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Nonlinear Oscillatory Shear Tests in Viscoelastic Holography

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physical review letters 124, 081601 (2020) nonlinear oscillatory shear tests in viscoelastic holography matteo baggioli * instituto de fisica teorica uam/csic, c/nicolas cabrera 13-15, universidad autonoma de madrid, cantoblanco, 28049 madrid, spain sebastian grieninger † theoretisch-physikalisches institut, friedrich-schiller-universität jena, max-wien-platz 1, d-07743 jena, germany and department of physics, university

Phys.Chem.Chem.Phys. Kuntal Chatterjee and Otto Dopfer

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open access article. published on 07 july 2020. downloaded on 6/23/2022 5:48:22 am. this article is licensed under a creative commons attribution-noncommercial 3.0 unported licence. pccp paper view article online view journal | view issue cite this: phys. chem. chem. phys., 2020, 22, 17275 spectroscopic identification

One-loop Wilson loops and the particle-interface potential in

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one-loop wilson loops and the particle-interface potential in ads/dcft de leeuw, marius; ipsen, asger c.; kristjansen, charlotte; wilhelm, matthias published in: physics letters b doi: 10.1016/j.physletb.2017.02.047 publication date: 2017 document version publisher's pdf, also known as version of record document license: cc by citation for published version (apa): de leeuw,

Physical Review Letters 125, 111801 (2020)

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physical review letters 125, 111801 (2020) β decays as sensitive probes of lepton flavor universality andreas crivellin 1,2 and martin hoferichter 3,4 1paul scherrer institut, ch–5232 villigen psi, switzerland 2physik-institut, universität zürich, winterthurerstrasse 190, ch–8057 zürich, switzerland 3albert einstein center for fundamental physics, institute for theoretical physics, university of

Physical Review Accelerators And Beams 22, 093402 (2019)

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physical review accelerators and beams 22, 093402 (2019) electron beams produced by innovative photocathodes based on nanodiamond layers l. velardi ,1,2,,* v. turco,1 l. monteduro,1 g. cicala,2,3 a. valentini,3 and v. nassisi1 1laboratorio di elettronica applicata e strumentazione leas, infn, department of physics, university of salento–lecce, via provinciale lecce-monteroni,

Probing lepton flavor models at future neutrino experiments

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physical review d 102, 115004 (2020) probing lepton flavor models at future neutrino experiments mattias blennow,1,2,3,* monojit ghosh ,1,2,† tommy ohlsson ,1,2,4,‡ and arsenii titov 5,§ 1department of physics, school of engineering sciences, kth royal institute of technology, albanova university center, roslagstullsbacken 21, se–106 91 stockholm, sweden 2the oskar

Modeling of spectral properties and population kinetics

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39th eps conference & 16th int. congress on plasma physics i5.218 modeling of spectral properties and population kinetics studies of inertial fusion and laboratory-astrophysical plasmas. e. mínguez2, r. florido1,2, m.a. mendoza1 , j.g. rubiano1,2, r. rodríguez1,2, j.m. gil1,2, p. martel1,2 1university of las palmas de gran canaria, las

Phys. Rev. Lett. 90 095502

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volume 90, number 9 physical review letters week ending 7 march 2003 observation of the onset of strong scattering on high frequency acoustic phonons in densified silica glass b. ruffle´,1 m. foret,1 e. courtens,1 r. vacher,1 and g. monaco2 1laboratoire des verres, umr 5587 cnrs, universite´

Z. Phys. B - Condensed Matter 75, 275-281 (1989) Condensed

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z. phys.b- condensedmatter 75, 275-281 (1989) zeictschoriffndmenastetedr for physik b 9 springer-verlag 1989 path integral solutions for non-markovian processes peter hiinggi lehrstuhl fiir theoretische physik, universitfit augsburg, federal republic of germany received december 1, 1989 for a nonlinear stochastic flow driven by markovian or non-markovian colored noise ~(t)

Physical Review Letters 120, 242002 (2018)

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physical review letters 120, 242002 (2018) holographic qcd in the veneziano limit at a finite magnetic field and chemical potential umut gürsoy,1 matti järvinen,2 and govert nijs1 1institute for theoretical physics and center for extreme matter and emergent phenomena, utrecht university, leuvenlaan 4, 3584 ce utrecht, netherlands 2institut de

PHYS 222 Alek Jerauld Worksheet 5 Electric Potential PHYS 222

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phys 222 worksheet 5 – electric potential supplemental instruction iowa state university leader: course: instructor: date: alek jerauld phys 222 dr. paula herrera-siklódy 1/24/12 useful equations wab  (ub ua ) u  k qq0 r  u  kq qi 0 i

Lepton Flavor and Nonuniversality from Minimal Composite

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prl 116, 251801 (2016) physical review letters week ending 24 june 2016 lepton flavor and nonuniversality from minimal composite higgs setups adrián carmona and florian goertz theoretical physics department, cern, 1211 geneva 23, switzerland (received 20 november 2015; published 21 june 2016) we present a new class

Manuscript under review for journal Atmos. Chem. Phys

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atmos. chem. phys. discuss., doi:10.5194/acp-2016-963, 2016 manuscript under review for journal atmos. chem. phys. published: 22 november 2016 c author(s) 2016. cc-by 3.0 license. estimating the size of a methane emission point-source at different scales: from local to landscape stuart n. riddick1,*, sarah connors1, andrew d. robinson1, alistair j. manning2,

045006 (2015) Geometric constructions of two-dimensional (0,2

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view metadata, citation and similar papers at brought to you by core provided by university of liverpool repository physical review d 92, 045006 (2015) geometric constructions of two-dimensional (0,2) susy theories radu tatar* division of theoretical physics, department of mathematical sciences, the university of liverpool, liverpool

The Functional Renormalization Group Method An Introduction

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the functional renormalization group method – an introduction a. wipf theoretisch-physikalisches institut, fsu jena saalburg sommer school – wolfersdorf 11. september 2015 andreas wipf (fsu jena) the functional renormalization group method – an introd1u1c.tsioenptember 2015 1 / 60 1 introduction 2 scale-dependent functionals 3 derivation of flow

7 A.G. Adam. Phys. Rev. A 22, p. 1563-1571 (1980). Rosner, T

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1. "lamb-shift and fine structure measurements in 7li+." r.a. holt, s.d. rosner, t.d. gailey and a.g. adam. phys. rev. a 22, p. 1563-1571 (1980). 2. "metastable ion source." r.a. holt, s.d. rosner, t.d. gaily and a.g. adam. rev. sci. instrum. 52, p. 157-161 (1981). 3. "laser-induced coherence effects in molecular

Higgs Boson Emerging from the Dark

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physical review letters 125, 021801 (2020) higgs boson emerging from the dark chengfeng cai∥ and hong-hao zhang * school of physics, sun yat-sen university, guangzhou 510275, china giacomo cacciapaglia† institut de physique des 2 infinis (ip2i), cnrs/in2p3, umr5822, 69622 villeurbanne, france and universite´ de lyon, universite´ claude bernard lyon

Search for single production of vector-like B quark decaying

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available online at sciencedirect nuclear physics b 966 (2021) 115388 search for single production of vector-like b quark decaying to a higgs boson and bottom quark at the clic xin qin, jie-fen shen ∗ school of biomedical engineering, xinxiang medical university, xinxiang 453003, china received

Physical Review D 100, 066016 (2019)

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physical review d 100, 066016 (2019) matter-coupled supersymmetric kerr-newman-ads4 black holes kiril hristov,1 stefanos katmadas,2 and chiara toldo3 1inrne, bulgarian academy of sciences, tsarigradsko chaussee 72, 1784 sofia, bulgaria 2instituut voor theoretische fysica, ku leuven, celestijnenlaan 200d, b-3001 leuven, belgium 3cpht, cnrs, ecole polytechnique, ip paris, f-91128 palaiseau, france

Influence of the probing wave phase modulation on the X-mode

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this is an electronic reprint of the original article. this reprint may differ from the original in pagination and typographic detail. altukhov, a. b.; gurchenko, a. d.; gusakov, e. z.; irzak, m. a.; niskala, p.; esipov, l. a.; kiviniemi, t. p.; krutkin, o. l.; leerink, s. influence of the probing