Answer: 52 20. Answer: Food Insecurity Nutrition Incentive 21. Answer: 22. Answer: Women, infants, and children 23. Answer: Jason Mraz 24. Answer: Oprah 25. Answer: Top Chef 26. Answer: Jose Andres 27. Answer: Tennessee
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