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Evidence check - Immunocompromised patients and COVID-19 vaccines

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covid-19 critical intelligence unit 28 april 2021 evidence check 28 april 2021 rapid evidence checks are based on a simplified review method and may not be entirely exhaustive, but aim to provide a balanced assessment of what is already known about a specific problem or issue.

NK Cell Activity Differs between Patients with Localized and

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nk cell activity differs between patients with localized and diffuse cutaneous leishmaniasis infected with leishmania mexicana: a comparative study of tlrs and cytokines isabel cristina can˜ eda-guzma´ n1, norma salaiza-suazo1, edith a. ferna´ ndez-figueroa1, georgina carrada-figueroa2, magdalena aguirre-garcı´a1, ingeborg becker1* 1 unidad de investigacio´ n en medicina experimental, facultad de

Should Oral Anticoagulation be used in ESKD Patients on

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kidney360 publish ahead of print, published on april 9, 2021 as doi:10.34067/kid.0006602020 should oral anticoagulation be used in eskd patients on hemodialysis with atrial fibrillation? con benjamin lidgard1 and nisha bansal1 1 university of washington corresponding author: nisha bansal md mas kidney research institute, university of washington 908 jefferson st,

Aqueous humor cytokine profiling in patients with wet AMD

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molecular vision 2016; 22:352-361 received 26 january 2016 | accepted 20 april 2016 | published 22 april 2016 © 2016 molecular vision aqueous humor cytokine profiling in patients with wet amd fang liu, xiaoyan ding, yu yang, jiaqing li, miao tang, miner yuan, andina hu, zongyi zhan,

Evaluation of leprosy patients with 1 to 5 skin lesions with

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original article evaluation of leprosy patients with 1 to 5 skin lesions with relevance to their grouping into paucibacillary or multibacillary disease rao p. narasimha, d. v. s. pratap, a. v. ramana reddy*, suneetha sujai† department of dermatology, gandhi medical college, secunderabad, *leprosy temporary hospitalization ward (thw), gandhi

Assessment of Traumatic Brain Injury Patients by WAIS-R

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kobe j. med. sci., vol. 51, no. 6, pp. 95-105, 2005 assessment of traumatic brain injury patients by wais-r, p300, and performance on oddball task yasuo naito 1, hiroshi ando 1, and michio yamaguchi 2 1 kobe university graduate school of medicine, faculty of health sciences 2 yamaguchi clinic, nishinomiya,

Patients Undergoing Embolization Cell Responses in

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downloaded from by guest on june 23, 2022 this information is current as of june 23, 2022. unmasking of α-fetoprotein-specific cd4+ t cell responses in hepatocellular carcinoma patients undergoing embolization lakshmana ayaru, stephen p. pereira, akeel alisa, ansar a. pathan, roger williams, brian davidson, andrew k. burroughs,

Qualitative analysis of stroke patients motivation for

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qualitative analysis of stroke patients’ motivation for rehabilitation niall maclean, pandora pound, charles wolfe, anthony rudd papers bmj: first published as 10.1136/bmj.321.7268.1051 on 28 october 2000. downloaded from on 23 june 2022 by guest. protected by copyright. abstract objective to explore the attitudes and beliefs of

INFORMATION FOR PATIENTS Advice for patients following a

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information for patients advice for patients following a blood transfusion the aim of this leaflet is to provide advice to patients, parents/guardians, carers or relatives of patients who have had a blood transfusion whilst in hospital or as a day patient. how should you feel after a blood

Cancer In Dialysis Patients

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wiadomości lekarskie, volume lxxiii, issue 9 part ii, september 2020 review article © aluna publishing cancer in dialysis patients doi: 10.36740/wlek202009232 monika wieliczko, michał pyrża, jolanta małyszko department of nephrology, dialysis and internal disease, medical university of warsaw, warsaw, poland abstract cancer in dialysis patients

Comparison of mfERG with VEP in NAION Patients and Healthy People

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İzlek akademikdergi izlek academicaljournal izlek, 2018; 1(1): 50-54 Özgün araştırma / original article comparison of mferg with vep in naion patients and healthy people dr. hande hüsniye telek1* abstract purpose: comparison of mferg (multifocal electroretinography)with first received: 25.12.2018 accepted: 28.12.2018 vep(vizual evoked potential )in

Nutritional Status of Post-Acute Stroke Patients during

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sains malaysiana 48(1)(2019): 129–135 nutritional status of post-acute stroke patients during rehabilitation phase in hospital (status pemakanan pesakit selepas strok semasa fasa pemulihan di hospital) chong chin weun, nazirah hasnan, lydia abdul latif & hazreen abdul majid* abstract malnutrition is highly prevalent among stroke patients during post-acute rehabilitation

Should a Diuretic Always Be the First Choice in Patients with

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should a diuretic always be the first choice in patients with essential hypertension? the case for no alberto morganti cattedra di medicina interna and centro ipertensione arteriosa, ospedale s. paolo and centro fisiologia clinica e ipertensione, irccs ospedale maggiore, university of milan, milan, italy a more extensive use of diuretics

Antibiotics Prescribing in Labor and Delivery Patients in a

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mohammad borhan uddi et al./ international journal of pharma sciences and research (ijpsr) antibiotics prescribing in labor and delivery patients in a tertiary care hospital: bangladesh perspective mohammad borhan uddin*1 and s.m. fazla rabby1 1department of pharmaceutical sciences, north south university, bashundhara, dhaka-1229, bangladesh *email: [email protected] phone: +880-1713454154; +880-1613454154 abstract

Alterations in Trace Elements and Oxidative Stress in Uremic

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biol trace elem res (2009) 131:13–24 doi 10.1007/s12011-009-8342-9 alterations in trace elements and oxidative stress in uremic patients with dementia chih-hung guo & wang-sheng ko & pei-chung chen & guoo-shyng w. hsu & chia-yeh lin & chia-liang wang received: 17 november 2008 / accepted: 9 february 2009 / published online:

Predictors of Mortality in Patients with Interstitial Lung

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journal of clinical medicine article predictors of mortality in patients with interstitial lung disease-associated pulmonary hypertension esam h. alhamad 1,* , joseph g. cal 1, nuha n. alrajhi 1 and waleed m. alharbi 2 1 department of medicine, division of pulmonary medicine, college of medicine, king saud university, riyadh 11461,

Circulating Angiogenic Growth Factors in Diabetes Patients

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hindawi international journal of vascular medicine volume 2017, article id 2390174, 7 pages research article circulating angiogenic growth factors in diabetes patients with peripheral arterial disease and exertional leg pain in ghana kwame yeboah,1 jennifer a. agyekum,2 eric kyei baafour,3 daniel a. antwi,1 afua b. adjei,4 vincent boima,5

Prevalence of Fibromyalgia in Hemodialysis Patients

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dialysis prevalence of fibromyalgia in hemodialysis patients hamidreza samimagham,1 anousheh haghighi,2 mehdi tayebi,2 arya jenabi,2 mohsen arabi,2 nahid kianmehr2 1hormozgan university of medical sciences, bandar abbas, iran 2iran university of medical sciences, tehran, iran keywords. fibromyalgia, depression, hemodialysis this study sought to determine the prevalence of fibromyalgia

The prognosis of cancer patients undergoing liposomal

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the prognosis of cancer patients undergoing liposomal doxorubicin-based chemotherapy: a systematic review and meta-analysis kaiping zhang (  [email protected] ) anhui provincial children's hospital zhi sun tongling people hospital yin zhang anhui provincial children's hospital chaozhao liang the first affiliated hospital of anhui medical university li zhang the first affiliated

Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine for Cancer Patients

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evidence-based complementary and alternative medicine acupuncture and herbal medicine for cancer patients guest editors: s. schröder, s. lee, t. efferth, and y. motoo acupuncture and herbal medicine for cancer patients evidence-based complementary and alternative medicine acupuncture and herbal medicine for cancer patients guest editors: s. schro¨der, s. lee,