Saving a Document as a Word Document (docx) on Multiple

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Saving a Document as a Word Document (docx) on Multiple

Transcript Of Saving a Document as a Word Document (docx) on Multiple

Saving a Document as a Word Document (docx) on Multiple Platforms
Google Docs
1. Locate the File tab, it will be in the upper left corner of the webpage.
2. Click the File tab button and look down the menu list and find the Download option. Moving your mouse over Download to highlight it and open up a side menu.
3. Click on Microsoft Word to start a download. A download progress will appear at the bottom of the screen.
4. The file can be found in your Downloads in your computer’s Files.

MacBook Pages
1. Locate the File tab and highlight it.
2. A menu list will appear, scroll down to Export To and highlight. A sidebar menu will open, find Word and click on it.
3. Once Word is clicked a window will popup. Here you can change the type of file your document will be as well as add a password.
4. Finally there is the export window. Here you can change the name of the file as well as where the file will be stored. (By default the file will be stored in Downloads in your computer’s file but it is recommended to put your files in a specific location or folder for easy retrieval). Once you are satisfied with your file name and where you are storing it hit export.

SoftMaker TextMaker
1. Select the File tab on the top left of the page, afterward locate the Save As button.
2. A Files window should open up after clicking the Save As button. Here you add a name to the file and click Save to save the document.
* The default area is a folder called SoftMaker in your computer’s Documents. You can change this location by simple clicking on a different folder before clicking Save.
Website References
 Google Documents to Microsoft Office Format
 Apple Pages to Microsoft Word -  Document Converter1 -
1This site will let you convert a file to a Word (docx) but the formatting may change or the document might lose some data (words/sentences) during the convert. **USE THIS AS A LAST RESORT**
IT Help
 If you need additional assistance please submit a ticket at or call the IT Helpdesk (918) 549-2822