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Professional trustee services Professional trustee services

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Professional trustee services
TCA TrustCorp America

The duties of a trustee can be complex. Enlisting the services of an independent professional trustee like TCA TrustCorp America (TCA) will help see that your trust will be administered in accordance with your wishes and written objectives. You can enjoy the benefits of professional trust services without giving up the investment management expertise you expect and deserve from your financial advisor.

TCA TrustCorp America— The alliance
We have chosen TCA as a premier partner for its flexibility, expertise and efficiency as a professional trustee. This alliance provides you with an extensive and comprehensive trust solution.
Relationship and asset manager
Traditionally, the professional trustee manages a trust’s investment assets. However, in our alliance with TCA, your financial advisor can remain your primary advisor and continue to be your main contact for questions regarding suitable investment services for your trust. Your financial advisor will work with you to help you meet your financial needs; review your trust investment portfolio to help meet the established investment objectives; and provide you with sound, current and effective investment advice.

TCA TrustCorp America— Trust administrator
With your financial advisor managing your trust assets, TCA, as an independent-trustee, is able to focus on what it does best: maintaining fiduciary oversight obligations. TCA has successfully provided personalized, efficient and friendly administrative fiduciary services since 1994. For clients seeking to avoid the big bank trust department mentality, TCA may offer a welcome and flexible alternative.
TCA provides principle and income accounting, compliance with state and federal trust administration regulations and full state and federal tax reporting. Agency relationships, bill paying for trusts and trust and estate settlement services are also available.

Efficiency The annual trustee fee, as reflected in the fee schedule, is highly competitive, with a minimum annual fee of $2,500. We believe this is a real value, given the reliability and responsiveness of the services provided. TCA’s fees are highly competitive.
Expertise TCA’s personal trust capabilities include:
• Irrevocable trusts
• Grantor trusts
• Charitable trusts
• Trusts under will
• Revocable trusts
• Life insurance trusts
• Special needs trusts
• Trustee and co-trustee
• Agent for trustee and executor
• Executor and personal representative

Investment and insurance products offered through RBC Wealth Management are not insured by the FDIC or any other federal government agency, are not deposits or other obligations of, or guaranteed by, a bank or any bank affiliate, and are subject to investment risks, including possible loss of the principal amount invested.

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How can we help? We have access to independent Professional Trustee Services with TCA, which provides trust account management and administration, while you continue to receive the personalized investment management services you’ve come to expect.
Talk with your financial advisor today about the benefits of professional trustee services.

RBC Capital Markets, LLC. Professional Trustee Services are offered to clients by TCA TrustCorp America which may serve as trustee. RBC Capital Markets, LLC, is a subsidiary of Royal Bank of Canada (RBC). RBC owns a non-controlling interest in TCA TrustCorp America. RBC Trust is a division of RBC. Your financial professional may receive compensation in connection with offering or referring these services. Neither RBC Neither RBC Wealth Management nor its Financial Advisors are able to serve as trustee.

RBC Wealth Management does not provide tax or legal advice. All decisions regarding the tax or legal implications of your investments should be made in connection with your independent tax or legal advisor.

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